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					Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
• Three categories for registration • Relations to daily living • Benefits of this program • Legal Justification Statement • Administrators • Cost and Justification for Program • Facilities and equipment needed for wheelchair basketball • Organization Affiliations

Three categories for registration
• Category one: Able bodied people and disabled people combined at the digression of the team • Category two: Unlimited to disabled people • Category three: All disabled people under a category classification 3 from the INTERNATIONAL WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL FEDERATION classification system • Gender specific teams are not required but are not limited • LINK- INTERNATIONAL WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL FEDERATION


Relations to daily living
Wheelchair basketball is a sport that will help athletes develop at a personal level, not only as players, but as people. In our program we promote good sportsmanship, comradary, and teamwork, which are all important attributes in any environment.


Benefits of this program
This wheelchair basketball tournament will help athletes in many different areas. Participators will meet new people and hopefully make many new friends. We hope that this tournament will help athletes with a wheelchair handicap understand that wheelchair basketball is a very interesting and fun sport, which can be played at any age with almost any disability.


Cost and Justification for Program
• • • • Wheelchairs will be donated to us by Lock Haven University. Referees will be volunteer students from Lock Haven University. Basketballs will be given to us by Lock Haven University. The programs directors will do the advertising:
• Ask local agencies for help to put up flyers in their facilities. • Ask local radio stations to put it on the air.

• Sign up sheets will be handed out to local schools. • Volunteers will have to pay a registration fee of 15 dollars. • The program directors will get food and drinks for the event.


Organization Affiliations
• The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD) deals with many different sports. This organization also deals with wheelchair basketball. This organization is a good asset to have because it can be used for many different purposes. One of the nice things is that this organization can help provide funding. Also this site has the specific rules and regulations so that wheelchair basketball is played fair. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is the nation's oldest and largest disability sport organization. So this is a well known program. This program had to work hard to get individuals rights. This organization also has out branch programs that work with it. So wheelchair teams will be able to play across the United States. The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) is recognized by the world. This federation is the sole providing factor governing wheelchair basketball. This Federation is also recognized by the International Paralympic Committee. This committee deals with the elite athletes of wheelchair basketball. So if regular wheelchair basketball games are too easy for athletes they can possible join the International Paralympic Committee. If they join they will then have tougher competition.



The chief adapted physical activity specialist will be in charge of: -Scheduling transportation to participants -Maintaining safety and a safe environment for the participants -Placing participants into the correct categories for competition -Being familiar with the knowledge of motor characteristics, behaviors, and developmental sequences associated with different disabilities in relation to normal motor development -Hands on teaching strategies -Program coordinator to meet participants different IEP’s -Providing students and parents advise on questions Public school adapted specialists -Talk to chief adapted specialist to provide correct category placement of participants -Be familiar with students needs -Talk to participants and inform them of good sportsmanship

Legal Justification Statement:
Wheelchair basketball would be an ideal program to be established in Lock Haven because it is a team sport that involves both skill and strategy. There are many different roles and positions on a basketball team, so disability does not dictate the level of play possible. There are also a number of widely recognized versions of basketball that permit persons with a variety of disabilities to participate and compete. Basketball games can be very thrilling events that lead to intense competition. Whenever competition increases so does the chance of injuries occurring. Because there is a possibility of injury, all players participating will be required to sign a consent form acknowledging the possibility of being injured and that all hosts of the wheelchair basketball tournament will not be held liable. Link for Release Forms

Facilities and equipment needed for wheelchair basketball:
One of the greatest attractions of wheelchair basketball is that it is relatively inexpensive because of the lack of required equipment. All individuals need to participate is a sporty chair and a basketball. To host tournaments multiple basketball courts with ample seating will also be required and the buildings facilities will need to be handicapped accessible (i.e. steps, lavatory, locker rooms).

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