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									                                                                 Small Business Contractors
              OO-ALC/SB (Small Business Office) is neither recommending these contractors nor making any assertion as to their abilities or capabilities.

                 Company Name                    Point of Contact        Telephone          Factors *                          Field of Expertise
                                                                                               SB       construction
A4 Construction Company, Inc.                   Shawn Anderson         801-983-5224           WOB
Abacus Logistics                                     Patrick           303-918-9787           HUB       soundmasking, turnstiles, access, barriers and barricades,
                                                    McAllister                                WOB       non-technical supplies
Ads On Things, LLC                               Melva Williams        888-893-7100           SDV       recognition, safety, educational, and award type products
Advanced Tooling Corporation                     Randy Taylor &        440-632-0572            SB       design and manufacture custom electroplating fixtures;
                                                 George Cushnie                                         special die and tool, die set, jig, and fixture manufacturing
Akima Tech-Link, LLC                              Steven Bower         505-294-4407          Tribal     provide research, engineering and technical support services
                                                                                             owned      to the aerospace industry
All-Tech Solutions, Inc. (ATSI)                   Patrick Grieco    801-399-1858 ext 209      HUB       systems engineering; system lifecycle management/ support;
                                                                                                        program management; ILS; sustaining engineering; DMSMS;
                                                                                                        CM; OSS&E; data management; IT; environmental
                                                                                                        management; TO development and digitization (SGML,
                                                                                                        IPDF); fabrication/prototypes and limited productions
                                                                                                        (personnel with in-depth ICBM, tactical shelters, radomes,
                                                                                                        towers, and space system experience)
Allied Specialty Precision, Inc.                Pam Rubenstein         574-255-4718           WOB       custom gears, custom assemblies, precision specialties
Almaden Marketing Group, Inc.                     Eric Olson &         970-221-5756            SB       advertising and marketing
                                                 Susan Peterson
American Shredding, Inc.                           Erik Brown          801-580-2205            SB       document destruction
American Traffic Service, LLC                    Sandra Keltner        435-619-2461            SB       TC devices and supervisors; environmental supervisors;
                                                                                                        siltfence; cable guardrail; environmental fence; barbed and
                                                                                                        chainlink fencing; permanent signs; highway, street, and
                                                                                                        bridge construction

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Anlab, Inc.                           Bobby           816-756-2214         SB     provide compliance determination, assessment of tank
                                    Henderson                                     leakage, tank removals, abandonment's in place, site
                                                                                  assessments for soil and groundwater, site remediation, and
                                                                                  obtaining regulatory case closure approvals; engineering
                                                                                  services for remediation of contaminated soil and
                                                                                  groundwater; remediation services for soil vapor extraction,
                                                                                  air sparging, bioremediation soil washing, advanced
                                                                                  oxidation, excavation, and disposal of hazardous materials,
                                                                                  on-site encapsulation, slurry walls, interceptor trenches, and
                                                                                  conventional ground water pump and treat systems

Anlance Protection, Ltd.           Barry Wilson       970-484-8095         VET    investigation services; security guards and patrol services;
                                                                           SB     armored car services
Applied Automation, Inc.          Karen Roberts       801-486-8791         SB     wholesaler of HVAC and industrial control systems
Ares Construction Co., LLC        Quinton Fears       816-303-4165        SDV     provide electrical, telecommunication installation, and general
                                                                          HUB     contracting services with total solution from initial planning
                                                                          SDB     and valued engineering to systems integration and installation

Arnold-Hanafin Corporation         Willie Arnold      561-982-9570        SDB     IT and engineering services
Avatar Solutions LLC               Sonita Almas       801-201-5095         SB     program and project management; custom computer
                                                                          WOB     programming services; consulting services
Aviation Resources, LLC           Larry Chandler      703-329-0377         SB     defense industry marketing, IT consulting
Badencorp                         Roger Mauzey        407-260-2777         SB     engineering services; drafting services; custom computer
                                                                                  programming services; scientific and technical consulting
Ballard Supply Corp.               Mike Ballard       801-972-2430         SB     fabricated structural metal manufacturing
Bar Code Equipment Service, LLC    Bobby Rose      904-249-3862 ext 30    SDV     RFID, software, repair and service, RF systems, sales and
BBH Consulting, LLC               Barbara Hansen      801-940-6090        8(a)    provide research, analysis, training/mentoring in both depot
                                                                          SDB     supply legacy, depot maintenance legacy, and Depot
                                                                          WOB     Maintenance Accounting and Production System Suite
                                                                                  (DMAPS) system processes; depot maintenance weapon
                                                                                  systems research and engineering services; IT services

