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INSIDE THIS GUIDE                      About this Guide
 About this Guide                     Welcome to the world of blogging!! Let me assure you that
 Why should you blog                  it is really great that you have discovered blogging and want
 How to select a topic to blog        to know more about it. In the pages that follow, I shall tell
  about                                you how blogging has been an exceptionally exciting and
 What will the blog cost              profitable journey for me.
 How to create a Blog
 How to get viewers to your           This guide will help you find answers to these questions:
  blog                                    1. Why should I blog? (Hint: It is a lot more than money)
 How to earn from your blog              2. What should I blog about?
 How we can help you                     3. How to create a blog?
 Contact Us
                                          4. How to migrate my free blog to my own blog?
                                          5. What will my own blog cost to me?
                                          6. How to get earnings from my blog?
                                          7. How to attract viewers to my blog?
                                          8. I do not like the technical details. Can you help me
                                             with the setting up the blog?

                                       How we can help you
                                          1.   Deciding domain names (Free)
                                          2.   Choosing relevant hosting plans and providers (Free)
                                          3.   Setting up your blog (Free)
“The only way to do it is to do it.”
                                          4.   Suggesting themes and Plugins (Free)
                                          5.   Search Engine Optimization (Chargeable)
                                          6.   Realizing earning potential of your blog (Chargeable)

                                       Contact us:

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Why should you blog?                                         WHY SHOULD I BLOG
                                                              Becoming filthy rich
Different people get interested in blogging because of        Generating a side income
different reasons. The most popular reasons for blogging      Express views
includes                                                      Spread awareness about a
  1. Becoming filthy rich (Earning more than 1,00,000          cause
     USD every year).                                         Showcase professional
  2. Generating a side income (Earn anything between           knowledge
     500 USD and 2,000 USD every month).
  3. Simply express your views (about movies, food,
     politics, technology and pretty much everything else    HOW MUCH CAN I EARN
     under the earth).                                        Easily earn anything between
  4. Spread awareness about a cause close to your heart.       USD 100 to USD 1000 from
  5. Showcase your knowledge or expertise on a subject         advertisements
     which can in turn help you grow professionally and       The higher your go the
     connect to more people in your profession.                tougher it gets

Becoming filthy rich:
There are at least two bloggers in India who are earning
more than 1,00,000 USD or Rs. 50.0 lakhs every year
from blogging alone. That income is more than what
even average IIT or IIM students earn!! Before you get
wide eyed, let me warn you that I am talking about this
only to highlight the potential of blogging. That is not a
goal with which you should get into blogging though.

Generating a handsome side income:
How does an income of 20,000 Rs. to 1,00,000 Rs. per
month on top of your salary sound to you? This is a goal
that has been achieved by a large number of people in
India and it should not be any different for you. Do not
want to take my word for it?

People like us are making money online, every month,
without leaving their job

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                                                                             Page 3Page 3

 Madhur is a 23 year old computer engineer from               EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS ON
  Lucknow (see his about me page) and he was making
                                                                Movies
  more than 600$ a month in February 2009 itself. I am
                                                                Cricket
  confident that he will be making more than that by
  now. Madhur blogs about technology.                           Sports
 Nihar is another IT professional who had been making          Politics
  more than 600$ in June 2009. The important thing to           Travel
  observe is that he writes about all most everything           Pets
  under the sun including cricket and bollywood.                Lifestyle
 MyTechquest is a blog which was started as a personal         Healthy life
  blog by a student bored with the semester studies and
                                                                Food
  it has earned 400 USD in January 2010 already.
                                                                Automobiles
Why I am not giving proof of my own income                      Technology
Because enough people have given proof of their own             Workplace
income and most of the time it tends to be photoshoped          Pretty much anything you like
image of their actual earning. I did not want to create
that sort of a discussion here and that is why I have
collected some of earnings proof that were already
published way before I even thought about the idea of
this blog.

