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									        How to Apply

   To participate in the Certificate on
College Teaching program, please send
a resume to the Virginia Tidewater
Consortium for Higher Education,
along with the completed enrollment
form on the reverse side of this page.

   All applicants must commit to the
series of seven workshops over the
course of one academic year.         The
                                                                                                    Certificate on
workshops will be held on Fridays from
1:00-4:00 pm and 5:00-8:00 pm. Check
                                                                                                   College Teaching
VTC’s website for the exact dates. The
cost of the Certificate on College
Teaching program is $200.00.

   Space is limited, so sign up today! If
                                            Virginia Tidewater Consortium

you have any further questions or                                                                   4900 Powhatan Avenue
concerns, please contact Dr. Lawrence                                                               Norfolk, VA 23529-0293
G. Dotolo at 757-683-3183 or by email                                                                    757-683-3183
                                            for Higher Education
                                                                            4900 Powhatan Avenue

at <>.                                                                                 757-683-4515 fax
                                                                            Norfolk, VA 23529

      About the Certificate                                                                                                     Enrollment
                                                       How to Become Certified                                                     Form
      on College Teaching
  The Virginia Tidewater Consortium for               Attend and complete these seven (7) VTC                 Please complete and attach resume and payment.
Higher Education (VTC) offers the Certifi-                workshops on College Teaching
cate on College Teaching program to                    Teaching and Learning Styles
graduate students, part-time faculty and                                                                     Title: _________________________________________
                                                       Examine the various teaching styles and their
full-time faculty who want to learn more               impact on students. This workshop includes            Organization: __________________________________
about teaching at the college level or                 assessment of teaching and learning styles and
                                                       methodologies to determine these styles.              Address: ______________________________________
improve their teaching skills. Participants
                                                       Testing and Grading                                   Phone: ________________________________________
obtain the Certificate on College Teaching
                                                       Learn basic testing techniques, types of test
by attending a series of seven (three-hour             questions and ways to determine if teacher-           E-mail: ________________________________________
long) workshops dealing with important                 prepared tests are valid. Participants will also
                                                                                                             Discipline: _____________________________________
aspects of college teaching.                           evaluate tests and learn how to improve test
   Preparation for the college classroom                                                                     Cost of Program: $200.00
                                                       Lecturing and Questioning Skills
involves more than a solid base of knowl-              Learn various lecturing techniques, evaluate          Make Checks Payable to:
edge in a discipline; it requires a systematic         lectures that utilize these techniques and ask        Virginia Tidewater Consortium
inquiry into the pedagogies and processes              questions.
                                                                                                             P.O. # __________________
that facilitate learning. VTC’s certificate            Student-Centered Learning
                                                       Learn various methods to increase student             Credit card (circle one)
program is grounded in the latest educa-                                                                                    Visa        MasterCard
                                                       participation and enhance student responsibility
tional research of best practices in college           for his/her own learning. This workshop also
teaching, and is designed to enhance the                                                                     Card Number: __________________________________
                                                       discusses the advantages and disadvantages of
teaching and learning experiences for                  student-centered learning.                            Exp. Date: _____________
faculty and students at any institution. By            Helping Students Retain Classroom                     Cardholder’s Name: _____________________________
providing participating faculty members                Material
                                                                                                             Signature: _____________________________________
with basic pedagogical techniques and sup-             Learn how to increase student retention of
                                                       material through the use of advance organiza-
port, they will be better prepared to assume                                                                 Enrollment form and resume may be sent by mail
                                                       tion, focused questions, clear objectives, etc., in
                                                                                                             or faxed with payment to:
their teaching duties and will be more                 a way that will allow the participant to apply
productive in developing their research                techniques in their own classroom.                    Virginia Tidewater Consortium
                                                       The Use of Technology in Teaching                     4900 Powhatan Avenue
programs.                                                                                                    Norfolk, Virginia 23529-0293
                                                       Examine the most current trends in technology         Ph: 757-683-3183
        Virginia Tidewater Consortium                  use in the college classroom. This workshop           Fax: 757-683-4515
 4900 Powhatan Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23529-0293    also analyzes the effectiveness of various            E-mail:
         757-683-3183 ~ 757-683-4515 fax               methodologies in practice.                            Web sites:
                                                       Capstone Course                                         
                     Web sites: ~                                                                      
                                                       Will cover various other issues in college
                                                       teaching that aid the pedagogical effort.

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