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bd Systems, Inc.                    Terry Jenkins &      310-618-8798        WOB    systems engineering; sustainment engineering; integrated
                                     David Farber                            SDB    logistics support; parts obsolescence management;
                                                                                    configuration management; data management; Operational
                                                                                    Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness (OSS&E); technical
                                                                                    manual development; operations intelligence analysis; test
                                                                                    and evaluation planning and support; system safety
                                                                                    engineering; acquisition security; acquisition and program
                                                                                    management; technical and scientific studies and analysis;
                                                                                    requirements analysis; specialty engineering studies;
                                                                                    information technologies; Geographical Information Systems;
                                                                                    guidance, navigation and control; dynamics and structural
                                                                                    analyses (structural stress analyses, structural dynamics
                                                                                    analyses, structural thermal analyses, event simulation and
                                                                                    analyses); and payload development/integration, flight
                                                                                    software, and air traffic management systems

Bering Straits Native Corporation      Larence           907-334-8309         SB    engineering services; aerospace services; IT consulting;
                                    Runnalls & Rick      907-334-8307        8(a)   facilities O&M; armed and unarmed guard services
                                        Foster                               SDB
Best Foam Fabricators               Darence Smith     773-721-1006 ext 145   SDB    manufacturing
Black Diamond Group, Inc.              Neal Mix          970-490-1234        WOB    computer peripheral equipment; data processing, hosting,
                                                                              SB    and related services; computer related services
Black Rhino Tools & Equipment         Keith Brody       1-800-974-4669       SDB    manufacture abrasive products, hand and edge tools,
                                                                                    commercial and service industry machinery, air purification
                                                                                    equipment, air and gas compressors, welding and soldering
                                                                                    equipment, and general purpose machinery
Blackhawk Management Corporation      Sy Caudill         800-259-7637        WOB    quality assurance, engineering, logistics, information
                                                         281-286-5751        SDB    technology program management support

Cambric Corp.                       Ken Rasussen        1-800-817-6305       SB     international engineering design services; mechanical and
                                                                                    electrical systems reverse engineering; design change
                                                                                    management and documentation (parts and tooling);
                                                                                    manufacturing simulation
CassBeth, Inc.                       Walter Sobkiw       856-751-2353         SB    computer integrated systems design; management consulting
                                                                             WOB    services
Cavanagh Services Group, Inc.       Amanda Harding       801-532-2272        8(a)   packaging, transportation, and project support services

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CC Software, Inc.                   Allen Crookston      801-887-7998         SB      custom computer programming, computer system design,
                                                                                      prepackaged software, computer integrated systems design

Check 6 LLC                           Mike Dunn          801-856-0667          SB     computer programming, design, facilities management, and
                                                                              SDV     consulting services; construction
Cherokee Nation Industries             Marcus         918-696-3151 ext 257   Tribal   aircraft wire harness and cable assembly production; Mil-
                                      Hendricks                              owned    Spec. electrical/electronic parts distribution;
                                                                              HUB     telecommunications; personnel services (medical,
                                                                              8(a)    professional)
Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc.       Curtis           405-767-8920        Tribal   construction; manufacturing
                                      Thompson                               owned
Clear Conscience Compliance, Inc.    Bryan Maciel        970-443-3001        SDV      scientific and technical consulting services; professional and
                                                                              SB      management development training
Collins Consulting, Inc.             Joy Damron       606-437-2424 ext 316   SDB      computer hardware, software, and a wide variety of general
                                                                             SDV      IT equipment
Commerce Overseas Corporation         Tom Brizes         714-505-6410        WOB      manufacture wide range of aircraft spares; provide supply
                                                                                      chain management to end users; develop custom spare parts
                                                                                      support solutions; provide supplier managed inventories

Convergent Concrete Technologies      Shane Vest         801-375-2280         SB      chemical concrete sealer and hardening; maintain runways
CPI Aero                            Frank Funicelli   631-586-5200 ext 135    SB      aircraft manufacturing, parts, and equipment
Craig Technical Consulting, Inc.    Jennifer Lynch       747-641-4791        8(a)     real-time embedded avionics systems software development;
                                                                             HUB      full life-cycle avionics systems development; systems
                                                                             SDB      engineering, requirements analysis, software requirements
                                                                             WOB      specifications, software design, code, test, and integration;
                                                                             SDV      legacy data migration and data warehousing solutions

