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					                                                                                          Lauren Ledbetter
                                                                                       310 Hoke Smith Annex
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Welcome to Extension Grants e-news! In this issue you will find quick
accessible information on grant announcements that relate to University of Georgia
extension activities. This newsletter will also feature extension grant success stories (p.4),
grant writing tools, and updates on Project Mission Fish. Control + Click on red/underlined
grant titles for contact and application information.

New Grants
                                                         Captain Planet Foundation
Children Youth and Families at Risk
                                                         Grant supports youth grades K-12 in hands-on
CSREES & USDA announce funding to improve
                                                         environmental projects in a variety of different
the quality and quantity of community based
                                                         areas. Applications are available online.
programs for at risk, children, youth and
                                                         Amount: From $250-$2500
families supported by Cooperative Extension
                                                         Deadline: Quarterly
Amount: 1.2 million available
Deadline: December 10, 2007
                                                         StudentCam Documentary Competition
Youth at the Center                                      National Contest inviting middle and high
For youth to address a socially pressing issue           school students to make a documentary up to
such as climate change, hunger, disease,                 10 min about a current political topic using
nutrition, literacy, disaster relief, and more.          CSPAN programming.
Encouraged to do a project on Youth Service              Amount: $50,000 split with multiple awards
Day- can pursue funding for multiple years.              Deadline: December 31, 2007
Amount: $2,000
Deadline: November 30, 2007                              Champions for Healthy Kids
                                                         Grants program from General Mills for
                                                         community based groups that develop creative
                                                         ways for youth to have a balanced diet and
                                                         physically active lifestyle.
                                                         Amount: 50 grants of $10,000
                                                         Deadline: January 15, 2008

                                                         Technology Education Programs
                                                         Motorola Innovation Generation grants
                                                         awarded over 100 programs in 2007 that
                                                         created interest in technology and improved
                                                         problem solving skills in participants. They will
                                                         begin accepting applications in early 2008.
                                                         Amount: Awards of $5,000- $250,000
   USDI Fish and Wildlife Service “Habitat
                                                         Deadline: June 15, 2008
Characteristics of Hardwood Hammock on Key
  Largo” to Warnell School of Forestry and
         Natural Resources $95,000                       Youth Safe Tractor and Machinery Grant
Environmental Excellence                                 Grants are available from USDA to conduct an
Awards to benefit an environmental project               safe tractor and machinery operation training
that has made a significant impact on the                with 14-15 yr. olds for agriculture production.
students, school, or community involved.                 Amount: Grants up to $300
Amount: $5,000-$10,000                                   Deadline: Ongoing
Deadline: November 30, 2007

Fall 2007                                Vol.2 Issue 2                                           1
                                                                                          Lauren Ledbetter
                                                                                       310 Hoke Smith Annex
                                                                                        Athens Georgia 30602

Community Football Fields Grant
The National Football League grants to improve
the accessibility, quality, and safety of local
football fields.
Eligibility: non-profits, middle, & high schools
Deadline: November 30, 2007

Game Stop and Plum Grants
Each week “Do Something” will award a Game
Stop grant in 2007. These grants support local
activities generated by students and designed
to solve a community problem or issue.
Eligibility: People 25 and younger
Amount: $500 grants
Deadline: December 31, 2007                                  Local Business to Walton County
                                                                   4-H Goat Club $6,000
Educational Foundation of America Grants
The Educational Foundation of America (EFA)
makes grants to qualifying non-profit                   American Honda Foundation
organizations provides grants for specific              Through a program of responsible investment
projects related to the environment, the crisis         in organizations meeting the needs of
of human overpopulation and reproductive                American society in the areas of youth and
freedom, Native Americans, arts, education,             scientific education, the American Honda
medicine, and human services. Applicants are            Foundation strives to assist in creating lasting
required to send a Letter of Inquiry.                   benefits for society.
Amount: Varies                                          Amount: Varies
Deadline: Rolling                                       Deadline: Quarterly

