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									The Jewish Community Protection Service (Service de Protection de la Communauté
Juive) was created in 1980, in the wake of the terrorist bombing of a synagogue in rue Copernic
in Paris.

The SPCJ was born from a common decision by the Representative Council of the Jewish
Institutions in France (CRIF), the United Jewish Social Fund (Fonds Social Juif Unifié, FSJU, the
main Jewish charity), and Jewish Consistories, the bodies in charge of the religious needs of the
Jewish community to protect the entire Jewish community.

The members of the Executive Board of the SPCJ are designated by the institutions just
mentioned and meet once a month.

The President of the SPCJ is M. Eric de Rothschild.

The SPCJ was brought into existence due to the threat of anti-Semitic terrorism that has
plagued France since the 1980’s. The SPCJ is non-political and non-profit. It is not a youth
movement; its only reason for existing is to protect the entire Community.

The SPCJ works in complete cooperation with public authorities (Ministry of Interior, Police
Headquarters), to ensure that services in synagogues are protected during Sabbath days and
during major Jewish holy days. The SPCJ also intervenes at the request of various associations,
in order to ensure protection for large community events.

The SPCJ is the only official agency representing the community in security matters.

The SPCJ also inspects buildings and gives advice regarding security systems (schools,
synagogues, etc.). Where ministerial subsidies are not available, the SPCJ can grant subsidies
to associations for the financing of security improvements already decided on.

Finally, the SPCJ has operated since 2004 a department dealing with Schools, which is
responsible for counseling school administrators, teachers, and parent associations with regard
to security. This department can also handle recruitment and training of professional security
agents to serve protecting schools and community buildings.

Since its creation, the SPCJ has listed statistics on various anti-Semitic acts committed on
French soil in order to inform community leaders about threat and danger evolution The SPCJ
shares this information with public authorities through regular contacts with the Ministry of

Responding to an increase in the number of such acts in 2001, the SPCJ opened a Victim
Assistance Department “VAD”. A free phone number can be called 24 hours a day in order to
alert the organization of any anti-Semitic act, or to call for help if there is an immediate danger.

Victims can call this number to receive assistance and advice regarding different avenues of
legal redress. Victims can also be referred to psychological or social counseling services if

Except for the permanent staff, all members of the SPCJ are volunteers.

                You can call the SPCJ all year long, at any hour, day or night
                                    0800 18 26 26 - 24/7






Pages 2 & 3      Letter of the President

Pages 4 to 7     Statistics 2009

                  Anti-Semitic acts committed over the French territory
                   from 1st January to 31st December 2009

                  Figures and graphs

Pages 8 to 11    Methodology and commentaries on the statistics

Pages 12 to 16   Analysis 2009

Pages 17 to 19   Focus on January 2009

Pages 20 to 23   Convictions (samples)



Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

For the second year in a row, we present you with our report on anti-Semitism in France in its
new incarnation. We will not include here the list of all anti-Semitic acts which have been
inventoried, but this list will be posted on our website (www.spcj.org) within a few days.

The purpose of this report is to provide a snapshot image of anti-Semitism in France today,
based on an inventory of events carried out in cooperation with the Interior Ministry, and on
further details provided in the accompanying commentaries and analysis.

As you will see, the significant increase in anti-Semitic acts during 2009 is a justifiable cause
for concern: 832 acts registered, compared with 474 in 2008... A total of 354 acts were
registered across the country in the month of January 2009 alone.
As we are all aware, the Jewish community suffered strong repercussions from the Israeli
offensive against Hamas during that month.

In addition to the violence and threats which are frequently asserted to be
a "response" to the Gaza situation, groups participating in anti-Israeli marches gathered in
front of synagogues in several cities across France, loudly expressing their hatred through
sometimes physical attacks on our places of worship.

While it is regrettable that the voice of anti-Israeli protest chosen by some has taken this
tone, there are also deeper causes for the excesses of the January demonstrations that need
to be examined.

What underlying messages and atmosphere allowed these demonstrators to believe that
behaving violently, in this case towards the Jews of France, was a legitimate way to support
the cause they claim to defend?

