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					  A Marketing Guide
 for Website Business
                                                   Presented by:
                                         ABC Design Studio LLC

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ABC Design Studio LLC
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    This marketing ebook has been written and
    dedicated to the little guy...
    If you are just an average person trying to start a successful online website business, then this ebook is for
    you. If you are trying to juggle 2 and even 3 jobs just to make ends meet, then this ebook is for you. If you
    have experienced discrimination and unfairness at your job, then this ebook is for you. If you are unemployed,
    underemployed, or successfully self employed, then this ebook is still for you!

    The message is that regardless of who you are, or what you do, you can become successful with your own
    online website business.

    And we are about to show you how....

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      About this Ebook
     ABC Design Studio LLC was started in 2005 by a close team of web design and marketing professionals
     who shared one common goal:

         To use the power of the Internet to help everyday people earn revenue from professionally
         designed website businesses.

     The Internet has opened an exciting new world of opportunity for even the smallest home-based business
     owner. And today’s website business mogul is no different than you and I. These kind of successful
     entrepreneurs found a niche specific turnkey website, put some time into web marketing, and built their success
                                               one day at a time. But can YOU make money on the Internet?

                                                           The fact of the matter is that You really Can Make Money on the
                                                           Internet -- a lot of money. You simply must take the necessary
                                                           steps to make it happen. If you are sincerely passionate about
                                                           your success, you will succeed. It’s that simple. The true secret to
                                                           creating a successful Internet business, is pure determination. Most
                                                           people fail just at the moment they are about to succeed. Why?
                                                           Because they give up. As long as you keep trying, you’ll never fail.

                                                           This E-Book Contains Today’s Best Online
                                                           Marketing Tips
                                                           Since marketing and advertising your website business is extremely
                                                           important, we give you all the tools you need to be successful with
                                                            your website. (Please read through to learn more).

                                                           Professionally Designed Turnkey Website
                                              Your website is a direct reflection of you and your business. Creating
                                              a professional website designed to sell will take a great deal of time
                                              and effort, as there is much more to take into consideration than
     design. You must look at a much broader picture and specifically design your website to sell.

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     All Our Website’s Revenues Goes In The
     Owner’s Pocket
     No matter how great your website is, unless you’re receiving quality,
     targeted traffic, it will be useless. Your website may receive hundreds
     of visitors each day. However, if they aren’t interested in the products or
     services you’re offering, your web traffic won’t mean a thing. You must
     drive a continuous stream of targeted traffic to your website.

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                                  We Give You the Tools
                                  for Internet Marketing
                                  Success! (click here)

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      Marketing Tip #1
      Quality Matters!
   When it comes to being successful online, you have an equal opportunity to earn revenue regardless if you have
   a complicated website or a small well-built website? It’s true! The Internet is possibly the only place in the world
   that does not discriminate!

   In the online world, billions of dollars are exchanged between people every day, and the reality is, the buyers and
   sellers have never even met each other!

   It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what you look like...because YOUR customers will buy from YOU,
   no matter what! The only factor that determines if people will purchase products or services from your website is
   that your customers need to be able to find your website.

   The Secrets of Marketing and Advertising
   Don’t worry, we will show you how!
   The first step to turnkey website marketing success is to make sure your website can compete with online
   competitors. There is no use marketing a website that will be obsolete in a few years or poorly coded!

   Here is what you should look for when purchasing a turnkey website with good marketing potential:

   Niche Specific Turnkey Website
   Make sure you find a NICHE turnkey website. A niche website
   is a website that is built around a specific market - such as
   automobiles, outdoor adventure, or a specific health product.
   A NICHE-Specific Website will greatly improve your odds
   when reaching your target audience. This simply means
   MORE TARGETED VISITORS will be going to your website!

   Go HERE to Find Turnkey Niche Web
   Reliable Hosting Options
   Does your Turnkey Niche Website offer you complete hosting
   with setup, C-Panel access, and live visitor traffic monitoring?
   Make sure the company you purchase a turnkey website
   business from also offers reliable and supportive hosting for
   your website. Many turnkey website providers offer no hosting or setup support or if they do offer hosting it can
   be unreliable with outages, low disk space, that could even be here today and gone tomorrow. Look for a Niche
   Turnkey Website provider that also offers you quality hosting with C-Panel access. This is a must!

   More $$, More Problems
   Just because a turnkey website business is expensive, doesn’t mean it will make you money! The more money
   you spend on a site, generally the more maintenance will be involved. You should be focusing your time on
   marketing and advertising, not maintenance and updating your site.

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     Marketing Tip #2
     Succeed with Search Engines & Meta
                                                             Metatags are a special code that can be added to
                                                             the heading of any website. It doesn’t alter the text,
                                                             layout, or look of your website in any way.

                                                             All that these metatags do is tell the search engines
                                                             about the content within your website. Every
                                                             website has specific unique metatags based on the
                                                             uniqueness of the website. No two metatags are the
                                                             same, just as no two websites are the same.

                                                             OK…But What Does This Mean To Me?

                                                             Suppose you own an online shoe store. A potential
                                                             customer is looking for the same brand of shoes
                                                             that you happen to sell at your store. The customer
                                                             types “Nike Air” into Google’s search engine. If your
                                                             website has the proper metatags, you could come
                                                             up as #1 in the Google search engine when your
                                                             customer types in “Nike Air”.