Gygi & Thompson Enterprises LLC       Fyan Gygi          801-519-6922         SB      packaging and shipping worldwide; single-source shipping
                                                                                      responsibility; custom wood and corrugated containers;
                                                                                      engineered and product-specific packing
Critical Engine and Z Aerospace     Scot Wesolaski       612-384-0028         VET     aircrew training and development; instructional design; leader
                                                                              SB      led instruction; military training
Crown Point Solutions                Michael Bren        970-221-0082         SB      internet strategy; web design; custom software development

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Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.     John Farina       727-497-1793        WOB     manufacturing and engineering services; software; high value
                                                                                   8(a)    engineering and manufacturing services
CymSTAR LLC                                  Beau Witt         972-459-4169        SDV     specializing in the development, modification, and support of
                                                                                           military simulation-based training systems
Dayton T. Brown, Inc.                      Harry Porthouse     631-244-6354         VET    technical manuals; training development; logistics
                                            Paul Bishop                                    management; vibration, shock, and environmental testing;
                                              Kenneth                                      engineering services; contract assembly; hydraulic and
                                              Trelewicz                                    pneumatic test stands and adapters; precision sheet metal
Dekker, Ltd                                 Phil Goodge        909-384-9000         SB     provide COTS Earned Value Management (EVM) software
                                                                                           systems; provide earned value management methodology
                                                                                           training and consulting
DavLear Systems, Inc.                       David Dixon        888-861-1219        8(a)    engineering; information technology; technical support
D-J Engineering, Inc.                       Robert Short       316-775-1212        SDB     aluminum extruded product manufacturing; aircraft parts and
                                                                                   VET     auxiliary equipment manufacturing; guided missile and space
                                                                                           vehicle parts and auxiliary equipment manufacturing

Dox Tek, Inc.                                                  801-356-2230         SB     Oracle consulting and education
Duotech Services, Inc.                      Dan Rogers         828-369-5411        WOB     electronic drives; power supply repair capabilities; circuit
                                                                                           boards; communications equipment; weapon systems tech
                                                                                           support; manufacturing; engineering services; information
                                                                                           technology; electronic and electromechanical repair; aircraft
                                                                                           avionics repair; aircraft generator, actuators, embedded
                                                                                           software engineering and reverse engineering, with or without
                                                                                           technical data provided
Dynetics, Inc.                              John Watson        256-713-5416         SB     weapon systems research and development; acquisition,
                                                                                           logistics, and system engineering; test, evaluation, and
                                                                                           experimentation; modeling and simulation; hardware and
                                                                                           software products; rapid prototyping and tooling; industrial
                                                                                           automation; IT
Eagle Aerospace Associates, Inc.             Steve Aylor       801-593-2230         SB     administrative and general management consulting services;
                                                                                           professional, scientific, and technical services

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EM-Assist, Inc.                       Craig Blackhurst      801-514-3086        8(a)   environmental management, hazardous material
                                                                                SDB    management, hazardous waste handling and control, data
                                                                                WOB    management, stewardship and reporting, e-Learning, content
                                                                                       and media development, courseware development and
                                                                                       customization, learning management system, Logistics and
                                                                                       supply chain management, logistics support, systems and
                                                                                       software engineering, program development and
                                                                                       maintenance support, inventory planning/management,
                                                                                       strategic sourcing, supplier management, business process
                                                                                       management, supply chain best practice implementation,
                                                                                       information technology, web application development,
                                                                                       database development and management, application
                                                                                       engineering, program management, and business process
EMI Services                           Norman Ricks         208-522-1117        SB     base operating services, facilities operations and
                                                                                       maintenance, civil engineering, environmental engineering,
                                                                                       quantitative risk assessment, logistics, business management
                                                                                       services, environmental compliance and remediation