The analysis contained in this report also aims to highlight some main consequences
of these excesses.

As in previous years, anti-Semitism convictions, litigated by SPCJ attorneys advocating on
behalf of victims who contact our support unit, are published at the end of the report.

We believe that including this partial review of court convictions is valuable, perhaps to
dissuade possible future aggressors, as well as to reassure families that our justice system
takes anti-Semitism seriously, and will not hesitate to use all possible means to condemn its

However, we regret that even after so many years, no statistics on convictions for anti-
Semitic acts are yet available through the Justice Ministry or the public prosecutor's office.
Indeed, the only elements which we have available are those relating to cases litigated by
our own attorneys, and information that certain victims provide us with.

We consider this situation to be a primary area for improvement to allow us, together with the
public authorities, to gain a global view of anti-Semitism within the legal system



In conclusion, we must keep in mind at all times the brutal reality that lies behind this
statistical study.

Each number represents victims and families who have undergone physical and
psychological suffering. It is our duty to continue to find the determination and energy to
contain, combat, and perhaps someday to eradicate this phenomenon.
I wish to thank all the teams of volunteers and professionals at the SPCJ for the work they
have done on the various projects assigned to them.

Their commitment, courage and deft management of dangerous and delicate situations
strongly contributes to preserving integrity and freedom of expression for the Jewish identity
in France, in all its forms, to the benefit of all those who are part of this living and flourishing

With sincerest regards,

                                        Eric de Rothschild











800 18







METHODOLOGY AND COMMENTARIES                         registered. The strong increase in 2009
                                                     is due to a significant rise in anti-
METHODOLOGY                                          Semitic incidents during the month of
For a number of years, the SPCJ has                  January 2009, when 354 acts were
released an annual review of anti-Semitic            registered.
acts registered in France, and established           "Actions", numbering 174 (compared with
quarterly statistics.                                150 in 2008), rose by 16%, and "Threats",
The figures reported are drawn from an               numbering 658 (324 in 2008) doubled in
inventory of anti-Semitic acts identified by         volume.
the SPCJ Victims' Aid Department
(Département d'Aide aux Victimes).                   ACTIONS
Additional data is transmitted by the
Délégation      aux    Victimes      (Victims'       In the "Actions" category, 81 violent
Delegation) of the Interior Ministry, which          acts were registered, representing
carries out a strict accounting based on a           almost half of the total number of
shared classification of these acts.                 incidents.
These regular discussions with the Interior          Violence has remained relatively steady,
Ministry, and the high standards of the              with these acts numbering 83 in 2008.
Victims' Aid Department in verifying the
alleged anti-Semitic nature of each act,             Vandalism and destruction of property
based on the complaints or police reports            were at roughly equal levels with 78
registered by law enforcement and                    incidents, representing a 22% increase (64
communicated by the victims, allow us to             incidents registered in 2008).
establish a reliable count.
The disadvantage of this strict approach is
that it excludes acts brought to the
attention of the SPCJ, but for which the
victims did not wish to press charges. This
means that a certain number of acts
remain uncounted. The present approach
therefore does not claim to be an
exhaustive accounting of these acts, and
the numbers presented here do not reflect
the full reality. They nonetheless
accurately measure trends.


The year 2009 saw a marked upsurge in
anti-Semitic acts in France. The total
number of acts for all categories, as
inventoried by the SPCJ Victims' Aid                 These acts mostly targeted private
Department and the Ministry, reaches                 property, in 35 cases (stolen mezuzah,
832, a level we have not seen since                  vandalized    vehicle),    or    community
2004, when 974 anti-Semitic acts were                buildings in 25 cases, principally
registered by the Interior Ministry. This            synagogues      (18    incidents).   Seven
figure indicates an overall increase of              incidences of vandalism in cemeteries also
almost 76% compared with 2008, year                  took place over the course of the year.
in which a total of 474 acts were


