Punctuation - Quotation Marks by mercurialmusic


									By Peggy Britt

Quotation marks are used to show someone’s exact words.

The children said excitedly, “Let’s ride on the Jungle Cruise!”

1) Place a comma after the word that lets you know the person is saying something.

Mickey said happily, “Come visit Disney World!”

Rule 2) Insert quotation marks before the first word of the person’s exact words and after the punctuation mark at the end of the person’s last word.

The crowd exclaimed, “What a wonderful parade!”

Rule 3) Capitalize the first word of the person’s exact words.

Caitlyn screamed, “Goofy, this is a blast!”

Can you find the mistakes in Mickey’s quotation?
Mickey said, Come see me at Disney World!”

Mickey said, “Come see me at Disney World.”
Yeah, great job, you did it!

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