Public Welfare Foundation                               Office of Rural Health Policy
Supports youth projects in employment,                  ORHP promotes better health care service in
training and alternative education; early               rural America. Located in the Health Resources
intervention; youth leadership development;             and Services Administration, Congress charged
violence prevention; and advocacy and policy            the Office with informing and advising the
development.                                            Department of Health and Human Services on
Eligibility: 501(c)(3)s. (Some exceptions.)             matters affecting rural hospitals, and health
Amount: $20 million total. The average grant            care, co-coordinating activities within the
in 2006 was nearly $49,000.                             department that relate to rural health care,
Deadline: Open                                          and maintaining a national information
                                                        clearinghouse. ORHP works within government
Nickelodeon: Let’s Just Play                            at federal, state and local levels, and with the
Grant is for promoting playful activity for             private sector -- with associations,
youth. Funds can use to market or actually              foundations, providers and community leaders
purchase equipment such as: playground, PE              – provides grant funding to seek solutions to
equipment, pedometers, or paying a coach.               rural health care problems.
Eligibility: Nonprofits and schools.                    Amount: Varies
Amount: $300,000 split into $5,000 awards               Deadline: Varies
Deadline: Monthly awards until January 2008

Fall 2007                               Vol.2 Issue 2                                            2
                                                                                         Lauren Ledbetter
                                                                                      310 Hoke Smith Annex
                                                                                       Athens Georgia 30602

                                                        Environmental Education Grants
                                                        The Grants Program sponsored by EPA's
                                                        Environmental Education Division (EED), Office
                                                        of Children's Health Protection and
                                                        Environmental Education, supports
                                                        environmental education projects that enhance
                                                        the public's awareness, knowledge, and skills
                                                        to help people make informed decisions that
                                                        affect environmental quality.
                                                        Amount: $2-3 Million in annual funding most
                                                        applications receive $15,000 or less
                                                        Deadline: December 30, 2007

 NRA Foundation to Emanuel 4-H Project                  Nike Youth Activity Grants
           SAFE, $3,673.00                              Part of Nike's corporate giving focuses on
                                                        programs that support youth and physical
USDA Rural Development                                  activity, and the positive effects of the two
Our financial programs support such essential           when they are truly in sync. Programs should
public facilities and services as water and             increase and promote physical activity in some
sewer systems, housing, health clinics,                 way - indoor, outdoors or both.
emergency service facilities and electric and           Amount: Pledged to give $315 million - 2011.
telephone service. We promote economic                  Deadline: Open
development by supporting loans to
businesses through banks and community-                 The Libri Foundation
managed lending pools. We offer technical               The Libri Foundation was established in 1989
assistance and information to help                      for the sole purpose of helping rural libraries
agricultural and other cooperatives get started         acquire new, quality, hardcover children's
and improve the effectiveness of their member           books they could not otherwise afford to buy.
services. And we provide technical assistance           Since October 1990, the Foundation has
to help communities undertake community                 donated over $2,800,000 worth of new
empowerment programs.                                   children's books to more than 2,200 libraries in
Amount: Varies per project                              48 states. The Foundation supports the
Deadline: Ongoing                                       concept that children who learn to enjoy
                                                        reading at an early age continue to read
Open Meadows Foundation                                 throughout their lives
For projects that promote community power               Eligibility: Rural Libraries
and justice that benefit women and girls.               Amount: Unspecified
Eligibility: Small and start-up organizations           Deadline: January 15, 2008
are encouraged to apply.
Amount: $2,000.                                         Public Welfare Foundation
Deadline: February 15, 2008.                            Supports youth projects in employment,
                                                        training and alternative education; early
The Coca-Cola Foundation                                intervention; youth leadership development;
For youth educational opportunities, support in         violence prevention; advocacy and policy
higher education, classroom, and international          development.
education. Programs support scholarships for            Eligibility: 501(c)(3)s.
aspiring students; encourage and motivate               Amount: $20 million total. The average grant
young people to stay in school; and foster              in 2006 was nearly $49,000.
cultural understanding.                                 Deadline: Open
Amount: Varies
Deadline: Ongoing
Fall 2007                               Vol.2 Issue 2                                           3
                                                                                           Lauren Ledbetter
                                                                                        310 Hoke Smith Annex
                                                                                         Athens Georgia 30602

                                                              activities related to conservation tillage.
Extension Grant Success Stories                               The field day portion provided participates
                                                              with information on conservation tillage
                                                              equipment and field research investigating
                                                              the affects of various cover crops on the
                                                              soil moisture content in crop production.