Individuals remain the primary victims             Of 230 graffiti identified over the entire
of aggression, for both actions and                year 2009:
threats. Violent acts and verbal threats,
menacing      gestures    and    abusive           >102 were directly related to the conflict in
behavior account for 310 incidents, or             the Middle East: "Death to Israel", "Long
almost 38% of the total number of                  live
events inventoried.                                Palestine, dirty Jews out", "Israel = Nazi",
When looking at acts of violence alone,            "Bastard Jews, child killers"
a high percentage of aggressions                   >128 refer to the extermination of Jews in
against minor children is apparent,                the Holocaust: "Thank you Hitler for
accounting for nearly a third of the               exterminating millions of Jews", or "Hitler
total. These are mainly committed with an          should have turned you into soap", "Long
extreme violence and by aggressors of the          live the gas chambers", "Hitler was right",
same age, and either gender.                       "Juden raus" along with Nazi symbols,
                                                   primarily swastikas.
We should also take note of the strong             Source Internet Source Interne
rise in the "Arson or attempted arson"
category: 15 incidents were registered
in 2009 (compared with three in 2008).
Fully two-thirds of these incidents took
place in January. A total of nine
synagogues were targeted, mainly by
Molotov cocktails.

One event in particular stands out: A
"ram-raid car" in flames was launched
against a synagogue in Toulouse
during worship.

                                                   "Verbal threats, menacing gestures and
                                                   abusive behavior" total 229 incidents.
                                                   An examination of the content of 79 of
                                                   these statements reveals that 44 referred
                                                   to the conflict referenced above, and 35 to
                                                   the Holocaust.

THREATS                                            FEBRUARY TO DECEMBER 2009
In the "Threats" category, most acts               To gain a better understanding of the
consisted of "Graffiti", for a total of 360,       phenomenon expressed in these
or 55% of all acts.                                statistics, the month of January was
                                                   deliberately isolated from the rest, to
                                                   present a comparative study of figures
                                                   for the period from February to
                                                   December 2009. One chapter of the
                                                   present document is devoted to this
                                                   topic (pages 18-19).



The total number of anti-Semitic acts           Abusive     language  or  behavior
for these eleven months is 478 across           numbered 141 incidents over the
all categories.                                 period, and represent 40% of those
This figure indicates an overall increase
of 10% compared with the same period            We continue to note the trivialization of
in 2008, when a total of 436 acts were          certain abusive phrases such as "dirty
registered.                                     Jew", while allusions to Jews and money,
                                                and the criminal acts that were linked to
While a decrease of some 14% in the             them, have nearly disappeared. Also
number of "Actions" was noted,                  noteworthy are references to Fofana, the
"Threats" rose by 22% (356 compared             leader of the "Barbarians" (Gang des
with 293).                                      Barbares), as part of the discourse used at
                                                times in intimidating victims. So far, these
In the "Actions" category, violent acts,        references occur infrequently.
numbering 80 in 2008, totaled 63 in 2009,
and we note a significant drop in this          A review of the annual graph of these
category of around 21%.                         figures leads to one remark in particular
                                                concerning the months following the
However,     individuals   remain   the         explosion of acts in January: A marked
primary victims of actions and threats,         upward trend (+39%) is apparent for the
taken together. Violent acts and verbal         period from February to June, compared
threats,   menacing      gestures  and          with the same period in 2008. A downward
abusive behavior account for 204                trend begins starting in July, and is clearly
incidents, or 43% of the 478 events             evident by September until the end of the
inventoried over this period.                   year, with an additional spike in November
                                                for no obvious reason.
In the "Threats" category, the total            

number of "Graffiti" was 170, 45% of
these acts. Of 90 graffiti identified, 12
concerned the conflict in the Near East
and 78 the Holocaust, with a rising
number of swastikas.





