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									School Counseling

     Barbara Ashcraft, MA, LPC
WVDE School Counseling Coordinator
2008 Fall School Counselor Workshops
School Counselors Have Changed ??

  Random Acts of Guidance
  Saw one twice in 12 years
    (students report)
  Various extra duties
  Coordinating and giving tests
  Predominately “Responsive Services”
  Little accountability
School Counselors Have Changed
 A Planned Program
 Closing the gap in achievement
 Career/college ready
 Classroom lessons for all students
 Support Individual Student Needs
 ASCA National Model (Policy 2315)
ASCA National Model – Policy 2315

      Delivery System
             Elementary   Middle   High School
    Curriculum 35-45%     25-35%   15-25%
    Planning 5-10%        15-25%    25-35%
    Services 30-40%       30-40%    25-35%
    Support 10-15%        10-15%    15-20%

How are counselors really spending
their time?

          25%         75%

          Areas Critical to Support for School Counseling
                        Critical Area                                      Expected Results
Program Quality     Role of School Counselors The Framework for School Counseling is developed and clearly delineates the
                  in Student Success and School comprehensive school counseling program.
                                               The Five Year Plans are implemented for all middle and high school students.

                                               The Counseling role in Advisories is developed and implemented.

                                               The Counseling curriculum scope and sequence is standardized, where
                                               Scaffolding rubrics for use with counseling activities are developed and
                                               A K-12 career development strand is implemented.
                                               A k-12 scope and sequence for delivery of academic, career and personal social
                                               development standards for all West Virginia students is developed.

                                               Opportunities for collaborative efforts among counselors and teachers are
                                               Repositories of counseling curriculum are posted on the school/county/state
                  Professional Development     Professional development calendar is published annually.

                                               Professional development modules that target counselor-defined training needs
                                               are developed and delivered.

                                               Professional development opportunities for school counselors at the state and
                                               national level are made more assessable to counselors.
      Areas Critical to Support for School Counseling

 Program      Technology       Use of technology by counselors and students in exploring and selecting post-secondary
 Quality                       opportunities is expanded.

                               Student use of technology for gathering information on post-secondary options (e.g.,
                               colleges, careers) is expanded.

                               Technology is integrated in all aspects of the school counseling program.

                               Technology Tools are made more readily available to school counselors.

Organizational Planning        Strategic and annual planning process is continued.
                               Annual implementation plans for upcoming school years are developed.

                               Strategic plan is reviewed and updated annually.
              Organizational   A WVDE Administrative School Counseling Handbook is developed and kept accurate and up-to-
              Support          date.

                               An Advisory Board for School Counseling is established.
                               The capacity for leadership is more fully developed at the local level.

                               School Counselors will participate on WVDE committees and task forces, and other appropriate
                               groups that impact the success of school counseling in

                               WVDE collaborates with higher education preparation programs to assure that school counselors
                               are trained to fulfill roles required by ASCA national Model and Policy 2315.

              Resources        Resources are developed and updated (e.g., Resource Guide, program tools, website, LINKS
                               Student Advisement Program and website and Content Standards and Objectives Policy written).
Areas Critical to Support for School Counseling

Organizational   Information       The impact of implementing a comprehensive school counseling
Effectiveness    Systems/Data      program is evaluated.
                                   A district-wide School Counseling Data Management System is
                                   developed and implemented.

                                   The district produces an annual School Counseling Report Card.

                                   Meaningful data on the impact of school counseling on the district’s
                                   personalization efforts are gathered and reported.

                 Human Resources   School counseling positions are filled full-time certified school
                                   Counselor Coordinators are filled by certified school counselors.

                                   School Counseling ratios are more closely aligned with the national
                                   recommended ratio of 1/250.
                                   State, county and school job descriptions are written to align with
                                   Policy 2315.
                                   OEPA staff is trained to evaluate school counseling programs with
                                   Policy 2315 requirements.

                 Facilities        Facilities provide an environment that is conducive to effective
Areas Critical to Support for School Counseling

Support for School Culture    The quality of the school culture is expanded through a
School                        focus on personalized learning environments for students.

            Communications Electronic communication is continually updated and
                  /          utilized by counselors.
            Public Relations
                             WVDE website provides a communication link to students,
                             counselors, parents, administrators and other stakeholders.

            Parent            Parents are further involved in their child’s education
            Involvement       through the Five Year Plan.

                              Collaboration exists between the school counselors and
                              other school staff to assure each parent and student meets
                              with school staff annually to update ISTP plans.

            Partnerships      Strategic partnerships are developed and expanded to
                              enhance the school counseling programs.
Areas Critical to Organizational Effectiveness
               Area                                                        Expected Results
   Planning                   A strategic and annual planning process for school counseling is implemented at the state/county/local levels.

   Budget                     School counseling programs are supported by WVDE’s Budget.
                              Funding is available for professional development of school counselors.
                              Resources needed to fully implement school counseling programs are more accessible to school counselors.

                              Funding is available for WVDE Coordinator Position.
                              Funding is available for the WVDE School Counseling Coordinator to attend conferences and other professional
                              development opportunities.

                              Funding is available to bring national experts to for professional development and guidance regarding the
                              statewide initiative to improve school counseling programs and practice.

                              Funding is available to design, produce and implement a state-wide advisor/advisee curriculum.

   Organizational Structure   State and counties continue positions that provide supervision, leadership and direction for school counselors.

                              WVDE School Counseling Coordinator works in collaboration with other WVDE departments and staff to fully
                              support school counselors and school counseling programs.

                              School counseling program needs are supported by WVDE’s organizational structure.

