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									                    Home Depot and Lowes Bulk Gift Card Purchases

         To qualify for the bulk discount your shopping card total must exceed $1,000 and

         You must complete the following steps:

                1. Place the order online and select ACH as your method of payment on the checkout screen.

                2. To receive the additional discount, enter in coupon code – HDLW1000 – on the checkout page.
                   An additional 5% will be taken off your order making your total discount close to 12% off the
                   face value of the cards.
                   Please Note: If ACH is not selected as the method of payment your order will be canceled. This
                   discount does not apply to credit card or PayPal orders processed through our regular online retail

                3. Fill out the attached Electronic Check Form.

                4. Provide a Backup Credit Card Number.
                   Please Note: For security reasons, We can only ship the cards to the billing address of the credit card.

                5. Attach a check made payable to ABC Gift Cards for the amount of the order.

                6. Fax the completed ACH form to 877-629-6103. Please indicate your order # on the form.

         Please Note: To receive the free 3 Day/2 Night Hotel Stay Voucher please indicate your interest in the
         “additional comments” section on your order.

         For any additional questions or concerns, please call us at 800-364-0488 during normal business

                                                      Thank You

                                                Payment for Order #______________
Customer hereby authorizes ABC GIFT CARDS LLC or its designee successor or assign (hereinafter “Vendor”) to withdraw the amount indicated on the
attached check owed by Customer under this (“Agreement”) by initiating debit entries to Customer’s account at the financial institution (hereinafter “Bank”)
specified on the attached check. In the event of default of Customer’s obligation hereunder, Customer authorizes debit of Customer’s account or credit card
for the full amount due under this Agreement or any portion thereof. Customer agrees that a delivery or signature confirmation of delivery of goods indicates
customer’s acceptance of merchandise. Claims of discrepancy with the description of the goods will be determined by the Vendor. Customer agrees that it will
not dispute these authorized charges with the Bank based on the condition or description of the goods. Goods shipped are ‘as is’ condition. Issues of dispute
between the Vendor and the Customer will be handled in the court of law in the state of NJ or one that the Vendor chooses. Customer authorizes Bank to
accept and to charge any debit entries initiated by Vendor to Customer’s account. In the event that Vendor withdraws erroneously from Customer’s account,
Customer authorizes Vendor to credit Customer’s account for the amount erroneously withdrawn.

                                                        ATTACH CHECK HERE

Check should be made payable to ABC Gift Cards and issued for the amount due for the above order.

In the event that Vendor is unable to debit above check payment, Vendor may charge the Customers backup credit card listed below and include an
additional 3% processing fee.

                                                          Please Note: It generally takes 7-8 business days for electronic check payments to clear
                                                          by the banks. Your shipment will not ship out until the payment clears. If you want the cards
                                                          to be shipped immediately please check the following box authorizing ABC Gift Cards to
                                                          place an authorization hold on your credit card. Placing an authorization hold will
                                                          temporarily reduce your available spending balance by the amount placed on hold. If you are
                                                          using a debit card linked to your checking account and do not have an available balance to
                                                          cover both the electronic check payment and the credit card authorization (i.e. 2x the amount
                                                          of your purchase) do not check off the box. The authorization will be released once the
                                                          electronic check payment clears. No charges will appear on your credit card unless the
                                                          Electronic Check Payment is declined by your bank.

Optional:        I authorize an additional hold on my Credit Card until my Electronic Check Payment clears to avoid delay in my shipment.

GUARANTEE: I guaranty to Vendor all payments owed under this Agreement and any add-on Services, including, but not limited to, Vendor’s
attorney’s fees and legal costs incurred in enforcing this Agreement. I will also pay all reasonable costs and fees incurred by Vendor in enforcing this
Guaranty. This Guaranty shall be governed by the laws of [NJ]. I FREELY CONSENT TO PERSONAL JURISDICTION IN THE [NJ] COURTS

Print Name:                                                                     Date of Birth:

Authorized Signature:                                                           Date Signed:

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