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									                                                                                                                   Stitchville USA

  SEPTEMBER 2010                                                              1
                                          7-HI CENTER • MINNETONKA • (952) 474- 700 • toll free 888-232-9403

DEBBIE'S                                          You Won!
Greetings — the summer is coming to an
end — but fall is my favorite time of
year. I like the cooler air, the changing
leaves and Apple House apples. It just
seems less busy — no flowers or garden

                                                                                            New Books
to tend to so there seems to be more
stitching time!!       So stop in and get
inspired with our fall and Halloween
displays and pick up a new project or two.
We have lots of new models to entice you
into the new season!                                                                       • Just Nan has been busy creating new
       Remember to mark your calendars                                                     Halloween pretties for us to stitch.
for the unveiling of the new goodies that                                                  Hagatha’s Hats are two cute witch’s
                                                                                           hats — both are stitched on 30 ct WDW

                                                       $5 Gift
I’ll be bringing back from the Cash & Carry
Show—Wednesday, September 29                                                               linen. She has also created two more
through Sunday, October 3.                                                                 charm pins to add to any Halloween
       Enjoy your fall and as always, Happy                                                ornament or pin cushion. Spooky Spirits

Stitching!                                                                                 of Tombstone Hill is a 3 x 3 cube cushion,
                                                                                           which comes with a ghost pin, beads, and
                                                                                           the paper banding for the base. Tricky
                                                                                           Tweets are two ravens that when
                                                   Just turn in a full key tag and be      stitched become a needle case or small
                                                  eligible to win a $5 gift certificate.   ornament — just adorable! An Owl
                                                     Congrats to our Winners in the        Winder Pocket with a jeweled owl face is a

      C LOS2ED
                                                        Monthly Key Tag Drawing:           must for owl lovers!
                                                                  June                     • Nora Corbett’s 2010 Christmas Tree
                                                                                           kit which comes with loads of beads and
           v 5
        Thurs, No                                       Kelly Freeman                      Belle Soie thread has arrived and you’ll be
         Thanksgiv                                             Shakopee                    seeing a model soon — Pat has already
                    ec 24-25                                      July                     started stitching it! The 3rd in the
          Fri-Sat, D
                  s Eve
          Christma s Day                                 Cathy Heyne                       Stitching Fairies Series — The Needle

          Christma                                           Robbinsdale                   Fairy — is here.
                                                                                           • Country Cottage Needleworks has
           Sat , Jan   Day
                                                                August                     the last of the 4 seasons completed
            N ew Years                                     Sara Miller                     with Fall Festival. It is a 5-part series
                                                                Luverne                    with Belle Soie silk threads included.
                                                                                                              New Books continued inside

  PROJECT COUPON inside...
                                              w w w. s t i t c h v i l l e . c o m
    CLASS SCHEDULE                                                                                2011 Spring Fling
                                                                                                  Stitching Retreat
                           Class Registration
   Includes Kit� �
                                                                                                  Please join us on April 8, 9, & 10,
Classes are on a                                                                                  2011 as our featured designer is
first-come, first-serve
basis and are to be
paid at the time of
                           Policy          Enjoy our wonderful
                            board room table, cushioned chairs
                                                                                                  Jeannette Douglas of Jeannette
                                                                                                  Douglas Designs. We’ll be returning
                                                                                                  to the Oak Ridge Conference
registration. Refunds                                                                             Center in Chaska for another
are available up to 5       and great light. Stop in to see our class                             fabulous weekend of stitching,
days prior to class         board, where all projects can be viewed.                              great food, and wonderful company.
time - no exceptions!                                                                             Be sure to check the website as we
Three-student minimum       If you have any class suggestions, let us
                                                                                                  are finalizing the details.
required for the class      know. We'll see what we can do!
to be held.
     Remember, our shop

                                                                                                 Did you hear?
closes at 8 pm. If you would like to shop, please come to class early
(5:00 pm on Saturdays). Thanks!