EmINENT Microsystems                    John Laws           416-856-5227        SB     provider of advanced software and design services to the
                                                                                       global embedded market for sensor systems
EMTEQ                                 Scot Wesolaski        262-679-6170        SB     manufacturing facility, cable design and assembly, wire
                                                                                       harnesses, and integrated installation kits
Frazier Equipment Rental, Inc.          Bob Frazier         702-312-7800        SB     construction equipment rental
Gator Machining                         Donald Britt        941-351-6336         SB    CNC precision turning and milling; CAD/CAM manufacturing;
                                                                                VET    prototype and production; tooling and fixtures; ISO 9001:2000
                                                                                WOB    compliant
General Communications                 Ingolf de Jong       801-266-5731         SB    communications equipment manufacturing; electronic parts
                                                                                       and equipment wholesaler
Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Inc.      Loofie             949-263-2222        SB     design, development, integration and production of test
                                        Gutterman                                      equipment, obsolescence-replacement products, and fire
                                                                                       control systems; produce broad range PXI-based test
Gobicon LLC                            Jerry Simpson        970-214-2347        SB     signage design services
Gulf Components, Inc.                 Kenn Penman           954-492-5383        SDV    industrial electronics components; specializing in hard-to-find,
                                                                                 SB    obsolete, and long-lead-time items
Harper Seeding Company, Inc.          Doug Harper &         801-479-1234        SDV    landscaping, seeding
                                      Randy Coahran         801-643-1511         SB
HHI Corporation                       Tom Whitesides     801-451-2846 ext 126    SB    construction and engineering

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HyperNet Solutions, Inc.                    Michelle Hoang      405-743-2141        WOB    information technology; system integration; help desk; custom
                                                                                    SDB    software development
ICON Consulting Group, Inc.                  Steven Noyce       801-497-9012        SDB    information technology -- design/ support of LAN/WAN
                                                                                           networks; computer support; help desk management and
                                                                                           operation; network support; database management; system
                                                                                           design/analysis/maintenance; server administration; systems
                                                                                           technical support; web design; support; logistics
                                                                                           management; construction -- project management and
                                                                                           engineering and design/build of industrial buildings
Industrial Supply                           Mary Jorgensen      801-395-1868        SB     hand and edge tool manufacturing; industrial machinery,
                                                                                           equipment, and supplies wholesaler
Infinity Technology, Inc.                    Guy Juzang      256-430-1484 ext 115    SB    F/A-22 sustainment work; F/A-22 avionics engineering
                                            Gaston DeVigne      505-843-7070        SDB    software development
INNOLOG, Innovative Logistics Techniques,    Dave Calder        801-546-0837        SDB    supply chain security; enterprise asset management;
Inc.                                                                                SDV    integrated logistics support; weapon system engineering and
                                                                                           support; information systems engineering; systems
                                                                                           acquisition management
Integratable Technologies, LLC               Fred Smullin       801-791-9451        SB     Utah based; development and sustainment of business
                                                                                           information systems for both commercial and government
                                                                                           markets; systems solutions and value added services to
                                                                                           increase business agility while improving cycle time for
                                                                                           managerial action
Interface Displays & Controls, Inc.          Brent Barker       760-945-0230        WOB    engineering design and development of cockpit panels, CDU,
                                                                                           MFD AMLCD displays; avionics engineering and rapid
                                                                                           prototyping; manufacturing avionics, electronics, switches,
                                                                                           night vision lighting; avionics component refurbishment
International Repair Services, Inc.           Ray Vega          661-273-9528        VET    capabilities range from digital PCB repairs to R.F.; can test up
                                                                                    SB     to 18 Ghz microwave communications; telemetry specializing
                                                                                           in legacy and obsolescent equipment; manufacture custom
                                                                                           circuit boards
J.K. Hill & Associates, Inc.                James Kim Hill      757-362-2100        SDB    logistics; base operations support; program management;
                                                                                    VET    engineering; aircraft maintenance; aircraft refueling; family
                                                                                     SB    advocacy programs
Kane Medical                                 Laurie Korst       801-638-4229         SB    IV therapy; interventional radiology; OR
Karta Technologies, Inc.                    Steve Rogers &      801-779-0399        SB     engineering, training, logistics, information technology
                                                Richard         801-779-3309

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Keena & Company                             Keena Collins      281-807-9002         SB     trade shows/exhibits and conference and event planning
                                                                                   WOB     services; market research; media analysis; press and public
                                                                                           relations; public education and outdoor media marketing;
                                                                                           radio, TV, and public service announcement services; full
                                                                                           service marketing; media and public information services