    ANALYSIS 2009



Examination of the data leads to a clear             establish the link between these two sets
conclusion: The year 2009 is particularly            of phenomena.
worrisome with regard to the number of
anti-Semitic acts inventoried (832). While
the situation was tending to flatten out, as         These excesses paved the way to
indicated by an overall drop in the number
                                                     numerous anti-Semitic attacks targeting
of acts from 2006 to 2007, and no change
                                                     property and people. Anti-Zionist speech,
from 2007 to 2008 (though still at worrying
                                                     galvanized and legitimized by a certain
levels that are ten times higher than the
                                                     popular anti-Israeli impulse, was allowed
1990 averages), this past year it                    free expression, professed at times with
degenerated considerably.
                                                     violence against the Jewish community in
What we had noted since 2004, a certain              France. This trend was confirmed during
de-correlation between events in the                 the months that followed.
Middle East and the number of anti-
                                                     Excesses and an outbreak of hostile
Semitic acts committed in France, appears
                                                     acts were made possible by the
to no longer be the case this year.
                                                     receptive atmosphere that was already
The number of acts registered in January             in place.
alone almost equaled the total for the year
                                                     An analysis of the graffiti and verbal abuse
2008 (832 compared with 474). The war                inventoried in the threats category, shows
between Israel and Hamas was a major
                                                     that references to the Holocaust are still
exacerbating circumstance in causing the             very common ("Hitler should have turned
situation to deteriorate.
                                                     you into soap", "long live the gas
However, this interpretation offers only a           chambers").
partial explanation. All relevant elements
                                                     These are sometimes combined with
must be taken into account to gain a full
                                                     statements denouncing Zionism and the
and reasonable understanding of all
                                                     Israeli people in general, but are often
aspects of anti-Semitism in France. This
                                                     completely independent (163 related to the
requirement leads us to resituate the                Holocaust and 146 to the Middle East
month of January in its overall context,
                                                     conflict), which confirms that "traditional"
rather than falling into the potential trap of
                                                     anti-Semitism,      not    correlated     to
limiting analysis to the figures for this            declarations of anti-Zionism, persists.
month alone.
                                                     However, statements relating to more
The    structural mechanisms      that
                                                     historically common expressions of anti-
enabled the outbreak of anti-Semitic
                                                     Semitism, such as "Jews and money", are
acts in January were already in place.               less visible this year.
They found a natural expression or
release in the conflict between Israel               Also noteworthy, the population involved in
and Hamas last January.                              these acts is tending to get younger.

An examination of the anti-Semitic acts in           Secondary school students have found
January and the excesses of all kinds                their way into the statistics (as perpetrators
arising from anti-Israeli demonstrations             and victims), alongside the high school
that same month, makes it possible to                students already involved.



The malaise that is apparent in these
figures, and more globally, perceived as
existing by the Jewish community, is

This year was also that of the spectacle of
the "Barbarians" trial (murderers of Ilan
Halimi), a painful psychological ordeal for
the entire Jewish population of France.

THE   EXCESSES             AND       THEIR          Hezbollah flag often brandished during the January
CONSEQUENCES                                        2009 demonstrations              (Source Internet)

The very particular tone taken by anti-             The Anti-Zionist List at the European
Zionist activism in this country in recent          elections in June, the spread of boycott
months is indisputable. This year saw a             movements, the many demonstrations in
marked increase in activism, and we note            support of the Al-Aqsa mosque, the
in particular its radicalization in certain         celebration of al-Quds day in the streets of
cases. The situation took on a new                  Paris, the visit of a member of Hezbollah
dimension and a new tone.                           to the Sorbonne, the acquittal of the Parti
                                                    Solidaire Français for its anti-Zionist
The most visible excesses of the month of           posters,     are     the   most      visible
January are clearly illustrated by the              consequences, but this list is far from
actions of groups who were participating in         exhaustive.
demonstrations, and whose open hatred
led them to attack nearby synagogues.               Certain examples and key events

For example, in Strasbourg on January 17,           The Anti-Zionist List that was presented at
around 50 demonstrators went to the                 the June 2009 European elections is
synagogue shouting "death to the Jews".             peculiar to France, and the direct
In Metz on January 3, during a pro-                 consequence of mobilization in France
Palestinian demonstration, 200 youths               during the "Cast Lead" operation in Gaza.
gathered in front of the synagogue                  The party received 1.30% of the vote in
shouting "Israel murderer".                         Île-de-France (36,398 votes), the only
                                                    district in which it was presented.
This wave of anti-Israeli sentiment, which
reached a peak in January, is now firmly in
place and has entered many different
spheres: political, social, associative,
schools, etc. Many of the expressions of
anti-Zionist movements' activity during
2009 are directly or indirectly the result of
violent    excesses    of     the    general
mobilization against the State of Israel in

