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									                             C H A P T E R -7


For better understanding and clear cut directions, various suggestions are
divided into seven sections, step by step:

i) One hour before starting from the house:

    Make a plan to reach the exam hall half an hour before the exam
     starts so that you can relax a little before the exam. Arrange
     everything as given in chapter -6 in CHECK LIST ‘Check and
     recheck it, preferably get it counter checked by any responsible family

    You must take breakfast or lunch depending upon the timings f exam.

    Dress comfortably so as not to get disturbed during exam time.

ii) From Residence to the Exam Hall:

    Be punctual to reach the exam hall.

    If it is a Board Exam or final exam of your school / college and you
     find that the bus is over-crowded, try to reach the exam hall by auto
     rickshaw, taxi or any other fast moving or comfortable vehicle.

    Don’t allow your mind to be over-crowded by negative pessimistic
     and tension packed thoughts which will push down your confidence.

    Always see the time so that you reach much in advance.

iii) Just before the exam:

              Sit quietly close your eyes and meditate. Count down from
               100 98 96 …. In your mind and cool down. Think about
                  God. If time permits, visualize that you are writing the
                  exam well.

               Finish your toilet before hand so that no time is wasted
                during the exam. Drink little water, if you feel thirsty. But
                do not drink too much water to avoid going to toilet again.

               Do not discuss irrelevant topics with your friends as irk
                may distract your mind.

               Do not panic by seeing others reading more.

               Never discuss anything with your friends about previous
                day’s exam. If your find out anything is wrong, it will
                surely affect your current performance. Discuss after all the
                exams ate over.

iv) After getting the answer and question paper:

           The answer sheet is given in advance. Fill up the necessary
            particulars according to instructions given. Write the roll
            number, paper subject and other details in the appropriate

           After receiving the question paper, check it and make sure you
            have got the correct question paper. Sometimes in the same
            hall different types of exams or different question paper ate
            distributed. There is a possibility that you may get the wrong
            question. There is a possibility that you may get the wrong
            question paper. Read the question paper thoroughly after you
            get the proper question paper.

See attentively the following:

         a)   How many questions are to be answered
         b)   marks allotted for each question
         c)   Any question that is to be answered compulsorily
         d)   Any part A ,Part B or sub-sections
        e) Out of general question (other than compulsory ),how many are
           to be answered
        f) How and where the tough work , if any , is to be done
        g) Whether any diagram map etc., has to be given Get to know al
           these information before hand as it prevents you from making
        Do not tear any sheet from your answer sheet.

v)    Quick plan for writing the answer and points to remember while

            Chalk out a plan how many questions you have to answer and
            the allotted time. Suppose six questions are to be answered in
            three hours .Allow yourself five minutes to read the question
            and ten minutes in the end to check the answers for any
            mistakes and add new points. It comes to around 27 minutes
            per question. In case of maths see that you have copied the
            sum correctly from the question paper.

            Now you select which question you will attempt first
            .Naturally the best prepare question is to be answered first, the
            remaining questions should follow accordingly.write down this
            order in the question paper and follow accordingly. Take care
            to give proper question numbers in the answer paper.

            Some students make the mistake of writing by following the
            order in the question paper. This is not always proper first
            impression is the best impression and it s difficult to change
            itWhenyou favourite question first, surely the examiner will be
            pleased with theanswerasyou have written with care.

            Don’t forget to answer the compulsory question. Even if your
            know little, try to answer it, the length of answer depending
            upon the marks.

            When you answer any question, put a tick mark othequestion
            paper so that you should nor be confused later on .Take care
            about small parts of the question.
The length of your answer should be related to the marks
allotted. You should understand the exact meaning of the
question. Sometimes the questions contain different parts
.Take care to answer all the parts.

If you are running out of time in the end ,atleast write the main
points and features but don’t leave the question un attempted

Special attention should be given to understand the question,
actually what is required. It is very easy to jump into an
incorrect meaning of a question in haste or excitement. Some
examiners are tricky to change a common question little care
of that.

To attract the attention of the examiner, underline the key
words s, data or important portions.

Leave some space after every answer, so that almost at the end
of the exam if you have some time, you can add some more

Don’t leave from the hall early. Utilize the full time, check
calculations formulae spellings errors .Remember that in this
way in each subject if you can increase tow / three marks, it
matters much in the total and aggregate.

Read carefully the specific terms used in a particular question.
Explanatory meanings of various technical terms used in the
question paper are given in a SCHEDULE at the end of the
book. Read them thoroughly a number of times.

Avoid friends who always tell about difficulty of exam, under
preparation and discourage you knowingly or unknowingly.

Focus on the exam confidently and set a frame of mind to fare
well in exam.
            Consider a little lapse of memory as perfectly normal, don’t be
            panicky. If it blocks, leave sufficient space, try another
            question and return to it later on.

            Don’t be disturbed about other students having submitted
            the paper .Try to and recheck till the maximum time allowed
            for it.

            Before you start writing any question, chalk out a brief logical
            outline of the answer to make it well organized and avoid
            careless omission of main points.

            Say to yourself STOP to avoid negative thoughts which
            disturbs your mind.

            Pray to GOD to help you to write the exam superbly.

vi)   Some good habits of successful students –

            Drawing margins.

            Judge the question correctly and answer it to the point
            avoiding unnecessary lengthy answers without missing out the
            salient points.

            They believe Qualitative answer is more acceptable to the
            examiner than a quantitative one.

            Showing mathematical calculations on separate sheets or
            within a column on the right hand side not on the main answer

            Spelling mistakes are rare.

            Underlining important point captions phrases and key words.

            A good concise answer written and presented in an organized
            manner result in more marks than an untidy answer paper.
Successful students use analogies examples and phrases as and
when required to substantiate their answers.

Using appropriate diagram which have great power to explain
and prove any point.

Trying to write grammatically correct English.

Overall look of the answer papers is neat and tidy.

       “The most effective way of learning a skill is
                   Practice! Practice! Practice!

         “Examiners do not want to know how
         much you know but how well you know
                    The subject”.

             “The seeds of great discovery are
        constantly floating around us but they only
        take root in minds well prepared to receive
                    them”-Joseph Henry

        ‘The thing always happens that you really
        believe in and the belief in a thing makes it

                                    Lloyd Wright.

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