CHAPTER 15 by pnrkumar




There is a common saying “All work (i.e. study) and no play
makes jack a dull boy indeed”. This is absolutely true. If a student
always studies other than school/ college timings also, sooner or
later he feels exhausted both physically and mentally. So to strike a
balance between study, exercise and relaxation a student should be
encouraged to play outdoor games which involve good physical
exercise and mental relaxation. It is much better than watching TV
for long hours or sitting and playing games on the computer or
unnecessary gossiping.

It is not necessary to go to the gym, you can do some free-hand
exercises, morning walk, jogging and in the evening after coming
back from school, play some outdoor games. But over body and
mind fresh and it.

You feel sleepy while studying. Few minutes of exercise everyday
even during the exam days also helps you to keep your body and
mind fresh and it.

A) Meditation:

Practice meditation early in the morning. First concentrate your
mind in one of the following methods:

  1.    Sit upright in a comfortable chair or assume a cross-legged
        posture on the floor, close your eyes and count down even
        numbers from 100 98 96…say upto 0 in your mind till you
        get sufficient concentration.
   2.    Fix your eyes at a prominent dot on the wall for sometime
         with blinking or
   3.    Close your eyes and imagine a very big circle, slowly go
         on reducing the size of the circle till it becomes a dot.

How to do meditation?
First inhale and exhale deeply several times to get the physical
relaxation. If you have a devotional temperament, imagine the
presence and blessings of your favourite God/ Goddess or your
Guruji, if any. While inhalation, mentally recite a chosen word or
mantra such as God Peace Joy or any other word pleasant to you.
When you exhale, feel happy and peaceful.

The quality of meditation and not the duration is what you are
interested in. first try out for 5 minutes. Initially you may not be
able to concentrate but don’t leave it. Go on trying for it then you
would eventually love to do it. Rest in a state of mental peace
ignoring the surroundings.

Human mind is full of thoughts random and never ceasing. It’s
impossible for an average person to stop these thoughts and the
only way to get some control over them is to adopt a steady
watching attitude by practicing meditation.


     It helps you to concentrate on your inner self which in its turn
helps you to      understand yourself better. The better you
understand yourself, the quicker you can relax.
     During meditation stage, energy flows smoothly and the
mind clams down.
     Decrease anxiety, higher level of relaxation and progress
towards realizing       yourself.
        “To dispel the
          darkness of
   desperation and usher
   in the glorious sunlight
       of successful and
        hopeful living”
   “Believe in luck and
“You keep up your spirit
      “Develop a
   work hard, the more
    you work hard, go
    never allow to the
  determinationit to
   more you have of it”.
  beyond your best”.

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