                                                    Banner: "In    support   of   Hamas and armed
                                                    resistance"                      (Source Internet)



The List became a catalyst for all the anti-          is one of the symptoms of a broader
Zionist hatred that was freely expressed              phenomenon;
during the month of January.
                                                      The demonstrations organized for the
Its alliances with the far right largely led to       "defense" of the Al-Aqsa mosque in
the list's loss of credibility with voters in         Jerusalem are also symptomatic, in
low-income neighborhoods. Although the                several ways. The first demonstration in
percentages achieved in certain difficult             Paris with this specific theme took place in
neighborhoods with high immigrant                     May 2009.
populations remain worrying, the list's
marginalization because of its mixed                  These demonstrations, with a strong
political composition – impossible alliances          symbolic and religious tenor, participate
– helped limit its influence.                         fully in the new trend observed during the
                                                      January mobilizations, that is, the strong
The acquittal of the Parti Solidaire                  involvement of the religious sphere in
Français is also a sign of this                       defensive actions on behalf of Palestine.
phenomenon. The posters "Zionism is
gangrene, you cut it out or die of it"                They exclude out of hand any non-Muslim
distributed in Île-de-France by this extreme          activists, as well as those who chose to
right-wing organization were the object of            demonstrate in January on behalf of
legal proceedings.                                    "humanitarian" rather than religious
                                                      values. These demonstrations, where
Prosecuted by the city of Courbevoie for              Israel is lambasted, were particularly
incitement to hatred, the party was                   numerous this year, and allowed their
acquitted by the Nanterre court.                      organizers to keep public opinion
Although not highly visible, another
event must be noted. For the first time, a
celebration of al-Quds day took place in
the streets of the capital on September 18,
2009.                                                               CONCLUSION
Let us remember that this is a day calling
                                                      A review of the year 2009 sheds light on
for    eliminating   Jewishness      from             the overall state of the radical anti-Zionist
Jerusalem, launched by Iran during the
                                                      movement       in     France,     and     its
Islamic revolution and celebrated each
                                                      repercussions         on        anti-Semitic
year by Shiite communities in Muslim
countries    with  violent    anti-Semitic
demonstrations.                                       The year 2009 clearly marks the failure of
                                                      the attempt made last year to unite all the
Until now, the event had arrived in
                                                      most extreme anti-Zionists into a global
Germany, Great Britain and Sweden, but                movement ranging from the far right to the
in France only the cities of Strasbourg and
                                                      far left, and illustrated most notably by the
Argenteuil     had        witnessed    local          Anti-Zionist List.
celebrations. While it went almost
unnoticed because the number of                       However, we observe a resurgence and
participants was small (fewer than 300                a radicalization of activity.
people), and it had little media impact, the
occurrence nonetheless must be noted. It


The creation of a broad union against             Even if these events appear sometimes
Zionism is not imminent, but considerable         limited in scope, an analysis of the
damage was nonetheless caused this                situation today shows that these new
year, of which only those repercussions           demonstrations     have     undeniable
which are already visible can be                  consequences. We deplore the stepping
measured.                                         up of actions aimed at delegitimizing
                                                  the State of Israel, and the resulting
Another direct lesson from the mobilization       hostile    climate  for  the   Jewish
that took place during "Cast Lead" and            community of France.
from its many implications: Organized
demonstrations, although limited in terms
of number of participants, are more
numerous and more radicalized.




You will find on this page a sampling of the anti-Semitic acts which took place in January 2009



Monday, January 5, 2009 - VILLIERS LE BEL (95400)
A 14-year-old adolescent was attacked by students in her school. Anti-Semitic insults and threats were proffered:
“Filthy Jew, your mother is a filthy Jew, filthy Israeli;” “You’ll pay for what the Israelis are doing in Gaza;” “Tell your
Jew brothers that we won’t let them get away with it.” She was then thrown to the ground and kicked, and her
glasses broken.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 - STRASBOURG (67000)
A young man of the Jewish faith, wearing a yarmulke, was called “filthy Jew” and punched several times in the
face and ribs.

