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									                                              Shreif Mohammed Ali
                                                Cario-Shakh zaied

Dear Mr.

       I'm eager to introduce myself as a candidate for the position
of:         Recruitment Manager

I'm graduate of institute of cooperation with B.A. from the institute
of cooperation. I have recently completed an intensive business
English and computer course, which has further sharpened my
skills and qualifications.

Kindly find herewith attached my resume. I would very much
appreciate to discuss it further with you.

Shreif Mohammed
      Personal Data:

     Name            : Shreif Mohammed Ali Mohammed Matar
  Nationality        : Egyptian.
   Birth date        : 25/3/1978
 Place of birth      : Cairo, Egypt.
Military Service     : Exempted.
                      : District 11 , Neighboring 4th Building 6/7B, flat 15-
                      sheikh zayed
  Phone no.          : +2/ 5103557 - 8955311
     Mobi:           010/1447289 - 010/8982264


                        Bachelor of administration sciences
                       Department: Administration sciences
                           From: institute of cooperation
                   Degree: good              Year of graduate: 2000
        Training Courses:

    Course Title                   Organizer                Duration                  Date
                      Center of information &
preparing accountant                             Three months                4/2001-6/2001
    Course Title                      Organizer                                       Date
                      Center of information & technology Cairo
  Microsoft Access                                                            4/2001-6/2001
                      Center of information & technology Cairo
   Microsoft word                                                             4/2001-6/2001
                                    - governorate
                      Center of information & technology Cairo
Microsoft Power point                                                         4/2001-6/2001
                                    - governorate
                      Center of information & technology Cairo
   Microsoft Excel                                                            4/2001-6/2001
                                    - governorate
                      Center of information & technology Cairo
 Microsoft Windows                                                            4/2001-6/2001
                                    - governorate

        Special computer skills:

                          Using                       Programs
                Web development                Microsoft FrontPage
               Daily in official jobs       Microsoft Office 97-2000-XP

        1) General skills:
           1) Language skill:

                 a. Arabic: mother tong.

                 b. English: Good speaking , Understanding ,Writing

           2) computer skill:
                 a) Good typing.

                 b) Windows 95-98-ME -2000 (professionals, server and advanced

                 server) –XP.

                 c) Internet (using) (web surfing and excellent usage of electronic


                 d)       Introduction to web development technologies

                      a. Microsoft FrontPage.

                      Microsoft Office 97-2000-XP:-

                      b. Word.
              c. Excel.

              d. PowerPoint.

              e. Access.

              f.   Outlook.

              g. Oricka soft ware (R.P.S) (resort professional system).

Working Experience:

      Accountant in the Nuclear Medicine Unit.
      Data entry in Cairo governorate.
      Executive secretary in the Air cargo (specialized in air cargo).
main responsibilities:-
                      Handling customer's accounts.
                      Managing daily operations.
                      Handling some accounting activities.
                      Managing the flow of customers o
                      Reporting to the chairman. 
      Programmer in GOUDA Accounting Group.
      Working as an instructor (MS Office Courses - internet)
       1) MS office course (as a part of technology training plane in
           factory in 10th of Ramadan city).
       2) Tow lecture in "Internet fundamental and search engine
           core"     (as a part of technology training plane in Helwan
           university )
      Design and build Databases using M.S Office Access 2000.
      Administration assistant (SUPERVISING HR & Accountant
       Sector & sales manger) in Unlimited press co.
                   (Book trade & Educational services). (2002/2006)
main responsibilities :-
Accountant job Description:-
       Prepare profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost
       accounting reports.
       Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to
       accounts , such as general ledger Accounts and document
       business transactions.
       Prepare and review budget, revenue, expense, payroll entries,
       invoices and other accounting documents manually or through
          the computerized system as required.
          Analyze revenue and expenditure trends and recommend
          appropriate budget levels, and ensure expenditure control.
          Stock management through the UP computerized system.
          Explain billing invoices and accounting policies to staff, vendors
          and clients.
          Resolve accounting discrepancies.
          Interact with internal and external auditors in completing
          Prepare and analyze shipping expenses of each shipment
          Other duties as assigned.

main responsibilities :-
              H.R job Description:-
                 Effectively communicate HR policies and procedures to all
                 associates. Support all HR initiatives (e.g. recruiting,
                 employee relations, compensation, data management,
                 leadership and benefits).
                 Facilitates and/or provides training (including
                 orientation) to the workforce
                   Provides assistance to the recruiting team as needed.
                 This may include interviewing, screening and recruiting
                  * Assists in the implementation and rollout of regional
                 training programs.
                 Conducts new hire orientation.
                 Performs other HR work-related duties as of social
                 insurance procedures, payroll system, attendance,
                 Targeting new clients. -Preparing periodic report for the
                 opened vacancies. -Responding to clients’ requests of job
                 vacancies. -Discuss and understand the client’s hiring
                 needs with the client’s managers to prepare aggressive
                 recruitment programs to meet their hiring needs. -
                 Handling the searching, screening and selection process
                 for CVs and preparing shortlists accordingly -Conducting
             initial interviews. -Evaluating the candidates & preparing
             shortlists. -Scheduling, organizing, and administrating
             interviews and related tests. & preparing report for the
             workshop results. -Preparing periodic status reports for
             the major accounts. -Informing terms of recruitment to
             the selected candidates & following up recruitment
             procedures. -Acting as a liaison between both parties until
             final hiring is concluded.

Sales Representative Job Description :
       Present and sell books and educational materials to current and
       potential clients.
       Identify sales prospects and contact these and other accounts as
       Prepare presentations, proposals and sales contracts.
       Provide professional and personal assistance to clients in
       answering inquiries , locating information ,
                        And interpreting resource catalogs. o
       Establish and maintain current client and potential client
       Identify and resolve client concerns.
       Prepare a variety of status reports such as daily visit reports.
       Coordinate company staff to accomplish the work required to
       close sales.
       Develop and implement special sales activities to reduce stock.
       Participate in marketing events such as seminars, trade shows,
       book fairs and any other events.
        Other duties as assigned.
        Sales manger in Ace life. (2006 – 2007)
           Job Description:-
             Managing a team of 5 (BUMA).
             Managing a team of 50 financial consultants.
             Recruiting and selecting financial consultants upon certain
             Training financial consultants on sales techniques &
             insurance activities.
             Monitoring daily, weekly & monthly activity for financial
             Supporting financial consultants in the field to achieve
             Evaluate financial consultant's performance.
             Follow up medical appointments with clients.
             Follow the application with the sales support & the UW to
             insure policy issuing.
             Support financial consultants in policies delivery.
             Reporting all activities to the branch manager.

Store manger in Radio Shack Egypt. (Retail filed )(2007 – 2007)
         Job Description:-
             Managing a team of 5 sales makers'.
             Training new sales on sales techniques.
             Monitoring daily, weekly & monthly activity for sales
             Supporting sales in the field to achieve targets.
             Evaluate sales maker's performance.
             Reporting all activities to the branch manager.
Administration Assistant in B-Teck.)(2008 – 2008)
          Job Description:-
              Managing a team of 35 employees.
              Training new employer on techniques.
              Monitoring daily, weekly & monthly activity for sales
              Supporting sales in the field to achieve targets.
              Evaluate employer's performance.
              Reporting all activities to the manager.

  Other Skills:

        Strong Communication Skills.
        Leadership Skills.
        Ability to work Under Pressure.
        Willingness to travel inside or outside Egypt

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