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									US Global Funding, LLC
How much could you increase your
business if you offered your customers No
Credit Check financing? 10%? 20%? How
about 40% or better!!
“Do you have Financing?”
“Will you take a post-dated check?”
“Can I pay over time?”
How many potential customers have
you let walk away because you
couldn’t answer yes to these questions?
    You could be losing as
    much as 30-40% of new
    business if you don’t have
    a way to make your
    products or services
    available to the customer
    who could afford the
    payments but can’t get
    approved for a credit card
    or bank loan.

What if you were the only business in your area, in your
industry, that could get these buyers financed?

You would completely eliminate most of your
competitor’s from consideration, wouldn’t you?

And every time they need your product or service in the
future, who do you think these buyers are going to visit?

Who do you think they’ll recommend to their friends?
    Many businesses are
    experiencing severe
    reductions in sales due to
    the current economic

    The businesses that
    survive will be those that
    find innovative ways to
    make their products more
    easily affordable to the
    buying public.

What if you could offer in-house financing, with no
credit check, and with almost no risk to you?

Do you think that might increase your sales
Yes you can increase your business by as much as
40% by simply offering your clients no hassle, No
             Credit Check financing.

    And when we say no
    credit check, we mean
    it. No credit check on
    you, no credit check on
    your customer. We
    don’t even ask for a
    Social Security number!

Here are just a few of the many benefits for your

Low, low start-up costs and only $15 per month to run.

No costly equipment, just use your pc and fax machine.

Get online approvals in under 10 seconds.

You are guaranteed to get paid even if a
check bounces, with a few very simple
You control the program by taking guaranteed
post-dated checks from your customer.

You decide how much you want down, and how
much and how often your customer gets billed!
You are in complete control!
No long term commitments, no gimmicks, no
strings. Just sign up all the extra business starting
today, and your payments get dropped into your
checking account on the due dates! Simple, easy,
effective, and GUARANTEED!
We have partnered with two of the strongest names
in check verification and credit services to bring you
No Credit Check Financing, and we can get you set
up and doing business in less than an hour.

Don’t wait until your competition is stealing business
from you.
Let’s look at the many
benefits of adding a No
Credit Check Financing
program to your business.
Increases your business by 10%-40% or more by
opening up your referral and new business
customers to an entirely new way to pay.

And if you can get them approved, they’re pre-
sold. No need to slash your price to get their
Enables your customer to use checks instead of
credit (credit by loans, credit cards, or home equity
are near impossible to get in the current economic
And you’ll know in seconds if those checks are
good or bad.
Allows you to increase the results of any advertising
you do – just add a no credit check logo to your
Fast, easy approval in seconds – no waiting around to
see if the customer qualifies for credit.
No long applications to fill out.

85% approval rate! Compare that to under 50% for
       most credit programs these days.

No expensive equipment to buy or lease, no credit
card fees, or trying to figure out how to make
sense of your merchant statement every month!
You determine the down payment and the frequency of payments
(cover your costs), over a 90 day period. Collect checks for weekly
payments or just 2-3 for monthly payments. You decide how best
to charge your customer.

    Now lets go over the costs for the
    business owner and the customer

$495 set up fee – this is a one-time only charge (not annual)
paid by the merchant when signing up.

$15 per month statement fee… paid by the merchant.

.30 cent transaction fee per check… paid by the merchant.

7.5% carrying fee on the total amount billed to
the customer (try to get a personal loan or credit
card at 7.5% these days!)

$35 (one time) transaction setup fee paid by the
What a typical transaction looks like

            Let’s say you have a $1,000 sale. You will
             add 7.5% interest ($75.00), plus a one-
             time fee of $35 to the purchase price,
             making the total now $1,110.00.

What a typical transaction looks like

 You decide how to split up the payments, weekly, bi-
  monthly, monthly ~ whatever you and your customer
  agree to. Some merchants add up to a $25.00 per check
  fee, also known as a flex-fee, or risk-fee. This would be
  additional profit for you, and the customer is happy to
  pay it, since you were able to get them approved.

