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					                   Blackline Masters
                   for Grade 1 Math
These blackline masters are examples of the math worksheets created by the
Mathville 1 Worksheet Generator which is included on the Mathville 1 program CD-
ROM. It is also available free at The worksheets are designed
to complement the activities in the Mathville 1 educational software program and
cover curriculum expectations often taught at the Grade 1 level.
Within Mathville 1, after completing an activity, students may print a worksheet like
the ones included in this document. Outside of the program, the Worksheet
Generator may be used to create different but equivalent worksheets, so that each
student can have his or her own individual worksheet or more than one worksheet,
and so that equivalent instruments are available for pre and post comparisons.
The 12 blackline masters that follow cover the math topics corresponding to Mathville
1’s 12 multi-level learning activities as listed below:


                        2. Numbers &
      1. Count                                  7. Identify         10. Pattern

     3. Estimate         4. Skip Count           8. Sort            11. Balance

 5. Add & Subtract          6. Time              9. Build            12. Graph

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