Kihomac (Kiho Military Acquisition           Ki Ho Kang        703-786-6512        8(a) engineering services; scientific and technical consulting
Consulting, Inc.)                                                                  SDB  services; research and development
KIJODA Sales                                J.L. "Larry"       801-487-8881      SB VET solvents, degreasers, and aerosols for industry, garage, and
                                              Holmes                                    repair shops
Klune Industries, Inc.                     Bob Ballantyne      801-798-7401         SB  manufacturing company; complex machined parts and sub
                                                                                        assemblies; in-house heat treat, planting, and paint
Leanwerks                                   Reid Leland        801-624-2134         SB  hardware manufacturing; machine shop
                                             Philip Cox
LOGMET LLC                                 Margaret Rankin     512-633-6522        WOB     base supply; transient alert; airfield management; vehicle
                                                                                   8(a)    maintenance and operations; base operations services;
                                                                                   SDB     technical library; HAZMAT; fuels
Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc.       Norm Wismer        801-725-0003        SDV     engineering services; weapon systems technical support;
(LATA)                                                                                     program management support; environmental studies;
                                                                                           information technology support; logistics support
Luna Tech, Inc.                            Amanda McLean       256-725-4224         SB     pyrotechnic manufacturing; manufacture specialty electric
                                                                                           matches, squibs, igniters, shock tube initiators, and small
                                                                                           pyrotechnic devices
Madison Research Corporation               Larry Lewis, Jr.    256-864-7273        SDB     engineering services; information technology; systems
                                                                                           acquisition; systems sustainment; software engineering
MainStream Consulting, LLC                   Tim Hutzel        513-524-3384         VET    dedicated to helping organizations LEAN their offices and
                                                                                    SB     factories to stay competitive, improve quality, achieve higher
                                                                                           goals, and improve company morale; continuous process
                                                                                           improvement; Six Sigma; training; workshops; team
MegaStar Systems                            Matt Ventura       480-634-1366         SB     automated storage and retrieval systems
Metalcraft Technologies, Inc.               Larry Brough       435-867-6825         SB     aerospace manufacturing of machined and sheet metal
                                                                                           details and assemblies with extensive experience in
                                                                                           structures, skins, major and minor assemblies, hard metal hot
                                                                                           forming, heat treating, chemical processing, and painting

Metropolitan Technology Solutions, Corp.       Melonie         70-3744-7474        8(a)    business/information technology consulting services;
                                              McDowell                             WOB     acquisition support services

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Microcontrols International                Alexander          909-985-7240          8(a)   IT products; workstations, desktops, laptops, notebooks,
                                            Osifeso                                 SDB    servers, laser printers, color printers, scanners, monitors,
                                                                                           modems, hard drives, memory, networking products,
                                                                                           facsimile products, Internet and intranet products, video
                                                                                           teleconferencing products, software, and data storage media

Microvision                               Jim Schueren        425-882-6754          SB     electronic component manufacturing
ML Technologies, Inc.                    Mark Hoskins & 801-773-0068         801-   HUB    engineering services; technical support; information
                                             Shern            773-5167              SDB    technology; facility maintenance (not janitorial); environmental
                                          Bjerregaard                                      services; program management; integrated logistics support

MTS Technologies, Inc.                      George            703-575-2988        SDB  management and technical services (engineering, logistics,
                                           Fukumoto                               VET  IT solutions including M&S and telematics)
Kakaya Construction LLC                  Tom Whitesides    801-451-2846 ext 126 SB VET construction

National Energy Control Corporation      Mark McGann       610-449-9800 ext 301     SB     stocking distributor of controls for commercial HVAC systems

New Horizons Government IT Solutions     Michael Shivers      801-952-4313          SB     largest independent IT training company in the world;
                                                                                           specializes in large-scale IT training implementations; design
                                                                                           solutions to meet specific needs in IT training and
                                                                                           development; training solutions in the areas of desktop
                                                                                           applications, help desk, server, mainframe, router, firewall,
                                                                                           information assurance, programming, project management,
                                                                                           custom, and COTS blended solutions focused on specific
                                                                                           tasking requirements
NexOne                                   Stan Nakamura        801-298-0223          SDB    customer service, services and solutions, multi-language
                                                                                    8(a)   support, contact center, eCommerce, fulfillment, direct
                                                                                           response, catalogs, product recalls, software firms
Onyx Development                         Kurt Alexander       801-486-8288          HUB    full service general construction firm with technical expertise
                                                                                    8(a)   in project management, as well as the construction and
                                                                                           renovation of commercial sites
Open Systems and Data Solutions (OSDS)   Wes Kaufmann      301-869-8035 ext 104     SDV    Sidewinder firewalls; SafeWord Strong Authentication;
                                                                                     SB    smartfilter web filtering protection
Optimum Financial Corporation            Thomas Parker        256-539-3994          HUB    outsourcing firm providing accounts receivable management
                                                                                     SB    and other related financial support services to both
                                                                                           government and private sectors
Pacific Electronic Enterprises           Robert Taddeo        714-848-9091          SB     military/FAA avionic repair and manufacturing depot
Padgett Machine Inc.                       Edward D.          918-438-3444          SDB    machine shop; defense manufacturing
                                            Padgett                                 HUB

