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									             New Bruns wick Breast Cancer Network Inc. P.O. Box 1473 Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5E3
Newsletter Ed itor: Carol Loughrey, 506-452-2157, email, fax 455-0944                                 January, 2002
                          My Journey                                                    Implications of a
                       By Cindy Pickard                                   History of Cance r on Various Insurance Plans
I was diagnosed with breast cancer on my 44th birthday in                     By Lydia LaPointe, CLU, Chartered Financial Planner
November of 2000. My mastectomy was fo llo wed by six months           Travel Insurance – Blue Cross; Emergency Medical
of Chemo and sixteen treatments of radiation which is standard for     Care/ Horizons Plan, Coverage up to 180 days. Exclusion for pre-
my type of cancer. I experienced the usual feelings and fears as       existing condition which has deteriorated or has just been
shared by my many “Survivor Sisters”.                                  diagnosed or needed a medical consultation or treatment or
                                                                       required a change in medication, (etc) – within 3 months if you are
When my treatments were finished, a wave of relief and closure         under age 60 or 6 months if older than 60. Life Insurance -With in
swept over me. My strength was returning along with my hair. I         3 years of cancer diagnosis or treatment, generally not available,
was very anxious to “Get my life back” as I have vowed all during      except basal cell carcino ma. After 3 years, if over 40, “Easy
the dark days of my treat ments.                                       Access” plan available, maximu m $25,000, level cost, payable to
                                                                       age 100 Death Benefit doubles for accidental death. Long Term
My words were to be tested when I was invited to a co-worker’s         Care Insurance -Pays if you need care at home or in a facility.
40th birthday party. As this was my first outing, I was very excited   Available as long as cancer treatment/diagnosis was more than 2
and spent the day choosing my wardrobe, painting my nails, and         years earlier. Critical Illness Insurance -Pays lu mp sum if you
styling my proud growth of one-inch hair. At the party, as we          are diagnosed and live 30 days, not available to cancer survivors
talked and laughed, I was aware that something had drastically         unless many years have passed
changed. It was as if a wall had been shoved between me and my                        NBBCN Award to Dr Sykes
friends. Their jokes and comments about husbands, boob -jobs,          Each year the NBBCN gives an award to a health care provider in
and looking old left me thinking, “They just don’t get it!”. After     the province who has provided exceptional care to those diag nosed
parting comments like, “But you look so good” and “We knew you         with breast cancer. In October 2001, this award was presented to a
could do it”, I bid them goodbye. I arrived home with a sadness I      surgeon from Perth-Andover.
had trouble describing to my husband. I shed a few tears as I tried
to decipher these feelings. I felt jealousy and envy of my friends’    When breast cancer survivors were asked to comment on Dr.
good health and carefree innocence towards life. I felt angry that     Sykes, the follo wing wo rds and phrases were immediate:
my innocence had been ripped from me similar to that of a child        empathic, understanding of our fear, shows great compassion for
who has witnessed the dark side of life. My husband summed up          the family, gave direct ion, and a great listener. These same
my feelings as “Having a foot in both worlds” I have visited the       comments were given to describe his wife, Janet. Several
dark side but now welco me the warmth of the light.                    mentioned how Mrs. Sykes would invite cancer patients into her
                                                                       home and teach them to tie turbans. True to his nature, he was also
This wave of feelings surprised me but I have come to welco me         responsible for organizing the very successful Cancer Support
them as I have my diagnoses as a learning experience that I can        Group in h is community.
use to help others.       I now feel much wiser and more
compassionate towards others and that is a great gift to possess.      Dr. Sy kes B.A., M.B.B.Ch ir., M.A., F.R.C.S.(Eng), L.M.C.C.,
                                                                       F.R.C.S.(C), was born in England and has practiced medicine in
When I return to work and get back to the daily routine of life,       England, the United States and Canada. He is presently a surgeon
some of my innocence and wonder hopefully will seep through the        at the Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph in Perth-Andover.
cracks of my wall but there will always be a part of me that will
respect where I’ve been and will rejoice in my journey back.           He is a member of the Royal Co llege of Surgeons of Canada,
                                                                       Associate Member of Canadian Urological Society, Society of
Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, New Brunswick Med ical                amount of iron was increased even further and then the tissue was
Society, and the Canadian Medical Association.                          exposed to the drug. Within 16 hours nearly all of the cancer cells
                                                                        were dead, while the vast majority of normal breast cells did not
Past award winners are Dr. Eshwar Ku mar, a Saint John Radiation        die. The next step is animal trials and if those prove successful,
Oncologist. Dr. Ralph MacDonald, a Fredericton surgeon, and Dr.         move on to human trials. American Chemical Society 12/05/ 01
Roberge, a Moncton oncologist.                                                               Five Year Survival
                           Get Active                                   In December Statistics Canada issued a report “Five-year relat ive
This newsletter has had many articles extolling the value of            survival fro m prostate, breast, colorectal and lung cancer”.
exercise to reduce our risk of recurrence. A recent article             Survival time after diagnosis is used to evaluate treatments.
described as “sedentary suicide” the inactivity that is killing an      Unfortunately, the other piece of the puzzle, which is stage of
increasing number of Canadians. It talks of many different kinds        disease at time of diagnosis, is not available to the analysts to do
of illnesses and their links to inactivity, including cancer.           their province-by-province comparison. So the stats assume that,
Statistics Canada defines an active life style as either 1 hour of      on average, individuals are diagnosed at the same stage in each
walking or other low intensity exercise every day, or 30 to 60          province – that may or may not be true.