                                                              A second part of the grant, provided funds
                                                              to host six Conservation Security Program
                                                              (CSP) Workshops. The CSP program is
                                                              administered by USDA-NRCS to reward
                                                              those farmers that have been long time
                                                              users of conservation practices. The
                                                              workshops were set-up to provide farmers
                                                              already in the program with information
                                                              on the more advanced practices that they
                                                              may be able to incorporate on their farms.
Dr. Gary L. Hawkins, Biological and Agricultural
                                                              The more advanced aspect of the training
Engineering Department, received a $94,000 grant
from the USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation                    was geared towards UGA Extension agents
Grants Program to install and demonstrate a solar             and NRCS personnel to get them familiar
powered irrigation system at a pecan farm in Pierce           with practices that can be used on farm to
County. The system irrigates 45 pecan trees from a
                                                              increase conservation of resources.
pond adjacent to the building shown in the picture.
UGA collaborators included John Ed Smith, Bacon
County Extension, James Jacobs, Pierce County                 The grant provided materials to distribute
Extension and Kerry Harrison, Biological and                  information to over 225 persons, and
Agricultural Engineering. Mr. Dane Smith with
                                                              plans are being made to continue this type
USDA-NRCS was the local contact for the project. In
the picture you can see the installed solar panels, Dr.       of training in 2008 to a new target
Hawkins, left, and the farm owners, Mr. and Mrs.              audience in Georgia.
Lamar Smith.

Conservation Workshops & Field Days
By: Dr. Gary Hawkins

In 2006 Dr. Gary Hawkins, Biological and
Agricultural Engineering Department
received a $15,237 grant to provide
Conservation Workshops and Field Days
for farmers, UGA Extension Agents,
                                                              Colquitt County Program Assistant
NRCS personnel and general citizens.
The grant was used to host and provide
                                                              Innovative Award 2007
materials for a Conservation Tillage
                                                              By: Zona Medley
Workshop and Field Day in Tifton. The
workshop and field day was divided into                       Due to the increase in 4-H enrollment and
two parts with the workshop portion being                     4-H programming, the need for additional
classroom style providing up-to-date                          staff was necessary. After brainstorming
information on current research and
Fall 2007                                     Vol.2 Issue 2                                       4
                                                                                               Lauren Ledbetter
                                                                                           310 Hoke Smith Annex
                                                                                            Athens Georgia 30602

options for funding a position, I wrote a              GYSD will receive priority on grants
proposal seeking United Way funding. In                administered through Youth Service
2006-2007, I requested $4, 000 for                     America.
programming and camp scholarships and
received $2, 500 for Colquitt 4-H.                     A program of Youth Service America,
                                                       Global Youth Service is the largest youth
For the second United Way proposal, I                  service event in the world. Global Youth
requested $6, 500 to use for funding a                 Service Day is a year-round effort to
part-time Program Assistant. I met                     expand the impact of the youth service
several times with United Way committee                movement. The initiative launches new
members and pleaded my case by                         service organizations, policy changes, and
presenting success reports, impact                     sustainable service programs to create a
statements, the numbers of youth in                    culture of engaged youth. State Farm
Colquitt County served and the many                    Companies Foundation is the presenting
extra hours involved in operating a 4-H                sponsor. More than 120 national partners
program of this size. I also presented our             and 75 lead agencies throughout the
vision of how many more youth we could                 United States organize campaigns.
impact with the additional man power.                  Overseas, national lead agencies in more
                                                       than 100 countries participate. Click here
As of October 1, 2007, the first ever                  for more general information on GYSD.
United Way fully funded part-time
Program Assistant position was filled.
Colquitt County 4-H received the entire
                                                                    KUDOS CORNER
amount requested to fund this position.
This is a nine month, nineteen hour
weekly position that will enable me to
better serve the increasing numbers of
youth in Colquitt County.

Global Youth Service Day
By: Jeff Buckley

We are pleased to announce that Georgia                  2007 Urban & Community Forestry
4-H has been selected as one of four                          Grant $9,100 Awarded
Lead Agencies in Georgia for the 2008                  Todd Hurt, Training Coordinator for the UGA Urban
Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). As a                  Ag Center and Bob Westerfield, Extension
part of this international initiative, Georgia         Horticulturist were awarded a grant from the GA
                                                       Forestry Commission to develop a chapter titled
4-H hopes to engage a total of 600
                                                       “Tree Protection during Construction and
volunteers in at least ten different                   Landscaping Activities” that will be included in the
counties in service learning projects                  GA Certified Landscape Professional materials and
during the Global Youth Service Day                    exams. A Web CT module, two page color Extension
                                                       Fact Sheet, promotional poster, and Power Point
weekend, April 25th -27th, 2008. As a lead
                                                       presentation will also be developed by August 2008.
agency, the Georgia 4-H Foundation will
receive a $2000 grant. In addition,                    Pictured: Todd Hurt and Joan Scales, Partnership
County 4-H Clubs who plan events on                    Coordinator, Georgia Forestry Commission

Fall 2007                              Vol.2 Issue 2                                                  5

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