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					Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley was a very famous Rock and Roll player. He was so good that he got the title „King of Rock and Roll.‟ He was born in 1935 and died in 1977 when he was 42.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on Jan. 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. His family was very poor. They lived in a 2 room shack. But Elvis was very healthy and grew up in a strictly religious environment. His other twin brother was stillborn. When he was 8, his teacher thought he was so good singing when she heard him that he got entered in the Mississippi-Alabama Agricultural Fair, winning 2nd prize. After a while his family had to live in a relative‟s house, not capable of paying to keep their own.

Childhood 2
• On his 11th birthday, Elvis asked for a bicycle. But his family was too poor. Instead, they got Elvis a guitar. Elvis taught himself to play it by listening to records and the radio. After living with his relatives, his family moved to Memphis, Mississippi. In high school there he had no friends. On a school talent show, Elvis played on his guitar and sang. Lots of kids liked his singing and wanted him to sing some more.

Childhood 3
• When he was 18 he got the job of a truck driver, like his dad. No one thought that he would do anything different. In 1953, Elvis made a record for his mother‟s birthday. The station that he made it at (Sun Records) liked his singing, and they hired Elvis and he made a record with other musicians for the first time.

Middle Years
Elvis was becoming famous in the south. He was now doing live performances in Texas, Louisiana, and of course, his home state of Mississippi. He also made 4 more records at Sun Records. Then Colonel Tom Parker took over as Elvis‟s manager. He moved Elvis to RCA Records, a much larger company. Elvis made a few records there before he went on TV. He was on the Ed Sullivan show. He sang some of his hits there.

Middle Years 2
• Elvis didn‟t have much privacy away from his fans. They followed him and grabbed at his clothing a lot. Older people didn‟t like Elvis‟s looks, saying that he was a bad person. So Elvis did a few comical acts so everyone would like him. Then he did his first movie, Love Me Tender. After that he bought his large mansion, Graceland. Soon Elvis was drafted into the army and got stationed in West Germany. Shortly afterwards his mother, Gladys, died.

Later Years
In Germany, Elvis met 14 year old Priscilla Beaulieu, the daughter of another soldier in Germany. She became Elvis‟s girlfriend. Elvis then left the army. After Elvis had left the army, he was addicted to drugs. When he arrived back in America, he looked different. He had lost his sideburns, and his hair was much shorter. Some fans started to dislike him. He tried to make a comeback on the Ed Sullivan show, but it didn‟t work. He wasn‟t doing many live performances, either.

Later Years 2
• A group of his friends, the “Memphis Mafia,” often “spoiled” Elvis. Elvis did everything that he wanted to do. He was so famous, that he had to sleep during the day to get away from his fans. He was awake during the night. He then married his girlfriend from Germany, Priscilla Beaulieu. They soon had a daughter named Lisa Marie. Priscilla didn‟t like the Memphis Mafia‟s constant presence, so she divorced Elvis.

Later Years 3
• Soon Elvis made a BIG comeback, and he was almost like the younger Elvis. But he started to forget the words to his songs, and people disliked him lots. On August 16, 1977, Elvis Aaron Presley died from a heart attack that was believed to have been caused by a drug overdose.

• Elvis did many great things in his life. He inspired many other musical groups like the Rolling Stones, he sang many songs, and he starred in many movies. But most importantly, he introduced white people to black people’s music.

• Graceland is Elvis‟s giant Memphis home. It is on the southern side of Memphis, near the Tennessee Mississippi border. On the gate there are many different kinds of musical notes. Inside are 23 rooms, including a large dining room, a large living room, his racquetball court, a annex, and outside is his meditation garden and his pink Cadillac.

• Elvis had a great life, and will always be remembered by America. He was one of the world‟s best singers, and thanks to him, we have rock‟n roll!

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