Express your views:
Blogging is one of the most powerful medium to express
your views about anything you like or are passionate
about. It allows you to reach the whole world without
any geographical restrictions. It also allows you to get the
feedback from people by the way of comments.
It helps you connect with people who share your view. I
am sure, once you start blogging about something you
are passionate about, you will be hooked.

Spread awareness about a cause close to your heart:
Blogging is an excellent medium to spread awareness
about a cause close to your heart. For example, you can
use blogging to spread awareness about:
   - Benefits of yoga for weight loss
   - Healthy lifestyle

No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                       ©
                                                                        Page 4Page 4

   - Repair of neighborhood school for under privileged      SPREAD AWARENESS
       children                                              ABOUT
   - How to recover from a specific disease of illness        Social causes
   - Environmental initiatives
                                                              Helping others
   - Pretty much anything you want.
                                                              Good health
You can pick up any cause that is close to you heart and
start writing about it to educate people and spread           Helping poor children
awareness. You will definitely find people pursuing           Fight a disease
similar causes. This will help you to collaborate and         Global Warming
spread awareness in a more effective way.                     Right to Information
I am sure, you will be amazed by the number of people         Improving quality of life for
offering help and joining your cause.                          others
                                                              Human Rights
Showcase you professional knowledge:
Showcasing your professional knowledge by blogging
about it will help you succeed in your profession. It can
help you achieve new heights in your profession.
                                                             SHOWCASE PROFESSIONAL
Suppose you are in advertizing industry and you blog         KNOWLEDGE
regularly about advertizing, express your views on
                                                              Showcase knowledge in your
various ads and share creating ideas in your blog, it will     domain or professions
help you get noticed in your workplace, by your bosses
                                                              Express your yours on news in
and also by other people in your industry.                     your domain
I am sure that next time you float your resume with           Highlight developments and
details and link your blog, you will stand out from the        research in your industry or
crowd.                                                         profession
Your personal blog showcasing your professional               Answer queries by people
knowledge and thoughts will put you far ahead of your         Collaborate with others in
peers.                                                         your profession
Here are some examples about what people blog about
   - Industry or domain knowledge
   - News advancements in your domain
   - New research in your domain
   - Your viewpoints about different industries in your
   - Your viewpoints about leaders in your industry
   - Answers to queries people may have related to
       your domain

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                                                                          Page 5Page 5

How to select a topic to blog about                             HOW TO SELECT A TOPIC
                                                                 What is your interest area
Selecting the topic for your blog is the first step in your      Are there enough people
blogging journey and many people fail in the first step           interested in your interest
itself. Selecting a wrong topic will result in any of the
following three scenarios                                        You motivation to write
  1. You will not be able to continue writing beyond a
     couple of months (lack of passion)                          Are you writing for money,
                                                                  cause or knowledge
  2. Or you will not be able to make any money (no
     monetary potential)

That is why it is advisable to ask the following two
questions for any niche that you are considering
 1. Are you interested in the topic
 2. Are there enough people who are interested in the
    topic and who are ready to pay for some product/
    service related to the topic

If the answer to any of the two questions is no, then
reject the topic and move on to the next one.

Your interest in the topic:
The initial few months of blogging tends to be quite
lonely and boring. You have to put in a lot of effort to
write each post, especially as you are new to. To make
matters worse, you will find that hardly anyone is visiting
your blog. Only your interest for the blog topic will keep
you going during this frustrating period. So always,
choose a topic that excites you.

Users’ interest in the topic of your choice and their
willingness to pay:
You may be interested in the probability of tigers in
Moon and you may be able to write 100 awesome
articles on the topic. But how will help you if no one else
is interested in that topic. So go through the list of topics
that you are passionate about and then reject the ones
that do not have enough people interested in them.
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                                                                       Page 6Page 6

Most people read the above two points and immediately         BLOGGING SWEET SPOT
think of topics with mass audience like celebrity gossip or
                                                               Topics of your choice
sports news etc. I am assuming that you are starting the
                                                               Topics with large number of
blog to make money. For you to make money, your                 interested people
readers need to be willing to pay for some service or
                                                               Topics where people are
goods related to your blog. The problem with selecting a        ready to pay
topic like gossip or news is that, the users are mostly
trying to pass time and do not intend to buy anything.
That is why most of these sites make minimal amount
per user.
To find out if a topic has money making potential or not,
simply do a Google search on 2-3 popular keywords and
see how many advertisements are there in Google. If
there are more than 5-6 advertisements then the niche
will pay decently well.