Thursday, January 15, 2009 - FONTENAY SOUS BOIS (94120)
A young man was attacked by two masked individuals who threatened him with a knife and tried to steal his
vehicle. Upon seeing that he wore a religious symbol, they stabbed him four times and proffered anti-Semitic
insults: “All Jews must die.” He was taken to the hospital, in severe shock and suffering from a head injury and
blurred vision.

Thursday, January 22, 2009 - VINCENNES (94300)
A youth of the Jewish faith was attacked, called a “filthy Jew,” and his yarmulke burned.

Monday, January 5, 2009 - TOULOUSE (31000)
Around 10 p.m., a ram-raid car in flames was
rammed into a synagogue. Ten people were inside
the building. There were no casualties.

Sunday, January 11, 2009 - BISCHEIM (67800)
Three Molotov cocktails were thrown at the oratory. Material damage to the facade.

Sunday, January 11, 2009 - SAINT DENIS (93200)
Nine Molotov cocktails were thrown at the synagogue. Others were discovered on the roof. Windows broken and
blackened facade. One of the devices started a fire on the storefront of the adjacent kosher restaurant.
Firefighters intervened.

Thursday, January 15, 2009 - VILLENEUVE
One of the doors of the synagogue was damaged
by a fire. A flammable liquid had been poured out
and lit. The door was calcified and the walls
blackened. No casualties


 Saturday, January 17, 2009 - HAYANGE (57650)                             DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY/
A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the synagogue,                                  VANDALISM
causing a fire to start. Another was found unused
not far from the synagogue.                                        Monday, January 12, 2009 - MARSEILLE (13012)
                                                                   A rifle bullet was found in the window of a
                                                                   synagogue. The building also houses a school.

                                                                   Tuesday, January 13, 2009 - LILLE (59000)
                                                                   A 35cm x 35cm swastika was painted in red, along
                                                                   with the inscription "ZOG," on the façade of the
                                                                   synagogue. The central window was broken in two
                                                                   places and stones were found inside the




                                       INSULT, MENACING GESTURE

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - VILLEMOMBLE (93250)
Five individuals rang the bell of a disabled person in the night. This latter individual did not open the door, but
observed them tearing up an Israeli flag while chanting “death to Jews” and mimicking cutting a throat at the door.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 - GRENOBLE (38000)
Following an anonymous phone call to the fire department warning of a car bomb in front of the synagogue, those
inside as well as the neighboring residents had to be evacuated.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 - METZ (57070)
Some fifty pro-Palestinian demonstrators left the main body of a demonstration and went to the synagogue,
chanting “Israel – Assassins.”


Monday, January 5, 2009 - SAINT FONS (69190)
On a store window belonging to a business owner of the Jewish faith, the graffiti “385 dead Palestinians – 3 stars
of David – 385 dead Israelis” was found.

Friday, January 9, 2009 - MENTON (06500)
On the main portal of the community center, a felt-tip graffiti was found: “Gaza and death to the Jews.”

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - ALBI (81000)
The northern section of the city was defiled with a large number of anti-Semitic tags and graffiti found on almost a
dozen buildings, “Death to the Jews” as well as tags hostile to the police.

