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					Bird Droppings are a classified as a BIOHAZARD!
     West Nile Virus, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis or one of many other illnesses
       related to Dried Bird Droppings, believe it or not these infections / diseases can be
       DEADLY. Individuals with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk. However if flu
       like symptoms go untreated or are undiagnosed they will affect anyone including customers
       or guests at your facility.
     Roof top ventilation units pose a hidden problem in that the droppings are usually found
       and then disturbed only by service personnel, this will affect workers inside your facilities.
       When the Dried Bird Droppings are disturbed the risk of contamination is almost
       guaranteed. Entrances and exits are common places for workers to gather throughout the
       workday, accumulation of Droppings in these areas will also be a health hazard for many
    Whose job is it to clean up the Droppings and nests
     that Birds leave everywhere?
    Now with employees being in charge of cleaning up BIRD DROPPINGS in front of
     storefronts, depot stores, offices, factories, we feel the need to warn you of some problems
     related with the BIOHAZARD clean up process.
    Now you can outfit workers with all the required Disposable Personal Protective Equipment
     starting with hooded Tyvek coveralls, disposable foot covers or rubber boots, a face shield
     and safety glasses or goggles, Nitrile gloves as latex may cause allergies or future allergies and
     last but most important a HALF or FULL FACE RESPIRATOR with a P100 or N99
     (minimum filter efficiency) Particulate Cartridge.
    Next you will need to mix up some every day household or special commercial chemicals to
     start the clean up, so get out your MSDS sheets and review them carefully.
    Then the clean up work plan and details need to be reviewed thoroughly before starting.

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