                                                                                                 • Christmas Finishing
Framing                    $25    (per class)     Punch Needle                     $25
                                                                                                   Deadline for
                                                                                                   Ornaments, Boxes,
                                                  Thurs • Oct 7 • 6:30-8:30 PM or
Wed • Oct 13 • 6:30-8:30 PM                                                                        Stockings, etc:
                                                  Wed • Nov 17 • 6:30-8:30 PM
Tues • Nov 23 • 6:30-8:30 PM                                                                       October 15, 2010
                                                  Instructor - Debbie Clarke                     • Pillow Finishing
December - none
                                                  Learn how to make some fascinating and           Deadline: October 1, 2010
Instructor - Debbie Clarke                        textured pieces with the art of punch
Please, no pieces larger than 10" x 10."          needle, a very old and yet new way to
This is a hands-on class. Come in two             stitch. You’ll have fun punching a cute

                                                                                                 It’s Market Time...
weeks before class to select your mats            ornament/pin while learning this technique.
and frame for your masterpiece-to-be.             Join in the fun! Supplies provided -
Bring that piece to class with your               pattern, fabric and fibers.
already selected framing choices.                       Supplies needed - scissors, 5”
You’ll learn how to professionally stretch        hoop and a 3 strand punch needle.              . . . again. St. Charles Mo. Is the
mount your piece. It will be ready to hang                                                       location for the fall TNNA Cash &
on your wall when you get home!                                                                  Carry. I’ll be driving so there won’t be
                                                  Needlepoint                                    a limit to what I can fit in a

XStitch or Linen                                  ONE ON ONE                          $20        suitcase!! So mark your calendars
                                                                                                 for Wednesday, September 29th.
ONE ON ONE                           $20          Have you wanted to try needlepoint and
                                                  didn’t know where to begin? Then this is
                                                                                                 The classroom will be filled with all
                                                                                                 the latest & greatest!! Don’t delay
One on One Instruction . . . you may use          the class for you. This will help you get      because by Monday everything will
your own project or start a new one.              started!                                       be in its new home!
(Call for an appointment.)                        (Call for an appointment.)

  SIP AND STITCH-AWAY                                                   ( $10 per Saturday )
                                                                                                ... you can
  Every 2nd Saturday                            October 9 & December 11 (none in November)
                                                                                                find us
  Make it a great start for your day EVERY 2nd SATURDAY, 9:30 AM to NOON.
  Bring your projects and join ‘the Debs’ for morning refreshments and some stitching.          on the web
  We’ll open the shop a little early just for you! We’d love to have you join us.
New Books continued from front page         friends. This 4 x 4 piece features fun        • If you haven’t seen In Celebration of 40
                                            stitches including some over 1. We also       Years by Wichelt Imports — a 40 page
• Donna from Satin Stitches has 2           have the silk fiber pack available sepa-      booklet — you’re in for a treat. It
chart packs featuring 6 small-ish doilies   rately.                                       contains 12 designs from 12 designers
each. On the colorful side of Hardanger,    • Little House Needleworks has                — Debbie Mumm, Jim Shore, Nora
she’s added 2 charts that when stitched     designed a Family Sampler — ready for         Corbett, and Thea Gouverneur, just to
on 25 ct Lugana become 12” square           you to personalize with pets and children     name a few. These designs are exclusive
images of a ladybug and a pumpkin.          options. In the ornament series, we now       to this book.
• Amy Bruecken Designs has given us         have 10 of the 12, the latest of which        • The 7th and 8th additions to
The Frankster (Witchie Poo’s main           are Peppermint Twist and Under the Tree.      Blackbird’s Anniversaries of the Heart
squeeze). We have a model of each so        The September and October months of           are here — Swan Lake (plus the bonus
they aren’t lonely! The Stack of Jacks is   the series are here, complete with            chart) and Clara Ellen.
the last of the 4 samplers in the           Crescent Colour fibers.                       • Victoria Sampler has brought us
“Stack” series.                             • Lizzie Kate’s Christmas Rules Double        Santa’s Village Sampler, a pretty snowy
• Cross Eyed Cricket has 4 new leaflets:    Flip series has 4 more rules (2 charts)       scene at the bottom with Santa and
Autumn and Winter, each spelled out with    here with the last 2 charts due to arrive     reindeer flying on top — lots of lacy
cute motifs; Once Upon a Midnight           shortly. Tiny Tidings XV has 5 cute           bands and tiny details — Kenne is
Dreary, a tribute to Edgar Allen Poe, and   designs to stitch in time for the holidays.   stitching this one for us! Beautiful
Fresh from the Oven — cookie aprons.        The Autumn Fab Fob kit (complete with         Finishings 5 features 3 fabulous tassels
• The 2010 Just Cross Stitch Orna-          specially painted Kelmscott scissors) is      to stitch and finish — the colored
ment Issue is here — bursting with great    here as well as the Santa Snippet 2010.       photos and Lisa’s step-by-step instruc-
stories, recipes AND 75 ornaments from      • Mill Hill and Jim Shore have designed 4     tions make the finishing much easier! A
your favorite designers.                    beaded playing card kits—stitched on 16       Time for Thanks…is Cathy Jean’s new
• Jeannette Douglas has a new design        ct Aida and embellished with brightly         design for Thanksgiving (we have fiber
in her “Take Time…” series dedicated to     colored beads.                                packs for all).
We'll mail it to you
        If it’s not convenient
                to stop in and
            you need a special
                      Call us at
            (952) 474-1700
            or fax 474-1618
          and we'll send it out!
                     TOLL FREE:


 25% off
   Nov 15-21
   One week only!
    Good for a kit
  OR pattern, fabric
   and fibers for a
  complete project.
    Must present
  no punches on sale
Over the last few issues, I have
discussed the various
components of stitching, many of
                                    NeedlePoints...               by Deb Sieber
                                                                                                    Oddly, 2 books that I refer to
                                                                                            fairly often are Needlepoint 101 and
which cross the gap between                                                                 Needlepoint 202, by Ruth Dilt with
needlepoint and counted cross                                                               Joan Lohr. These aren’t really reference
stitch. But what if you want to learn                                                       books in the truest sense, but because
needlepoint? Or what do you do if you                                                       they show photos of projects as wells
are an experienced cross-stitcher,                                                          as explanations of both how the
but want to learn the finer                                                                 stitches are used and the threads
points of needlepoint? Or                                                                   that were used in each project, a novice
where do you go if you are                                                                  stitcher can get a good visual idea of
an experienced                                                          For a really        what her/his work will look like. I
needlepointer but are                                                 thorough book of      especially like the identification of the
bored with the usual                                                   stitches, I like     threads because I find that new
stitches? Reference                                                    Suzy’s Stitches,     stitchers are often afraid of taking
books are one of the best                                              by Suzy Murphy. It   any chances without feeling confident
options available to                                                   meets the needs      of the outcome. These books show how
stitchers at any level.                                               of most stitchers     the stitch and threads look — a great
And no matter which                                                   and offers            help!
book you might choose,                                               suggestions for                And finally, for specialty
never forget to look at                                             applications of the     stitches that can be troublesome,
that author’s bibliography —                                       stitches. It is a        Knots, Fur and Turkey Work by
there are often good                                              precise, to the point     Meredith Willett and Beth Robertson
resources there too!                                             book about stitches.       is really helpful. I resisted buying this
       I have one needlepoint “Bible”—a    Suzy Murphy has a number of other                book for a long while, thinking that I
book that I go to over and over again      books as well, and I find most of them to        could make do with all of the books
when I need general information or a       be equally useful. Suzy’s Mini Stitches is       that I already had. What sets this book
brush up on a stitch: The Needlepoint      great if you stitch mostly ornaments as          apart though is the really easy to
Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen.           it is filled with little bitty stitches that     follow, thorough explanations of the
Somewhat amusingly, I have a copy          can be used almost anywhere.                     stitch, as well as the “how and why”.
from the original printing and it proves            I love Stitches to Go by Suzanne        For me, it is much more helpful than a
that good information sticks around.       Howren and Beth Robertson for its small          diagram or photo with some cursory
This book contains information that is     size, clarity, and transportability. When I      explanation has proved to be.
very basic, along with most of the         am traveling and want to take a                          I hope that you are branching out
commonly used stitches, and stitches       reference book, this one meets my needs.         with your stitching. I know that there is
used less frequently. There are photos,    Again, it contains most of the stitches I        plenty of activity going on (judging by
including colored ones of completed        seem to use and reminds me of stitches           the threads that we are selling!) and I
projects and diagrams. Helpful             that I could use instead. Diagrams are           hope some of it belongs to you. I am
suggestions are offered for choosing       used in place of photos, but I think that        working on finishing a Christmas
threads, colors, and design. Stitches      they are clear and concise. There is no          ornament for my newly married (finally)
are categorized by type to help you        “reading” involved in this book — it             son and his wife and just like the
locate the kind of stitch you might        contains only stitches, another reason           wedding, I love every minute of it! Happy
want.                                      for its easy transportability.                   Stitching!

                              Friday Night         STITCH-IN
                              $10 per Friday evening • 6:00 to Midnight • OCT 1 • OCT 29 • NOV 19 • DEC (none)
                              Bring your project(s) for an evening of stitching and gabbing! Light snacks and beverages will be
                              provided. Sign up is required - only ten people may register, so hurry! A great stress reliever
                              after a busy week. Laughter is guaranteed.

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