minutes of jogging or other moderate intensity exercise 4 days a        Fi ve-year survi val of patients diag nosed in 1992:
week, or 20 to 30 minutes of high impact aerobics or other                                   New               Canada          British
vigorous exercise 4 days a week. On ly one in five Canadian adults                         Brunswick                          Columbia
are active. Source: Nutrition Action Healthletter, November 2001
              Fredericton Surveys Members
The steering committee of the Fredericton group has decided to            Breast               77%                82%              85%
send a survey out to its members this month to get advice on what         Colorectal           52%                59%              61%
the group might do differently as well as what it is doing well.          Lung                 11%                17%              15%
Those who respond have a chance to win a gift certificate fro m         Men
Anne Smith Creations.                                                      Prostate            83%                87%              91%
               Woodstock Plans Workshop                                    Co lorectal         47%                56%              59%
The Woodstock group is planning a one-day public workshop in               Lung                15%                14%              12%
April on Caring For the Cancer Pat ient. This will be of special
interest to the caregiver, as it not only deals with the patient but    British Co lu mbia, which had the best overall survival, has had a
also how the caregiver can deal with the stress, etc. Topics include    central cancer agency since 1935. New Brunswick is one of only a
nutrition, humour and talking with children. For more informat ion      few provinces left with no such agency. Centralized cancer
contact Doreen Kidney at 328-3772.                                      agencies generally deal with radiation, chemotherapy and also
                        Research News                                   education, research and prevention programs. B.C. spends $44 per
                                                                        citizen per year on its agency.
-Researchers in Toronto have found that women with high levels
                                                                        Sources: Statistics Canada and Report Card on Cancer Care in
of insulin in their b lood are more likely to see their breast cancer
                                                                        Canada – Winter 2001.
return and more likely to die of it. Insulin levels are boosted by
lack of exercise and diets high in fat and sugar. The study’s lead                   Breast Cancer Support Groups
author states that there is already evidence that insulin contributes   -Fredericton normally meets the last Thursday of the month in the
to breast cancer, colon cancer and probably prostate cancer ris k.      community roo m in the Atlantic Superstore, 471 Smythe, 7 to 9
High levels of insulin can also interfere with tamo xifen. Globe and    pm January 31, instructor Stacy Macklern will lead a session on
Mail Dec 28, 2001.                                                      belly dancing February 28 Naturopath Dr. Parissa Bunin will tell
-A new generation of breast cancer drugs has proved to be more          us about a naturopathic protocol for those with a history of breast
effective than tamo xifen for some post-menopausal women,               cancer, or going through treatment March 28 Richard Anderson
suggests research. The drugs, known as aromatase inhibitors,            will talk about the well spouse support group (spouses are
shrank tumours better and helped more wo men survive their              welco me to this session).
illness. The drugs appear to have fewer side effects than               -Woodstock meets the first Thursday of each month at 7pm in the
tamo xifen, although they seem to increase the risk of osteoporosis.    community room of the Atlantic Superstore. Contact Doreen
The drugs affect the body's production of oestrogen, so they only       Kidney at 328-3772 or Marsha Shaw at 375-6077.
work on wo men who have gone through menopause. One study               -Moncton meets the last Thursday of the month at 7pm at the
showed how the drug Arimidex, known under the generic name              YW CA, 35 Highfield St. Contact Lynn LeBlanc at 384-2810. .
anastrozole, helped wo men with early breast cancer. After an           -Saint John meets the third Wednesday of each month at Loch
average of 30 months' treatment and 33 months' of follow -up, 317       Lo mond Villa (Lion’s Den) Loch Lo mond Road at 7pm. For
of the 3,125 wo men taking Arimidex suffered relapses, compared         further info rmation, contact Val Landry at 657-3873.
to 379 of the 3,116 given tamo xifen. In another study, 324 wo men      -Sussex meets at 6pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month
in the late stages of cancer in Germany, Spain, France and Britain,     (except June, July, and August) for dinner at the All Season’s
took either tamo xifen or an aro matase inhibitor, called Femara,       Restaurant, Main St. A lthough most members are breast cancer
known by the generic name letrozo le. Tu mours shrank in 60% of         survivors, all cancer survivors are welco me. Contact Brenda
wo men who took Femara for four months, compared to 41% of              Graham at 433-5028 or Joyce Bean at 433-5652.
wo men taking tamo xifen. Those taking Femara also lived longer.        -St Stephen meets the 2nd Monday of each month at Charlotte Co.
BBC News 12/11/01 (Ed itor’s note: In Fredericton the cost of a         Hospital; 6:30 to 7:30 p m. For further info rmation call Kim Ross
one month dose of tamo xifen is $16.33 and of arimidex is               465-4444 o r Sh irley Johnson at 466-2918.
$180.50)                                                                                            Join NBB CN
-An ancient Chinese treatment for malaria is proving highly             To join NBBCN, send $15 to P.O. Bo x 1473, Fredericton, N.B.
successful in eliminating cancer cells in test tubes. Using the high    E3B 5E3. You will not only support our initiat ives, but also
concentration of iron in tumours, as the basis of the test, the         receive the newsletter by mail.

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