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PartsSource                              Jon Jenson           330-486-9466        SB     medical equipment new and used; replacement parts
PDQ Signs & Graphics, Inc.               Von Lokham           801-627-1800        SB     signs and graphics

Piedmont Aviation Component Services   Patricia Bilodeau      336-776-6300        SB     aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing; MRO of
                                                                                         propellers, landing gear, and auxiliary power units; machining
                                                                                         services; plating services; material and logistics services

PowerFlare Corporation                 Kenneth Dueker         650-208-2580        SB     ultra-rugged signal and illumination device; remote control
                                                                                         and sensors; transponder encoding; research and
PSI Technology                           Irene Griffith       713-355-2202        WOB    provide computing hardware, visual technology, service, and
                                                                                  8(a)   maintenance
Pyramid Distributing                      Bill Vogler                             SDV    value-added wholesale distributor providing PC parts (new,
                                                                                         closeout, and surplus), software, custom systems including
                                                                                         servers, firewalls, spam filtering systems, system data
                                                                                         integrity software, and government certified security camera
                                                                                         equipment; technical expertise and personalized service;
                                                                                         vendor on DoD Email; AMD Premier Partner Reseller;
                                                                                         authorized Intel product Dealer; Microsoft OEM System
                                                                                         builder; authorized Samsung reseller and Power Partner;
                                                                                         northwest regional distributor for firegate server (;
                                                                                         can source hard to find items through our various vendor and
                                                                                         MFR relationships; can provide upgrade, repair services, and
                                                                                         many other IT services
Quality Plating Co., Inc.              Glenn Fassmann         801-355-7424        SB     electroplating, anodizing, chemical film, phosphating,
                                          Jared Birth         801-294-8278               electroless nickel, hard chrome, black oxide, production zinc
Quinn Cable Technology                  Alice Cuchetti        603-668-7007         SB    fiber and copper patch cords and cable assemblies; bulk
                                                                                  WOB    cable and connectors; distribution racks, patch panels, cable
                                                                                         management, wall plates, jacks, labels, tywraps, etc.
R and D Electronics, Inc.               Cathy Maples          256-534-6415        WOB    manufactures build-to-print mechanical assemblies and
                                                                                  SDB    electronics, including cables, chassis, printed wiring boards,
                                                                                  8(a)   optics and other assemblies
Richard Manufacturing Company             Brent Call       801-737-4450 ext 102   SB     manufacturing of electronics assemblies; specializing in wire
                                                                                         harnesses, cable assemblies, panel assemblies, breakout
                                                                                         boxes, junction boxes, and legacy PC assemblies; also
                                                                                         capability to repair these type of assemblies

RPCI, Inc.                              Craig Brittain        972-529-6118        8(a)   supplier of batteries for UPS systems, utility and telecom
                                                                                  SDB    applications, AC and DC power supplies, rectifiers,
                                                                                         converters, inverters, and UPS systems