                                            st    st
                                   JANUARY 1 to 31 , 2009

Nature of act                                               January                  2008 comparison

Murder or attempted                                             0                         0
Violence                                                        18                        3
Terrorist attack or attempted                                   0                         0
Fire or attempt                                                 11                        0
Destruction of property/Vandalism                               24                        4

Total                                                           53                        7

Insult, menacing gesture                                         88                       6
Public distribution of hate literature or hate mail              24                       4
Tagging                                                         190                       21

Total                                                           302                       31

TOTAL                                                           354                       38

                                 Sources S.P.C.J. and Ministry of Interior




The convictions obtained in 2009,                 was grabbed by the hair. Two held her and
presented below, were all litigated by an         a third hit her. She was kicked in the
attorney from the SPCJ, with one                  stomach and the chest, and her collar
exception. For some of these convictions,         twisted to the point of strangling her. A
the events took place in 2008 or even             police car on patrol stopped, but the girls
2007. This slow pace is due to the case           had already fled.
preparation timeline, arising from the            These minors were condemned to
investigation of the aggressors.                  perform community service and to pay
Many cases were unfortunately not                      Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.
brought to trial, but "dismissed without
further action" by the court, often because
the perpetrators were not identified.
Others were sometimes resolved through                    Hearing of February 6, 2009
mediation with the prosecutor's office, or           D. and C. Case / Review of the facts
resulted in a simple warning.                           March 20, 2008 - Paris (75012)
                                                  While entering a bus, two yeshiva students
An examination of these convictions               were verbally abused with the phrase "Heil
shows a real effort on the part of the            Hitler, dirty Jews" and had cash and a
prosecutor's office to punish those who           transportation ticket stolen by an individual
commit acts of physical or verbal                 of around 20 years of age.
aggression which are anti-Semitic in              The perpetrator was condemned to pay
nature.                                           €20 to each victim and €200 according
                                                  to the terms of Article 475-1 of the
Anti-Semitism       is     an aggravating         French penal code.
circumstance as defined by law no.                      Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.
2003-88 of February 3, 2003, known as
"Loi Lellouche" - Art. 132-76 (excerpt):
"The sentence imposed for a crime or
misdemeanor is greater when the                          Hearing of February 13, 2009
infraction is committed due to the victim's             S. Case / Review of the facts
adherence or non-adherence, real or                      July 18, 2008 - Paris (75001)
imagined, to a particular ethnic group,           A 13-year-old adolescent and her mother
nation, race or religion."                        were verbally attacked by two young girls.
                                                  They were subjected to verbal abuse such
Since the Perben II law, the statute of           as "dirty Jews" and the young victim was
limitations is extended from three months         pushed and manhandled. These events
to one year.                                      took place in front of police headquarters,
                                                  and the young girls were taken in for
             CONVICTIONS                          questioning.
                                                  Condemnation of the two defendants to
        Hearing of January 8, 2009                a fine of €300, €1 in damages and €300
       H. Case / Review of the facts              according to the terms of Article 475-1
       October 13, 2007 - Créteil (94)            of the French penal code
A young girl of the Jewish faith, age 14,              Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.
was approached by a group of girls around
13 years of age, who asked her "if she
was Jewish." When she responded
positively, they replied: "Then you don't                  Hearing of April 21, 2009
like Arabs, and we're going to hurt some                B. Case / Review of the facts
Jew." Another is alleged to have said:              February 27, 2009 - Nimes (30000)
"How can you talk to a Jew, you have to           While visiting a hospital, a rabbi from the
kill them, this is our territory here." She       community was attacked a first time