   Administrator              Administrator/Counselor Agreements exist to maximize school counseling program effectiveness.

   Counselor Agreements
   Data                       School counseling programs are data-driven.
   Communications             ListServes, mailings and websites provide vital information in a timely fashion.
Areas Critical to Support for School Counseling

        The strategic plan provides more details on
        each area.

        NEXT: Overview of some of the outcomes of
        last year’s plan.
Technology Integration
 WVDE Technology Plan – Brenda Williams
 School Counselor Technology Survey (coming soon)
 WVDE Technology Summer Conference – School Counselor
 LINKS web-based lessons and framework
 Web-based career planning tools
     Career Cruising
     Kuder
     Bridges
     www.WVeducationplanner.org

 Technology tools (searching for grants)
     Tools for Schools        Gates Foundation
     Gear Up                  Community Grants
     Benedum Foundation       Business Partners
WVDE School
Coordinator works
in collaboration
with other WVDE
departments and
staff to fully support
school counselors
and school
Professional Development

Last Fall                  This year’s
550 counselors
                           Numbers are
attended                   about the same.
Professional Development
Professional Development
21st Century HSTW Sites
   April 23 & 24, 2007
   •National Model/Policy 2315
   •Informal Needs Assessment
   •Primary Goal- Student Advisement Program

   April 1 & 2, 2008
   •Introduced LINKS Student Advisement Program Pilot
   •Content Standards/ Planned Website
   •Career Cruising Pilot – Introduction

   June 2008 – (4) 3 hour Training of Core Staff Career Cruising
                   Review of LINKS Website
Professional Development
Approximately                     by:
80 attended our                   WVDE
Summer                            WV School
                  July 16, 2008
                                  and Fairmont
Professional Development
Professional Development
 Largest number ever attends ASCA Conference in Atlanta
     17 attends..makes noise for WV

     I wish I would have done this when I started my career. I wonder what my program
      would look like now.
     I learned a lot that will help me be a better counselor.
     This was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
     I hope I can come every year.
Setting New Standards - ASCA
Professional Development

Step-By-Step “How To” Guide   (complete with tools and templates)
TOOLS – Three Year Plan
Principal/Counselor Agreements
Tools – Sample Calendar
Professional Development/Technical
 USDE Elementary and Secondary Education Grant
 …provides funding to LEAs to establish or expand elementary and
  secondary school counseling programs

 WVDE Provided - grant writing workshop
               - on-line support

   Lincoln County received almost 1.8 million over 3 years to:
       add both elementary and secondary school counselors
       provide professional development
       add resources
       improve practices to enhance school counseling programs.
State Committees / Taskforces
State School Based Mental Health Steering Committee
   WVDE / DHHR developing state model to increase mental health
   services for all WV students

  WVDE Parent/Family Community Involvement Taskforce
  HEPC College Access Committee
  Promise Ad Hoc Advisory Committee
  Financial Literacy Curriculum State Planning Taskforce
 Christie Schimmel “State of School Counseling in WV”
 School Based Mental Health
 National “State of School Counseling” Center for School
  Counseling Outcome Research
 State ILP Study…Naviance
Field Questions
Increased communication…
   Website
   List serves (Elementary, Middle/High and County Coordinator)
     Policy updates
     Graduation requirement changes
     Professional development opportunities
     Tools
     Best practices
     New programs
     WVDE updates, etc
School Counseling Website
  Providing resources and tools for
    Counselors
    Parents
    Students
    Administrators
    Teachers/advisors

Web-based Student Advisement Program
LINKS Student Advisement Program
 web-based framework and curriculum for student advisement programs
  (Advisor/Advisee) in West Virginia
 designed to advance student learning and development in a proactive,
  deliberate manner to encourage individual success
 involving a personal relationship with at least one adult serving as an
  advocate for the student.

 Piloted in 21st Century HSTW sites
    40 lesson plans per grade level (WV specific, downloadable)
    Standards based (Policy 2520.19 allows schools to offer for credit)
    Free pilot with Career Cruising (on-line career exploration
     and planning tool)


                     Steering Committee
                 - Principal
                 - Coordinator(s)
                 - Counselor
                 - Teachers
                 - Key Community Stakeholders

  LINKS                                          Grade Level
Coordinator                                      Coordinators

    Parents &
   Community                                    Counselors

LINKS Student Advisement Program

 Collaborating with
   National Center for Family Literacy (Training and Evaluation)
   Edvantia / ARCC
   WVDE Office of Assessments/Research
   HEPC
  …to conduct annual and longitudinal study on the impact of this
   program on student achievement and post-secondary success
LINKS Student Advisement Program
    Lessons and Staff Training

 Collaborating with
   National Center for Family Literacy (Training and Evaluation)
   Edvantia / ARCC
   Roads to Success
   Fulfillment Fund
   Other state programs
   Career Cruising
Use of Technology in Career
    Career Cruising – 21st Century Sites
    Kuder – 10 additional sites

   Other programs…
    WV Clearinghouse
    WV Education Planner
Future Goals
 Revise Policy 2315
 Develop State School Counseling Model
   WV in Middle Tier (according to extensive study by the
   Center of School Counseling Outcome Research – U Mass
 Develop State Scope and sequence and web-based

 Revise LINKS Student Advisement Program
   Based on evaluation/feedback from Model Sites

 Finalize School Counseling Website
 Advisory Council???
Questions ??
 Barbara Brady Ashcraft, MA, LPC
 School Counseling Coordinator
 WV Department of Education
 Bldg. 6, Room 221
 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East
 Charleston, WV 25305-0330
 Phone: 304-558-2348   Fax: 304-558-3946

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