                      Topics of your

        Topics with        Spot          Topics
           large                         where
        number of                      people are
        interested                      ready to
          people                          pay

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                                                                            Page 7Page 7

What will the blog cost                                        DISADVANTAGES               OF A
                                                               FREE BLOG
I am sure you have already heard of platforms like              Free blogs are hosted on
Blogspot and Wordpress that allow you to set up a blog  etc
for free. If you are thinking of starting a free blog then
                                                                No individual domain or
you are being STUPID. Yes that is right. Starting a free         identity
blog is stupid with all capital letters. Before you start
                                                                Difficult to make money from
abusing me, let me tell you why I think so.                      free blogs
                                                                No customization
If you go for a free hosting
1. There is a good chance you will never see any payout         Tied by the rules
   from your blog. Wordpress does not allow you to post         No ownership of content
   advertisements. Blogspot allows you to put                   Difficult to market
   advertisements but then I doubt many advertising             Difficult to optimize for Search
   networks will be too keen to accept                           Engines                                       No personalized emails
2. You are bound by the stupid rules of the blogging
   platform. They may change the rule any day they want
   and you will lose a blog that you developed over years
   of hard work. The number of people that have lost
   perfectly genuine blog because the stupid software
   thought they were spamming has never failed to
   astonish me.
3. You cannot extend your blog to anything additional. If
   I want, I can add a forum, a private members only area
   or anything else to this website. Can you do that on
4. Free Hosted Blog can die at any time: Know someone
   who had been running a blog on geocities for number
   of years? Ask them how it feels to lose all that years of
   effort at one go. If you still want to go for a free host
   then no one can help you. I have tried at least.

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                                                                       Page 8Page 8

The cost of having your own blog                            COST OF HAVING            YOUR
To have your own blog, you shall need a domain name +       OWN BLOG
1 year of hosting (payable monthly or annually as per        Approximately USD 10 per
hosting plans) + Blogging software + theme. The domain        year for domain
name costs approximately 10.0$ per year and the hosting      Approximately USD 7 to USD
will come for less than 90$ per year. The theme and           10 per month for hosting
Wordpress software comes for free. So it is possible to       depending on the plan
own your blog for less than 100$ a year or less than 8.5$    Approximately USD 100 per
a month. To put that into perspective, you probably           year
spend more than that on a single movie outing.               On a average USD 10 per
How to create your own blog                                  Less than the cost of a movie
STEP 1: Select you own domain name                            outing
STEP 2: Check if the domain name is available
STEP 3: Register your domain name
STEP 4: Buy a hosting plan
STEP 5: Link your domain name to your host                  STEPS TO CREATE           YOUR
STEP 6: Install a blogging platform                         OWN BLOG
STEP 7: Install a theme for your blog                        Select your domain name
STEP 8: Configure you blog and start blogging 
                                                             Register your domain name
STEP 9: Migrate from your free blog (if required)
                                                             Buy a suitable hosting plan

STEP 1: Select your own domain name                          Link you domain name to
                                                              your host’s sever
Choosing a domain name is the first step to setup your
blog. Which domain name to choose depends on you             Install a blogging platform
and the availability of the domain. Some popular
                                                             Install themes, plugins and
methods people apply to choose domains are:
   1. Choose a domain which describes your blog
                                                             Configure your blog
   2. Choose a domain name which describes your blog         Migrate from your free blog, if
      in some different language ( or for a travel blog)
   3. Choose a domain name with your name or
      nickname in it (example:
   4. Choose a domain name which sound phonetically
      similar to the main idea of your blog (example: for a travel blog)
   5. Choose any domain name you like. Any imaginary
      word will do.
No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                          ©
                                                                          Page 9Page 9

