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									                        Barnegat Bay Environmental Grant Fund
                                    2007 - Application Cover Page
 How to Apply:                           Submission Deadline: March 9, 2007
 Submit 9 copies of the following:
 1 - A one to two-page description of the proposed project, including a brief background of the
 2 - Completed application (both sides);
 3 - A timeline for the project's completion;
 Submit one copy of the following even if this information has been provided in the past:
 4 - Proof of the organization's federal tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal
 Revenue Code;
 5 - A copy of the organization's Articles of Incorporation, Constitution or Bylaws.
Title of Proposal:

Project Summary/Objectives:

Dollar Amount Requested:

Name of 501(c)(3) Organization:                           Name of Partner Organization (if applicable):

Address:                                                  Address:

City:                      State:     Zip:                City:                            State:   Zip:

501(c)(3) Project Coordinator:                            Partner Org. Contact Person:

Phone:                     Fax:                           Phone:                           Fax:

Email:                                                    Email:

Print Name & Title of 501(c)(3) Organization Director:

Signature of 501(c)(3) Organization Director:                                      Date:

                                    You may request this Excel form via email at

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