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RTL Networks                                  Aleisha Walker       720-323-0442         SDB       end to end IT solutions; specialized certifications; cabling
                                                                                        8(a)      infrastructure
S & K Technologies                             Dave Rariden        478-971-6740         8(a)      services similar to PROS (Multi-National Repair and Return
                                                                                                  Program) support of FMS customers; can provide
                                                                                                  competitive, speedy turnaround; support obsolete or hard-to-
                                                                                                  find repair parts; over 190 repair sources
S4 Inc.                                        Chandu Shah         781-273-1600          8(a)     admin, IT, and engineering services in secure, classified
Safran USA, Inc.                              Paul Underwood       703-351-9898          SB       landing gear
Saiz Construction Co., Inc.                      Abel Saiz           952-0114            8(a)     provide construction management, general contracting,
                                                                                         SDB      design/build-design/asst. delivery, tenant improvement
                                                                                         HUB      preparations; participate in IDIQ contracts; pre-construction
                                                                                        Native    services, value engineering quality control, and superior
                                                                                       American   safety
ScanForward LLC                               Jerry Simpson        970-490-1234           SB      digital conversion; archival and assessment services;
                                                                                                  workflow solutions; scanning, storage, and retrieval services
Schultz Medical Transcription Service, Inc.    John Schultz        401-253-1600          SB       information technology professional services; medical
                                                                                        WOB       transcription
SDV Solutions, Inc.                           Mike McMahan         757-564-6199         SDV       custom computer programming; system design; scientific and
                                                                                                  technical consulting services
Select Engineering Services (SES)              Rene' Felker     801-399-1858 ext 205     SB       IT and engineering services
Shannon Marketing Communications               Brad Shannon        970-461-4906          SB       graphic design services; commercial art
Snecma USA Inc.                               Ronald Colunga    703-351-9898 ext 227     SB       manufacture, service, repair; maintenance, and overhaul of
                                                                                                  engines, auxiliary power units, ventilation systems, landing
                                                                                                  gear, wheels and brakes, wiring, thrust reversers, nacelles,
                                                                                                  transmissions, power systems, wiring harness
Southwest United Industries                    Dean Stewart     918-587-4161 ext 226     SB       FAA repair station; full-service metal finishing-plating
                                                                                                  processes, shotpeening, thermal spray (HVOF & plasma),
                                                                                                  non-destructive testing, grinding, tool-building, painting;
                                                                                                  landing gear overhaul
SpanSet, Inc.                                  Rick Rosales        919-774-6316          SB       manufacture ratchet strap assemblies (cargo straps, cargo tie
                                                                                                  downs, CGU straps), vehicle recovery products (tow straps),
                                                                                                  lever and ratchet chain binders, heavy duty web slings,
                                                                                                  endless lifting roundslings, and bridle lifting slings
SPI Dynamics, Inc.                            Craig Smilowitz      678-330-2689          SB       provider of Web application security testing products
Sterling Computers                            Heidi Weyhrich    402-379-1030 ext 116    8(a)      full-service IT provider; comprehensive technology support

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SUMMA Technology, Inc.            E.C. Lee          256-830-7000          SDB      provide engineering, manufacturing, and logistics support to
                                                                                   aircraft, missile, and space vehicles, electronic defense
                                                                                   systems, automotive tooling equipment, and material
                                                                                   handling racks.
Synergy Parametrics, LLC          Richard           706-548-7177          SB       design/engineering for bore sighting systems, flight recorders,
                                  Cassada                                HUB       avionics and ground support systems, night vision goggles,
                                                                                   high speed digital imaging
Tabco Products Inc.            Arron Bradford       801-595-0119          SB       chemical manufacturing
Talley Defense Systems         John Bednarz         480-898-2229          SB       internal ballistics performance analysis, free field explosives
                                                                                   testing, enclosed room explosive impulse testing, 50 meter
                                                                                   flight range testing, high speed data collection and analysis,
                                                                                   high speed video collection, pyrotechnic research and
                                                                                   formulation, pyrotechnic mixing, casting, and pressing, CNC
                                                                                   machine shop, 1.1 explosives storage, design and drafting,
                                                                                   structural modeling, 3D simulation, low-to-high volume
                                                                                   manufacturing; capabilities applied to cartridge actuated
                                                                                   devices, gas generators, rocket motors, ballistic devices,
                                                                                   shoulder-fired weapons, artillery range extension,
                                                                                   submunition dispense, enhance blast warheads, flares,
                                                                                   inflatable structures, DOT/DOD test services, pyrotechnic
                                                                                   product integration consulting, and advanced applications for
                                                                                   pyrotechnic products
Target Management Group, LLC    Curtis Wright       937-879-0406          SB       mentor protégé; federal appropriation assistance; business
                                                                                   development in DoD market; understanding Congressional
                                                                                   budget process and federal acquisition regulations
The H.L. Smith Group            Heidi Smith         801-622-4119          SB       work culture surveys, coaching, and training; administrative
                                                                         WOB       management and general management consulting services
The Human Factor               Lawrence Doyle       856-596-5945          SDV      management consulting specializing in organization
                                                                           SB      development, executive coaching, and training/development
The Newberry Group, Inc.           Diego        636-928-9944 ext 5717    WOB       information systems consulting and project management
                                 Maldonado                               VET       services, information assurance, top secret facility clearance
Tinmar, Inc.                   Bob Meadows          256-859-1212          8(a)     high quality machined and fabricated components and electro-
                                                                         WOB       mechanical assemblies; prototype and custom manufacturing
                                                                         Native    services; refurbish electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical
                                                                        American   components and assemblies
Top Docs, Inc.                 Sue Hitchcock        866-867-3621          SB       professional medical services