STEP 2: Check if the domain name is available                   DOMAIN AVAILABILITY
Now this is the toughest part, not because it is difficult to
                                                                 Check for you desired
check domain availability but because there is a very high        domain availability with
probability that the domain you would have thought will           different extensions
not be available. You can check for availability of domain        (.com/.net/.org/.in etc) in
                                                                  ‘whois’ sites and domain
names on ‘WHOIS’ sites, for example:
   -                                             
   -                                   
All sites offering domain registrations will be able to
search for the availability of the domain requested.
Another point you need to keep in mind is the domain
extension you are looking for. You need to check the
availability across .com, .org, .net, .in, .info, .name etc.
Many times a .com for the requested domain name
might not be available but .org or .net for it might be
available. You need to make a decision if anything other        REGISTER DOMAINS
than .com will work for you.                                     (for India specific
Note: Choose a country specific domain extension like .in         domains)
or .us only if you site is specific/targeted to a particular    
country.                                                        
STEP 3: Register your domain name.
There are many domain registrars available. You can
search for them in Google. Following are some of the
suggested ones.
   - (specifically if you are choosing an India
                                                                 Keep you domain registrar
      specific or .in domain)                                     and host separate
                                                                 Register your domain with
   -                                         multiple extensions, if
Some points to note:                                              required
   1. Always keep you domain registrar and host                  Google gives more
      separate.                                                   weightage to domains
   2. You might want to protect your brand by booking             registered for longer
      your domain for multiple extensions.
   3. Book for multiple years if you plan to stay in
      business for long. Google values domains booked
      for longer durations.
No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                       ©
                                                                       Page 10Page 10

You can do the payment via credit card or via PayPal.       GOOD HOSTING
Some others might also accept cheque.                       PROVIDERS
                                                             Hostgator
STEP 4: Choose and Buy your hosting plan.
                                                             Bluehost
This is the most important step in hosting you website or
                                                             Dreamhost
blog. A hosting plan can make or break you website, so
choose this carefully. If you search on Google you will      Rackspacecloud
find many hosting companies. You will find so much of        Linode
information and sites promoting each of these hosting
companies, that you will be really confused. Every
hosting companies claim to be the best, but it’s not so.    HOSTING PLANS
I have personally used many on these hosting providers       Monthly
over last years for many of my sites. So I believe that I    Quarterly
can suggest you some good ones. We currently have
                                                             Half yearly
many sites running on each of these hosting companies.
                                                             Annual
    -                                           Setup fees with monthly plans
    -                                          Preferably go with half yearly
                                                              or annual plans to avoid
    - (Linux cloud servers)
                                                              unnecessary setup fees.
    - (Linux cloud servers)
                                                             Plans range from $7 to $10
Although Linux based cloud servers offer many                 per month
advantages, I would suggest do not go for them if you are
                                                             Approximate annual plans
a new user or do not have DBA/system administrator            cost $90 to $100.
experience. Stick to the top 3 suggested above. They will
suit requirements of 99% of all users.
Any decent plan will cost you anything between USD 7 to
USD 10 per month. Some hosting providers have option        NOTE:
for monthly payments as well (but with a onetime setup       You can host multiple sites,
fee). If you pay for 6 months or above, setup fee is          blogs, and domains on one
                                                              hosting plan
usually waived off.
                                                             Need not but new hosting
                                                              plan for a new blog

STEP 5: Link you domain name to you host
Once you book you domain and buy your hosting plan,
you will have to point you domain name to your host.
This is done by setting the nameserver values for your
domain name.