      If you don’t have proper metatags and are not utilizing other SEO techniques, then your website could
      rank as #22,867 in google under the name “Nike Air”. What is the likelihood that your customer will find you
      if you are ranked #22,867 under the category “Nike Air”? Even though you sell the same shoes that the
      customer is searching for, the search engine has the power to decide what order you will be placed in its

           Good Meta Tags Can Set You Apart from The Competition

      ABC Design Studio uses sophisticated software to analyze your website and tap into what keywords are
      most effective in your industry and what keywords are not.
      From there, we also study what your competition is doing
      right now! Then we can generate the perfect metatags to
      place on all your webpages. Please check out Step 1 on our
      website to learn more about how metatag placement with
      the combined Search Engine Submission blast may be right
      for you!

      Will I Be Able to See What My Customized
      Meta Tags Look Like?

      Absolutely! After you purchase an SEO-ready turnkey
      website and sign up for our $59.95 Metatag and SEO Blast
      from us, you will receive this service from us within 2-3
      business days after your payment is received and we will
      email the metatags to you as well so you will be able to see
      what they look like. Plus, we will to let you know when the
      work has been finished for your website.

copyright © 2010 ABC Design Studio. All rights reserved.
    Marketing Tip #3
    Increase Your Popularity
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                   Automated Turnkey Websites!
      Once your metatags are in place, then it is time to submit your website to the search engines. ABC Design
      Studio uses specialized software and can submit your website to over 200,000 search engines and website
      directories! This service is provided to you when you
      purchase any one of our Marketing Packages.

      It’s just like in high school ~ It’s still all
      about popularity

      If you do not want to purchase either the Basic SEO
      package or the Advanced SEO package from us,
      then we recommend that you submit your website to
      the major search engines manually.

      Below are the 11 most widely used search engines
      and directories that you should manually submit your
      website to:

                                     Search Service           Type of Service
                                            AltaVista            search engine
                                          AOL Search                directory
                                              Excite             search engine
                                             HotBot              search engine
                                                 search engine
                                             Google              search engine

                                              Lycos                 directory
                                         Web Crawler             search engine
                                             Yahoo!                 directory


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     Marketing Tip #4
     Increase Your Popularity
   Note: If you have ordered the SEO blast from us for $59.95 or the SEO Advanced marketing package,
   then this marketing step is not necessary for you to do.

   Another important feature you need that will get you ranked high in the search engines is something known as
   “Link Popularity.” Search engines will place more value on your website when other websites are linking to yours.
   Having a large number of other websites who link to your website determines your placement in the search

        Local Directory Websites

   Submit your site to local website directories that allow customer reviews. Customer testimonies can bring you in
   tons of traffic and listing is all FREE:                                    

        Social Networking Directories To Use for FREE Backlinks

   You can join forums and Yahoo Groups and put a link in your email signature that points people to your website.
   You will see people gravitate to you if you join forums like Yahoo Groups! that are related to your niche where
   you are able to post helpful tips regularly. Many times you will see loyal followers refer their friends, family, and
   other businesses to buy from you. We recommend working on social networking at least two or three times a
   week. After about two months, you can start posting your website links about once a week.

   Yahoo! Groups
   Find groups within your industry that you can post links on. Or you can start new groups to post links on.

   Google Groups
   From within a group, you can reply to a message that someone else posted, or post a message or question of
   your own, posting links back to your website every time you post something.

   Open up a free Twitter account and post interesting links (related to your website’s industry). Once you get many
   Twitter followers who respond well to your links, you can begin marketing your website to your group of followers.

   For best results, you should be working on creating backlinks to increase your website’s popularity by
   following Marketing Method #3 as closely as you can. Stick to a schedule that you can maintain with good
   follow through, and then you will start receiving targeted visitors to your website.

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      Get Started Today!
      Affordable Pro-Marketing Help
      The BEST part about using effective Search Engine Optimization
            is that YOU CAN compete with the big businesses.
    Search engines do NOT discriminate against the LITTLE GUY. Your chances of ranking #1 in the search
    engines are just as good if you are a multi-million dollar company or a small one-man operation. Search engines
    are looking for things like whether or not the content in your website matches your keywords, what your link
    popularity is ranking at, and what is in your metatags.

    You can get an SEO jumpstart on your website when you order
    marketing services from ABC Design Studio.

                                                                   Professional Keyword Analysis

                                                                   Customized meta tags inserted into ALL your
                                                                   web pages & submission to meta tag search
                                                                   engines. The meta tags will be emailed to you
                                                                   after insertion!

                                                                   Increase Your Popularity - Meta engine &
                                                                   Link Directory submission

                                                                   Submission of your website to over 200,000
                                                                   search engines and popular link directories

                                                                   A personalized Marketing Guide with
                                                                   today’s HOTTEST web marketing tips

                                                                   Social networking tips customized to your
                                                                   website and its unique marketing needs

       Professional Keyword Analysis
                                                                   Professional Keyword Analysis
       Customized meta tags inserted into ALL your web pages.
       Meta tags will be emailed to you after insertion!           Customized meta tags inserted into ALL your web pages
       Meta engine & link directory submission to increase your    Submission of your website to over 200,000 search engines
       Link Popularity                                             and popular link directories
       Submission of your website to over 200,000 search engines
       and popular link directories

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   Professional Marketing...
   Easier Than You Think
   Whether you simply want to gain search engine popularity or you would like more help marketing your website
   business, We Can Help!

   Our marketing packages are specifically designed to bring you the most bang for your buck! First, start by
   purchasing a turnkey website business (click here for turnkey website sales). Then compare our marketing
   packages and tell us what is the best fit for you.

   You will definitely NEED to begin with a basic marketing campaign – Search Engine Exposure and Meta Tag
   Analysis (Basic SEO Marketing).

   You can also push your marketing efforts a step further by taking advantage of our SEO Advanced and SEO
   Advanced PLUS Marketing Packages.


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