verbally in the foyer by three youths who          two youths. He was taken to the hospital
shouted "Rabbi Jacob" several times. As            for treatment. Injuries to the cheekbones,
he was returning home, the driver of a             hematoma of the left eye, stitches to the
vehicle sounded the horn and, as it was            scalp and the left brow. Five-day
pulling away, the passenger made two               temporary work incapacity certificate.
obscene gestures at him. Changing                  The perpetrator was condemned to a
streets, another vehicle and one of its            three-month        suspended         prison
occupants shouted: "Heil Hitler." As he            sentence and €1500 in damages and
continued on his way, two passersby                €350 as per Article 475-1 of the French
again shouted in his direction: "Long live         penal code
Palestine, Israel murderer."                             Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.
The perpetrator was condemned to a
four-month         suspended       prison
sentence, €500 in damages and €600
according to the terms of Article 475-1                    Hearing of November 5, 2009
of the French penal code                                   A. Case / Review of the facts
      Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.             September 27, 2009 - PARIS (75012)
                                                   A young man of the Jewish faith joined a
                                                   girlfriend and found her with two
                                                   individuals demanding her cell phone and
          Hearing of April 30, 2009                her wallet. On seeing him, they humiliate
       B. Case / Review of the facts               him and demand that he lower his pants to
     April 7, 2007 - Villeurbanne (69)             "see his little Jewish c--k". They let him
While on their way to the synagogue, two           leave while spitting on him and throwing
brothers wearing the yarmulke were                 stones in his direction.
shouted at by an individual who, after             Condemnation         of   one     of   the
getting his vehicle, drove straight at them.       perpetrators, over 18 years of age, to a
One of them was able to dodge the                  six-month suspended prison sentence,
vehicle. The second was hit directly and           160 hours of community service and
tossed above the vehicle. The victim was           €320 according to the terms of Article
brought to the emergency room and a was            475-1 of the French penal code
given an initial 15-day temporary work                    Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.
incapacity certificate.
Condemnation of the perpetrator to:
10 months in prison and an additional
14-month suspended sentence                               Hearing of November 9, 2009
For the first victim:                                    B. Case / Review of the facts
€2,000 for "moral" damages, €1,500 for             A couple of the Jewish faith, 80 years of
pain and suffering and €2,621 for                  age, were verbally abused by one of their
economic damages (loss of income)                  neighbors: "dirty Jews, go back to Israel."
For the second victim:                             The defendant was condemned to a fine
€1,000 for "moral" damages                         of €250, €500 in damages and €350
and €1,200 according to the terms of               according to the terms of Article 475-1
Article 475-1 of the French penal code             of the French penal code
for the two victims                                     Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.

      Hearing of September 29, 2009
      R. Case / Review of the facts                      Hearing of December 4, 2009
      March 2, 2008 - Paris (75002)                      C. Case / Review of the facts
While in the Opéra neighborhood with two              August 9, 2009 - Montreuil (93100)
friends, a young man of the Jewish faith           A woman of the Jewish faith was
was physically attacked with a helmet by           subjected to verbal and physical abuse by


her daughter's boyfriend. Contusions,              Punches, minor injuries. Four days of
broken teeth, and eight days of temporary          temporary work incapacity.
work incapacity.                                   The aggressor was condemned to 70
Case deliberated on February 5, 2010               hours of community service,
    Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.            €500 in damages and €200 according to
                                                   the terms of Article 475-1 of the French
      Hearing of December 11, 2009                 penal code
      G. Case / Review of the facts
   September 26, 2009 - Paris (75011)
Following an altercation with a customer, a        Notes:
store owner and his wife were verbally             Excerpt from Article 475-1 of the French
abused by the latter: "You can go die in           penal code -
the ovens."                                        "The Court condemns the perpetrator of
The defendant was condemned to a                   the infraction to pay the plaintiff the
suspended fine of €1,000, €200 in                  amount it determines, for fees not paid by
damages for each victim and €150                   the State and presented by the plaintiff.
according to the terms of Article 475-1            The     court    takes     into    account
of the French penal code                           considerations of fairness or the convicted
     Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.           party's economic situation. It may even
                                                   determine out of hand, for reasons arising
                                                   from these same considerations that this
                                                   sentence not apply."
      Hearing of December 15, 2009
      P. Case / Review of the facts
    September 7, 2007 - Nice (06000)
An individual of the Jewish faith is
subjected to regular anti-Semitic verbal
abuse by a neighbor. This latter had called
him a "dirty Jew" in the presence of
No agreement was reached. The case
was sent to the criminal court.
Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.

      Hearing of December 18, 2009
      Z. Case / Review of the facts
     August 12, 2009 - Paris (75017)
A pharmacist of the Jewish faith was
repeatedly subjected to death threats and
anti-Semitic abuse by a customer.
Case deliberated on January 15, 2010
     Case presented by an SPCJ attorney.

       Hearing of December 18, 2009
        A. Case / Review of the facts
   May 25, 2009 - Aubervilliers (93300)
A young man of the Jewish faith, wearing
traditional clothing, was subjected to anti-
Semitic insults and physically attacked by
an individual sitting in an outdoor café.



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