No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                              ©
                                                                               Page 11Page 11

You will get your nameserver information for your host in         WHY    USE    WORDPRESS       AS
the mail sent by your hosting provider after your have            YOUR BLOGGING
bought the hosting plan.                                          PLATFORM
To change the nameserver information, you will have to             Most widely used blogging
login in your domain registrar site. There will be option           platform and CMS (content
to define the Primary and Secondary Nameserver for                  management system) in the
your domain name.
                                                                   Easy to install, setup and use
Important Note:                                                    Tonnes of free themes
                                                                    available for look and feel of
We suggest to keep your domain name registrar and
                                                                    your choice
hosting provider separate. Most of the hosting providers
                                                                   Many premium themes for
offer you free domain name if you buy their hosting plan.           that professional look and
Do not go for this free domain name. This way your                  feel
domain will be tied up with the hosting provider, which            Huge repository of plugins to
might be an issue in case your want to change your                  extend the functionality of
hosting provider in future.                                         the platform
                                                                   Easy to understand and
STEP 6: Install a blogging platform                                 customize
Once your nameserver change is done and you domain                 Stable and Fast
name points to you host, next step is to install the               Easy Migration from free
blogging platform or software. There are many blogging              blogging platforms
software available and most of them are open source
Our advice is to stick with Wordpress only. Wordpress is
the best, most configurable, easy to use and
customizable blogging software. There are thousands of
free themes and plugins available for Wordpress which
you can use to customize the look and feel of your blog
and extend its functionality.
Installing Wordpress is easy. Please refer
for installation steps. In case you feel it’s too technical for
you, we offer a personalized service for it (explained

No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                      ©
                                                                       Page 12Page 12

STEP 7: Install a theme for your blog                       WORDPRESS THEMES
Once your blog is installed and running, you can
                                                             Huge number of free themes
customize the look and feel your blog.                        targeted to different blog
Wordpress has many free and premium themes available          requirements
which you can choose.                                        Premium themes for that
For themes please check:                                      professional look and feel
    -                    Configurable page layouts
    -         Choice of 1 column, 2
Installing themes is easy. Now Wordpress supports easy        columns and 3 column
one click install for themes. No technical knowledge is       themes
required for it.                                             Choice of magazine styled
In case you need to customize the blog for some specific      themes
requirement you need to change the code accordingly. It      Easily customizable
requires technical knowledge of Wordpress platform.          Easy one click installation
You can seek technical help for it.

STEP 8: Configure your blog and start blogging
So now you have a blog of your own and a theme of your      WORDPRESS PLUGINS
choice. What are your waiting for; configure your blog by    Huge number of Wordpress
defining categories, tags, pages, links, menu options and     plugins available
other information.                                           Extend default Wordpress
Once done start blogging and let the world know about         functionality
your new blog.                                               Plugins to help you optimize
                                                              your blog for search engines
STEP 9: Migrate from your free blog                          Plugins to make your blog
Once you have setup you blog, you can migrate from            fast
your existing free blog on Blogspot or        Plugins to integrate
Both of these free platforms allow you to export you blog     Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and
                                                              other social networking sites
in the form of xml files or in other formats.                 in your blog
These files can then be imported into your new blog.
                                                             Plugins to manage RSS, email
Though this export and import is fairly straight forward,     subscription, contact forms
you might need some technical help in case of some            etc
complex issues.

No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                            ©
                                                                           Page 13Page 13

How to get viewers to your blog                                  MARKET YOUR        BLOG
                                                                  Quality content is the key
We assume that you have your own blog now and that
                                                                  Post regularly
you have made few posts. But you are unable to get
                                                                  SEO (Search Engine
viewers for your blog. Getting viewers to your blog is the
trickiest part and requires lot of knowledge and patience.
                                                                  Let your friends know about
Following are some guidelines which will help your get             your blog
more viewers for your blog.
                                                                  Use Facebook, Orkut, Twitter
    - Always write quality content.                                to publicize your blog
    - Optimize your blog for search engines like Google
                                                                  Use social bookmarking like
       and Bing so that it appears in search more often            Stumpleupon and DIgg
       and higher up in first few pages.                          Create links for your blogs
    - Use Facebook, Orkut to let your friends know
                                                                  Ask your friends to link to your
       about your blog and your recent posts                       blog from their blogs
    - Use Feedburner. Have a subscribers list for your
                                                                  Use paid advertisements if
       RSS                                                         required
    - Leverage Twitter. Tweet about your posts
    - Use social bookmarking like Stumbleupon and
    - Ask your friends to link to you posts/blog from
       their blogs
    - Create links for your blog
    - Have your blog link in your email signatures.
    - Write articles in free article directories, with link to
       your blog
    - Have your blog link in your chat (gtalk/yahoo)
    - Use alternate means of advertisements
    - Use paid advertisement programs like Google
       Adword, etc

