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					                           C H A P T E R-6

                      THE EXAM

Make your relaxed nervous free confident and positive. Don‟t allow the
off repeated thought that tomorrow is my exam‟ to bow you down. It will
make you tense. Your strategy for this day should revolve around:

    Make a careful not of the date subject time venue (id other than
     you institution) and check it from one or two of your good friends
     to be doubly sure.

    Review the subject of exam, don‟t read fully. See the main point‟s
     formulae diagrams and underlined captions.

    Arrange carefully according to the “CHECK LIST” (given at the
     end of this chapter) so that you don‟t forget to take the necessary
     thongs for the exam specially the „admit card or hall ticker‟.

    Attempting a new portion may tempt you but resist the temptation
     to do so.

    Apply your self –control devices to help your to make your self
     free and relax.

    Arrange the dress which you are going to wear--one in which you
     are comfortable in and tight.

    There is no harm is you follow some superstition like lucky pen
     ,lucky shirt etc. It gives you mental support with harming you in
     any way

    If you don‟t get sound sleep, don‟t worry lying on the bed by
     closing your eyes is also an equally good rest.

    Take food properly, nutritious and light but in small quantity don‟t
     go into the exam hall in empty stomach, you will get acidity and
     experience some uncomfortable situation. During the exam time,
     your body should be perfectly fit to crack in the exam.
 Don‟t study till very late in the night or get up too early in the

                                  CHECK LIST
            Hall Ticket or Admit Card
            Pen Pencil Eraser Sharpener etc (in a box)
             Take 2 or 3 pens and pencils along with extra
             Refills which write smoothly.
            Geometry Box
            Clip Board
            Drinking water in a bottle
            Handkerchief or Napkin
            Proper address of examination hall (in case of board exam)
            Any other relevant necessities.

                                BELIVES Vs. DOUBT
                        Doubt can stop you in your tracks
                            It can drain away desire,
                          Believing, on the other hand,
                            Can set your world afire.

                          When you bold the opinion that
                         You can reach that special dream
                         You have the edge needed to make
                     Achieving much easier that it may seem.

                            Believing in your ability
                             Affects the way you act,
                        And produces an air of confidence
                     Which influences how other will react.

                         When you believe you can achieve
                        And believe it with all your soul,
                           You possess a powerful asset
                      You must likely will reach your goal.