 What a typical transaction looks like

 You might agree on 6 bi-monthly payments of $185.00,
  or 3 monthly payments of $370.00, or 10 payments of
  $111.00. Again, you decide – you are in control.
 The customer writes the post-dated checks, signs the
  sales agreement, and provides proof of
  income (check stub or bank statement).
  and a valid ID or driver’s license.

What a typical transaction looks like

 You go on the Global Check secure website and enter
  the account information, amounts, and dates from the
  checks into our system and approval takes place within
 Your customer leaves with the goods or services they
  want or need and your checks are deposited into your
  account on the dates specified on the checks. Even if
  the checks don’t clear ~ just fax in the required
  documentation if requested and you still get your
  money. GUARANTEED!
That’s It! All costs were paid by the customer and
you never went near your credit card terminal.
Imagine what you’ll save in credit card processing
alone! That $1,000 sale would have cost you about
$50.00 in credit card fees! Your customer pays the
costs of this.
Fast, easy and affordable. Your business pays a one time $495
setup fee (no costly equipment or monthly rental fees), and $15
per month thereafter.

Automatic renewal. Our agreement with you is for 12 months and
once that time is up, you just keep sending in business as usual
with no additional yearly or renewal fees.

The customer pays a $35 set up fee and 7.5% of the sale (you just
add those two charges to the sales agreement).

You can get started right now and start offering No Credit Check
financing to your customers within the next 30 minutes!
                  YOUR SECRET WEAPON

Now for the truly magical part ~ the part that brings new customers through your door.
Our clients who have used this amazing advertising tool report increases in traffic of 20%
to 40%. It’s a simple banner, some might say a downright UGLY thing to look at, but it’s
effectiveness cannot be denied. It’s a 3’ X 6’ Banner that your customers can see from
blocks away, and tells them you’ve got the financing they need. Customers who see this
banner and need your product or service but are strapped for cash will come in to see
what kind of financing you have to offer first, before they even consider the price of
your product or service. These folks are pre-sold if you can get them approved! Could
you stand to look at this thing every day if it was increasing your business by 20 -40% ?

          We’ll show you how to get one of these durable banners at our
          cost of $54.00. Maybe the best advertising money you ever spent!
Following are some of the most frequently asked
questions we receive. If you have questions that
are not addressed, please call the number below
 between 9am and 5 pm eastern standard time.
Question: If you’re not using a credit report, how exactly are
you deciding who gets credit?

Answer: We use the national checking systems to determine
whether your customer qualifies for the program. Since 99% of
all checks written are good (or made good, eventually),
there’s a pretty good chance your customer will qualify.

Question: Aren’t checks a thing of the past? Most people don’t
even carry checks these days, do they?

Answer: Actually, the majority of transactions still occur with
checks! Many bill payer systems still don’t accept credit cards.
And with credit card companies pulling back on credit funding,
more people will be living within their means, which means
writing more checks and using less actual credit off their cards.

Question: Is Global Check the company that actually determines
which customers are able to qualify?

Answer: Yes. Global Check is a check processing company since
1995. We joined with Visa® to create ArcNet, a low cost solution to
help businesses utilize their check clearinghouse system without
buying expensive equipment. Visa® verifies the funds, National
Check Network (NCN) runs a customer’s check across multiple
platforms to make sure they aren’t writing bad checks, but Global
Check makes the final determination and guarantees the actual
payment to your business.

Question: What do I need to do as a business to qualify?

Answer: This service is not designed for an internet business
model. If you run a brick-and-mortar store front operation or a
handyman type of set up from home, you probably qualify. There
are a few businesses we can’t accept but that list is short. If we
contacted you, your business qualifies. We don’t check your
credit, just your checks.

Question: There are many different credit based programs
available. Why haven’t I ever heard of this?

