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									    Soft Condensed Matter: Paradigm of non-equilibrium Physics
                                          A.K. Sood
                                    Department of Physics,
                                  Indian Institute of Science
                                       Bangalore, India

Soft Matter systems like colloidal suspensions, surfactant and lipid based gels, emulsions, paints,
cosmetics, mayonnaise etc are ubiquitous in nature and have come to be recognized as paradigm
of beautiful physics – both in equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions. All these systems
show unusual response to modest perturbations like shear, electric and magnetic fields. My talk
will try to capture the fascinations these systems hold for physicists in recent years. I will take
examples from my laboratory related to flow behavior of gels showing order and chaos [1], shear
thickening and jamming [2]. I will show how basic physics of colloids under electric field has
led to an application in ultra sensitive immunoassay [3].

[1]. Rajesh Ganapathy, Sayantan Majumdar and A.K. Sood; Spatio-temporal Nemato-dynamics in
    wormlike micelles En route to Rheochaos, Phys. Rev. E 78, 21504 (2008).

[2]. S. Majumdar and A.K. Sood; Nonequilibrium fluctuation relation for sheared micellar gels in a
    jammed state, Phys.Rev. Lett. 101, 078301(2008).

[3]. Ajay Singh Negi and A.K.Sood; Electric Field Enhanced Recognition Sensitivity between Grafted
     Ligands and Receptors, Clinical Chemistry 54, 366-370 (2008).


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