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Total Quality Systems                          Steve Hepburn          801-731-2150             SB    engineering services
                                                Tony Pombo
Total War Fighter Support (Division of Terra    Marty Bartlett        210-475-9881             SB    superior health care and information technology support
Health)                                                                                              services
TPA Group                                      Frank McDonnell        503-356-8028            SDB    environmental remediation and heavy horizontal construction
Trinity Millennium Group, Inc.                   Larry Wood           210-615-1606          SDB 8(a) custom computer programming, computer system design,
                                                                                                     software development
TSL-REICO                                      Michael Pattison       850-243-3722             SB    specializing in RF amplifiers, IFF transmitters, and power
                                                                                                     distribution panels; CNC machine capability; mechanical and
                                                                                                     electrical design
Tybrin Corporation                              Wayne Harris      850-337-2712       801-      SB    software and systems engineering services; CMM Level
                                                Matt Anderson           330-5747                     2/CMM Level 3 software developer; mission planning
                                                                                                     software development and sustainment; information
                                                                                                     technology; management information and financial systems;
                                                                                                     space, weapons, aircraft, electronic warfare, intelligence,
                                                                                                     training, and range systems T&E; range safety;
                                                                                                     environmental studies, engineering
Uinta River Technology, LLC                    Larry Blackhair    435-722-3136 ext 4259       SDB    computer software, peripheral equipment; programming
                                                                                              8(a)   services; data processing; information retrieval; system
                                                                                              HUB    design

United Precision Machine & Engineering Co      Russ Chatelain         801-972-3890              drilling, EDM equipment, grinding, jig bore, lathes, CNC
                                                                                                lathes, mills, CNC mills, saws, hones, laps, welding and
                                                                                                cutting equipment, inspection equipment, shop equipment,
                                                                                                buildings, CAD-CAM, laser interferometer system,
                                                                                                nondestructive testing equipment, mechanical testing
Upper Mohawk, Inc.                              Ken Barnes &         321-269-6939       Native computer programming; computer systems design;
                                               Johnny Kirk, Jr.                        American management consulting; computer related services
U.S. Technologies, Inc.                         Lowell "Van"      201-475-8700 ext 276    SB    repair, reverse-engineering, manufacturing, testing,
                                                 Van't Slot                                     engineering, refurbishing, modification, and overhaul of power
                                                                                                supplies, RF assembles, RF amplifiers, circuit cards,
                                                                                                synthesizers, microwave equipment, test equipment, INTEL
                                                                                                multibus boards, VME and Motorola MVME boards as well as
                                                                                                a wide variety of electronic components; specializes in older
                                                                                                electronics, especially DMSMS issues for products that are
                                                                                                no longer supported by the OEM

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Velocity Consulting Corporation           Phil Skinner &      970-226-0492        SDV     Lean and Six sigma consulting firm; benchmarking, lean
                                          Jerry Simpson                            SB     methodologies, Six Sigma and simulation development;
                                                                                          administrative management and general management
                                                                                          consulting; professional and management development
                                                                                          training; process, physical distribution, and logistics
Veterans Trading Company, LLC              Jack Climer        435-649-4566         SB     electrical contractors; electronic computer manufacturing
Viranim Technologies, Inc.                 Cody Fowers        801-926-1060        SDB     information technology; engineering services
West Coast Infrared, LLC                   Steve Adams        800-450-7959         SB     perform condition monitory for electrical and mechanical
                                                                                  WOB     operations in or out of doors utilizing latest state of the art
                                                                                          infrared equipment
Western Heritage Company                  Renee Gunther       970-663-1450        WOB     cut and sew apparel contractors; clothing manufacturing;
                                                                                   SB     footwear manufacturing; badges and insignia
Winmark Stamp & Sign, Inc.                 Wendy Lauer        801-486-2011         SB     signs, engraving, lettering, stamps, ink, seals, labels, custom
                                                                                  HUB     stencils
Woodbury Technologies, Inc.              Karen Woodbury       801-546-4075        8(a)    information technology
X Technologies, Inc.                       Max Thrailkill     210-822-8712        SDB     manufacturing; engineering services; assembly

* Socio-Economic Factors: HUB Zone Firm (HUB); Service Disabled Veteran (SDV); Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB); Veteran Owned Business (VET);
Woman Owned Business (WOB); Small Business (SB)

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