Answer: This is a fairly new system, designed by Global Check
to help businesses increase their business as the use of credit
cards has dropped nationwide. Knowing that businesses are
under some stress, they designed the ArcNet system to be
internet based so it was affordable for all businesses.

Question: What has been the reaction to this from consumers?

Answers: It has been extremely positive and has produced
tremendous results for merchants. Consumers still need what
you are selling but often they just can’t find a way to pay for
things today. By extending them No Credit Check financing
based on a short term series of payments, they are able to buy
your services over a 90 day period by essentially paying cash
instead of using credit cards.

Question: When I make a sale, how should I break up the

Answer: The short answer is, any way you want! The only
correct way to set up the payments is the way that works
best for you and your customer. You have complete control.
So if you need to collect 20%, 30%, or even 50% up front to
cover your costs, do that. And then split the balance up over
weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payments based on when
your customer gets paid or has the money available.
Question: How does the guarantee work?

Answer: In the ArcNet program, you are guaranteed
payment even if a check doesn’t clear the customer’s
account. Sometimes this happens…on the day a payment is
due, the customer just doesn’t have enough money in the
bank to clear the check. This is usually an oversight and the
account is re-drafted and the check clears. Regardless, if
you followed the basic instructions when setting up the
payments, you are guaranteed payment whether the check
clears or not. Just keep a record of the customer
agreement, proof of income, and the original checks and
you will be paid!              39
Question: How does my business get paid?

Answer: Your customer writes you a down payment check and
then writes the appropriate number of post-dated checks to
pay for your products or services. You just enter the checks
into the ArcNet system and your payments are automatically
sent to your checking account on the correct dates for each
payment. Once you enter the checks into ArcNet, everything
else is handled by Global Check!
Question: Are there any other forms or monthly
reports I need to contend with?

Answer: Not at all! Once you enter the customer’s
information, get your approval, and complete your
transaction, your part of the process is done. Sit back
and watch the checks drop into your account over the
next 3 months. If a check bounces, you will need to
fax over the contract, proof of income, and copies of
checks but this is the basic information you collected
up front so you will have it on hand.

Ready to increase business and have a great
year in the middle of the Great Recession?
90 Day No Credit Check financing with an
85% approval rate is the right offer at the
right time for your business, and your

Your sales agent can sign you up right now. Just get back
with the person who sent you this presentation. Start
today and you will be up and running within an hour. Once
you complete the basic enrollment, we will walk you
through a test transaction.

You will then receive a call from customer service to
complete the signup. We are available from 9 am to 5 pm
EST to answer any questions you may have.

Here's a short list of the types of businesses currently
benefiting from our No Credit Check Financing...
Antique Shops ~ Auto Repair Centers ~ Boat Repair ~ Carpet
and Flooring Stores ~ Caterers ~ Chiropractors ~ Custom
Car/Truck Accessory Shops ~ Dentists ~ Doctors ~ Electronics
Stores ~ Furniture stores ~ Gun Shops ~Heating oil and gas ~
Home Improvement ~ HVAC ~ Kitchen and Bath Stores ~
Landscaping ~ Mattress Stores ~ ~ Moving Companies ~
Plumbing and Electric ~ Property Management ~ Roofing ~
Security Systems ~ Septic ~ Siding Installers ~ Ski and winter
sports ~ Tattoo Shops ~ Tire and Wheel Shops ~ Travel
Agencies ~ Transmission Shops ~ Tree work ~ TV and
Appliance Repairs ~ Well Drillers ~ Windows
Veterinarians ~ Wells
                       If you’re ready to start
                       offering your customers
                       90 day no credit check
                       financing, let’s get started.
                       Call us when you have 30
                       minutes available and we’ll
                       walk you through the
                       enrollment process.

We’re A+ Rated!                 TODAY!
Need to reach us for sales, service or just
have a few questions? No problem.

Our regular business hours are 9 am-5 pm
eastern time. Phone: 1-877-602-4545


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