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					                                            Enterprise Content Management Company to
                                            Reach More Customers with Cloud Computing

Partner: Open Text Corporation              “By integrating our products with Azure, every
Web Site:
Partner Size: 2,800 employees               organization can now afford to run an enterprise-
Country or Region: United States,
Canada, EMEA, APAC
                                            class electronic records management solution
Industry: Professional services―            without the burden of an up-front capital
Software engineering
                                            investment in storage hardware.”
Partner Profile
                                            Adrian Studer, Technical Alliance Manager, Open Text Corporation
Based in Chicago, Illinois, and Waterloo,
Ontario, Open Text Corporation is a
leading global enterprise content           Open Text Corporation, a global leader in enterprise content
management company. Open Text has
                                            management, realized that customers increasingly demand more
2,800 employees and approximately
46,000 customers.                           flexible and affordable ways of managing their electronic
                                            archiving environments. The company is integrating its software
Software and Services
 Software-Plus-Services                    with the Azure™ Services Platform—a cloud-computing platform
  − Azure Services Platform
                                            from Microsoft―to provide a virtual storage service. This will
  − Windows Azure
  − Microsoft .NET Services                 speed implementation, improve business agility, and make
  − Microsoft SQL Services
                                            enterprise-class archiving and records management more
 Technologies
  − Microsoft .NET Framework                affordable to customers.

                                            Business Needs                                   organizations. To cope with the complexity
                                            Open Text Corporation, a pioneer in              of long-term storage, corporations in
                                            Internet search engine technology, is a          many industries use Open Text Enterprise
                                            leading provider of enterprise content           Library Services content management
                                            management (ECM) solutions. The                  software to centrally manage critical data.
                                            company was founded in 1991 in Waterloo          Most of those companies are large
                                            in the Canadian province of Ontario.             enterprises that can afford to maintain
For more information on the Azure                                                            data centers and storage hardware.
Services Platform, please visit             Managing and archiving enterprise                               content is a business necessity, but it is       However, Open Text realized that many
                                            also a regulatory requirement for many           midsize and small corporate companies
are reluctant to make an up-front                                   and services such as online file storage, a               the cost of implementing its ECM
investment in costly storage infrastructure                         distributed database, access control, and                 products. After implementation,
and do not have the IT skills needed to                             social-networking Web services. Open Text                 customers can use the dynamically
manage it. Open Text saw an opportunity to                          decided to integrate the online file storage              scaling services platform to easily add
help a new set of customers meet their ECM                          and distributed database services with                    storage capacity as business grows. As a
needs, so it considered hosting storage                             Intelligent Storage Management, the                       result, it will be easier for more
infrastructure itself and offering a software-                      foundation of its Enterprise Library                      companies to manage critical records.
plus-services option. However, “that would                          Services software stack. It developed a                   Studer says, “By integrating our
have simply moved the IT complexity from                            proof of concept in August 2008 and                       products with Azure, every organization
our customers to us,” says Adrian Studer,                           began testing its new solution in                         can now afford to run an enterprise-
Technical Alliance Manager at Open Text.                            September. Studer says, “We were able to                  class electronic records management
“Although Open Text offers dedicated                                implement this very quickly, because Azure                solution without the burden of an up-
hosting services, we wanted to extend our                           is based on the Windows Server® platform                  front capital investment in storage
offerings with a highly flexible model where                        and tightly integrated with the Microsoft                 hardware.”
customers would be able to extend their                             .NET Framework.”
capacity as needed without having to make                                                                                    Faster solutions development. Open
predefined volumetric commitments.”                                 The new service will work with the existing               Text anticipates that integrating its
                                                                    products that Open Text offers. Studer                    enterprise applications with Azure will
To make its archiving offering accessible to                        says the only difference its customers will               help its customers design and
more customers, Open Text needed to find                            notice is another storage option. “It’s the               implement solutions faster. Because
ways to reduce implementation complexity                            same experience for administrators except                 Azure provides the infrastructure and
and capital expenditure. Instead of requiring                       that they can now choose between saving                   supports using familiar development
customers to install and configure storage                          content on Azure as well as on storage                    tools such as the .NET Framework,
infrastructure on premise, the company                              devices. End users do not even see a                      developers can take advantage of their
wanted to offer an alternative.                                     difference between the two options.”                      existing programming knowledge
                                                                                                                              instead of learning new technologies.
Solution                                                            Open Text is also confident in the security               “Now software developers won’t have to
Open Text decided to augment its approach                           of its cloud-based solution. Azure provides               spend as much time dealing with
to solutions implementation. By integrating                         strong service level agreements for                       infrastructure when developing ECM
its archiving software with a virtualized                           security that complement the encryption                   solutions,” says Studer. “By using Azure,
storage service, it will offer customers a                          capabilities and other protective features                customers can redeploy resources to
faster, less capital-intensive route to                             that Open Text builds into its software.                  focus on solution development.”
building a long-term archiving solution.
Open Text evaluated several cloud-                                  The company will begin piloting its Azure-               Better business agility. For Open Text,
computing services, but decided that most                           based storage offering in 2009. It expects                offering a software-plus-services storage
services lacked the widespread marketplace                          that the first customers will be midsize                  solution through Azure is only the
support required to serve its customers.                            organizations that want to take advantage                 beginning. It expects that more
                                                                    of the solution’s affordability, with larger              companies will move away from the
As an independent software vendor (ISV)                             enterprises following their lead as data                  limitations of expensive infrastructure
that won the Microsoft® Global ISV of the                           volume and storage costs escalate.                        investments and will demand
Year Award in 2006, Open Text pays close                                                                                      alternatives from Open Text and other
attention to new projects at Microsoft.                             Benefits                                                  ISVs. “Azure makes our offerings to our
When it learned that Microsoft would                                By using Azure, Open Text can offer                       clients much more flexible,” says Studer.
release a cloud-computing solution in 2008,                         customers a more flexible and less capital-               “We are not about selling software
Open Text decided to become an early                                intensive approach to ECM and electronic                  licenses; we are about solving
adopter. “We were immediately very                                  archiving. The company will also be able to               customers’ problems. Software-plus-
interested,” says Studer. “It’s not just an                         better meet customer needs and adapt to                   services is an interesting alternative that
online operating system; it has many other                          changes in the software industry.                         helps our clients meet critical business
pieces we found interesting.”                                                                                                 requirements. We want to be part of the
                                                                       Reduced costs, more flexibility. By                   software-plus-services wave early on—
The Azure™ Services Platform from                                       using Web services available through                  not just for the short term, but for the
Microsoft provides an Internet-based                                    Azure to build a software-plus-services               long term, because it will change the
operating system, online developer tools,                               storage solution, Open Text can reduce                face of the software industry.”

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Document published October 2008

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