These are just the few and good to start with
instructions. There are many more things you can do to
market your blog.

No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                        ©
                                                                        Page 14Page 14

How to earn from your blog                                    EARN   FROM YOUR           BLOG
                                                               Advertisements platforms like
If you intend to have some form of earnings from your           Google Adsense, Infolinks etc
blog, this section is for you.                                 Use Affiliates
There are many ways by which you can realize the               Direct Advertisements
monetary potential of your blog. I am discussing a few
                                                               Freelancing Work
                                                               Consulting

This is the most common and the easiest way to earn
from your blog. You can subscribe to advertizing
programs like Google Adsense and place ads via Adsense
on your blog. Google Adsense shows relevant ads related
to the content of you blog. If your content is good and
you can attract a good number of viewers, Adsense will
help you earn well.
Some other advertisement programs are:
    - Infolinks
    - Chitika
    - Adbrite
    - Admagnet
    - Etc
Another way to earn is from Direct Advertisements. You
can display ads directly from other people / sites, if they
are interested to place their ads on your blog, and charge
them for it.

You can become affiliate for sites like Amazon and other
ecommerce sites. You can promote the products they sell
and deliver customers to them.

Freelancing and Consulting:
If you blog professionally, you can offer to do some
freelancing or consulting assignments in your area of

 No blogging to Know blogging Guide                                       ©
                                                                         Page 15Page 15

How can we help you?                                         WE CAN HELP YOU IN
So now the big question. How can we help you?                 Deciding domain names
                                                              Choosing relevant hosting
Why you should take help from us? Who are we?                  plans and providers
We have been in this field since last 7 years. We run         Setting up your blog
many successful blogs and sites and earn a good amount        Suggesting themes and
of money from all our blogs and websites. We have              Plugins
experience in buying domains, hosting websites and            Search Engine Optimization
blogs, customizing Wordpress and themes, doing SEO            Realizing earning potential of
(search engine optimizations) and consulting                   your blog
companies/individuals in this field.

How we can help you?                                         WHAT DO WE CHARGE
  - Deciding relevant domain names/branding                   We charge nothing for basic
  - Choosing right hosting providers and plans                 advise
  - Setting up blogs                                          Help you via personalized
  - Helping you decide on how to write effective posts         emails
  - Help you market your blogs better                         You can email us your
  - Help you to get your blogs, Search engine                  questions
     optimized                                                Advanced services like SEO
  - Help you earn from your blog, better.                      and marketing, earnings from
                                                               blogs are chargeable from
                                                               case to case basis
What do we charge?
Most of the basic stuff mentioned below is free (yeah it’s
really free!)
   - decide relevant domain names                            WHAT DO WE EXPECT
   - suggest relevant hosting plans                           Buying a hosting plan through
   - helping you setup your blog                               our referral

   - migrating from your free blog                            A link from your blog
This help is totally free for you. But in favor we expect
few things:
   - Buying a hosting plan through our referral (This
       helps us earn a small referral bonus)
   - A link from your blog in future
Other services which require deep knowledge, like SEO,
marketing, earnings from blog etc are chargeable on case
to case basis, depending on the effort required.

No blogging to Know blogging Guide                           ©
                                                            Page 16Page 16

Contact us:
Please contact us at following email address:

We offer personalized advice and support over email.
On case per case basis, after initial email discussion we
can communicate via IM or Voice.