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Our Objectives
understand why certain defenses are played  To understand how certain defenses are played  To understand when to use certain defenses  To Win Basketball Games
 To

Types of Defense
 Man
 Zone

to Man

 Specialty

 Test


Man to Man
Shouldn’t allow easy shots, let’s each player challenge themselves head-tohead with the opponent. Let’s team know that every player is accounted for.  Weaknesses- Must have kids willing to play hard, can be vulnerable against teams with more talent. Need to be hard-nosed to play it well.
 Strengths -

Zone Defense
Can focus on player or players which may be the most talented. Let’s you decide what area’s of the floor you are willing to give up. Can mix teams up and take them out of a fluid offense.  Weaknesses- can be vulnerable to teams with good shooters or teams that pass the ball quickly. Players can get lazy.
 Strengths-

Specialty Defenses
Box and One, Triangle and Two  Box and One: have four players form a box zone with two at the corners and two on the blocks. Fifth player covers best scorer manto-man.  Triangle and Two: Three players form triangle with two on blocks. Fourth and fifth players guard specified players.
 Examples:

Which defense do you play?
Situation  2nd Situation  3rd Situation  4th Situation
 1st

 Answers?

Situation 1

The team you are facing has an outstanding point guard who loves to penetrate but doesn’t shoot well. Their center can score inside the paint. There are no other real scorers. The small forward can shoot if left wide open.

Situation 2

Your opponent is not a very athletic team but they shoot well, move the ball well and are very smart. They are not extremely quick or big. They won’t turn the ball over and will find the open seams in a defense.

Situation 3

The team you are playing has an AllAmerican center, an All-American small forward and a solid cast of role players. They love to press and create offensive opportunities off of steals and rebounds.

Situation 4

Your opponent has two All-American guards and a small forward who scores a lot off of penetration. Their big guys are effective but not real scorers. The two guards are definitely their biggest threats.

Defensive Answers
 Situation 1
 Situation 2

 Situation 3  Situation 4

Situation 1
would play a 1-2-2 or a 1-3-1 defense making sure that the 1 man always picks up the point guard and contains (not pressures) him. Force the other players to shoot over the top of your zone and make them beat you.  Example: Kansas vs. UCLA 2nd half 1997

Situation 2
man-to-man. Have every player pressure the ball to prevent easy passes and make them beat you off of the dribble. You cannot allow easy shots and must disrupt their cutters and screeners by bumping them and getting in their way as much as possible.  Example: Rhode Island vs. Valporaiso 1998
 Definite

Situation 3
would play a 2-3. Really pack it in on the center and make sure you are always aware of where the small forward is. Try to keep a hand in their players faces at all times and BLOCK OUT if a shot goes up. It is also very important to slow the ball down on offense and not get into their game. Let your offense help your defense.  Example: Syracuse vs. Kansas 1996

Situation 4

specialty defense may be called for here. A triangle and two can be very effective with your two guarding the two AllAmerican guards. Shadow them wherever they go and make their big men beat you. Utah vs. Arizona -1998

 Example:

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