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					BELCORTE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION – Landscape Specifications

Property Description
    For purposes of these specifications, Belcorte property will be described in terms of
“commons area” and residential area. The Landscaper will be responsible for the
maintenance of the Belcorte Homeowners Association „common areas‟ and a portion
of the residential area.
    The commons area includes frontage along both sides of East Third Street, 7911
through 8069, and North Hayden Drive, 610 through 766, plus the pool and tennis court,
which are located at the intersection of Third Street and Hayden Drive. The commons
area also includes frontage on Pantano Road from 3rd St north to the alley, frontage on
5th Street from Hayden Drive to the alley and the median at Pantano and 3 rd Street.
    The residential areas are comprised of ten cul-de-sacs, which open into Third
Street or Hayden Drive. Each cul-de-sac contains six townhouses. Nineteen more
townhouses are arranged around the outer intersection of Third Street and Hayden
Drive. Landscape maintenance includes blowing debris from the paved cul-de-sacs,
and blowing and weed control of the front yards of these 79 townhouses.

    Licensed with the City of Tucson
    Minimum of 3 years experience maintaining homeo wner association „common
    Able to perform basic maintenance on irrigation systems
    Knowledgeable about common southern Arizona shrubs and trees, their pruning
      requirements, etc.
    Have an acceptable record with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and the
      Better Business Bureau
    Provide copies of certificates verifying bodily injury and property damage
      insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 plus Workmen‟s Compensation
    Provide one or more references

The landscaper will be responsible for supplying the following:
    Tools and any other equipment necessary to perform the required work.
    Weed control chemicals
    Equipment and stakes need to stake trees.
    Irrigation system supplies, such as emitters and tubing , etc., as necessary to
        maintain the irrigation system in good operation condition.
   Materials, such as chemicals, guy wires, stakes, irrigation emitters, tubing will be
   billed as a separate charge.

    Major expenses deemed necessary to maintain the commons area need to have
    prior approval of a Belcorte HOA Board member or the Manager of Pinehurst

Ma y 2008
   For ¼ of the commons area as designated above in “Property Description” (total
   area should be covered over 4 weeks)
         Raking/blowing of the common area and cul-de-sacs
         Weed control through regular use of chemicals and other means as needed
         Prune, thin, trim, shape and maintain shrubs as needed.
         Remove suckers, dead, dying or injured branches from shrubs and trees, as
            necessary to maintain the health of the plant.
         Prune low hanging tree branches (less than 7 feet) and shrubs from
            walkways and streets.
         Shrubs and vines trimmed to within 12 inches of buildings and walls.
         Trees, shrubs and vines trimmed so as not to restrict visibility at
            intersections, road signs, fire hydrants and other markers.
         Maintain and replace stakes, grips, guy wires and strapping until plant is
            capable of standing vertical and resisting normal winds.
         Check irrigation system to ensure proper operation. Repair any irrigation
            leaks immediately.
      In the front yards of the corresponding residential area:
         Raking/blowing
         Weed control
      Landscaper will provide a general schedule of areas to be covered for weeks 1,
      2, 3 and 4.

    For all commons area
         Clear debris from all common area sidewalks.
         Basic irrigation repairs: fix leaks, unblock any equipment where water is not
             being delivered as required.

Seasonally / Periodically as appropriate
    Set irrigation and maintain irrigation clocks for appropriate load and seasonal

    Plant trees (includes putting stakes and guy wires)
    Plant shrubs
    Weed control in Hayden Drive and 3 rd St alleys (probably twice/year).
    Major irrigation system repairs: timers, 2” water lines, etc
    Install new sections of irrigation system

Ma y 2008

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