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									A series of workshops from ProfitNet and the Collaborative Training
Centre at the University of Brighton to help businesses combat the
economic downturn.
 Essential skills for maintenance and growth in a challenging market place                                  Steering your brand in difficult times
                        Duration: 2 Days When: Part 1-Tues 19th May Part 2-Tues 23rd June                               Duration: 1 and a 1/2 days When: Part 1-Friday 3rd July Part 2-Weds 22nd July
                        Where: University of Brighton - Cockroft Building                                               Where: CENTRIM, University of Brighton - Freeman Centre, University of Sussex Campus,
                        Delivered by: Sarah Jennings and Mathew Jennings, Spark Training                                Falmer, Brighton Delivered by: Ann Henry, Brand Adventure
                        Cost: £550.00 + VAT*                                                                            Cost: £395.00 + VAT*
This two-day workshop is about performing a health check on your business. Delegates will produce          An interactive workshop to encourage brand entrepreneurship and ‘possibility thinking’ in the
a business health check and action plan and will also get a chance to review and practice essential        face of the current economic climate. The workshop is structured over 1 and a 1/2 days which are
skills, such as negotiation, appraisal and critical decision making, to help them carry out the plan. As   scheduled a few weeks apart to allow for review time. During the course each participant will:
a result of attending the course delegates will be able to:                                                            • Gain a better understanding of the opportunities for their brand in the current climate
             • Identify key suppliers, employees and associates                                                        • Develop the beginnings of three new ideas for their brand planning
             • Negotiate better deals with clients and suppliers                                                        • Share their progress with other attendees and discuss opportunities and issues
             • Identify where to spend their time most productively                                                     • Receive further brand direction on their progress

                                                                                                            Competitor Intelligence
             • Work collaboratively with other businesses to generate opportunities

  How to survive the recession without going bust!                                                                                     Duration: 2 Days When: Part 1-Tues 15th September Part 2-Weds 30th September
            Duration: 1 Day When: Weds 27th May                                                                                        Where: University of Brighton - Postgraduate Computer Suite, Watts Building
            Where: University of Brighton - Mithras House                                                                              Delivered by: Arthur Weiss and Jane Priddis, Plus One Limited
            Delivered by: John Morley, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton                                                Cost: £550.00 + VAT*
            Cost: £275.00 + VAT*                                                                           Arthur and Jane will focus on ways to use competitive intelligence to best effect within your
A one-day workshop to look at cash flow and cash management avoiding the pitfalls of the recession:        organisation's strategy. This practical, hands -on workshop will focus on ways to:
           • The differences between cash flow and profit; exploring break even analysis                              • Discover valuable information about your competitors
           • Cash forecasts                                                                                           • Gain advantage over them in ever-more changeable markets.
           • Giving credit - protect yourself from bad debts BEFORE making the sale                        The workshop is structured as two separate days, two weeks apart, with practical work to be
           • Chasing the readies! How to persuade them to pay up without losing friends                    completed during the intervening time. This format allows delegates more opportunities to
           • Monitoring - looking for danger signs                                                         explore the subject and apply it to their own industries.

                                                                                                            Identifying and winning new business
           • Raising the wind - a look at some alternative sources of finance

  Why are my competitors getting in the papers?                                                                                        Duration: 2 Days When: Part 1-23rd September Part 2-21st October
            Duration: 2 x 1/2 Days When: Thurs 25th June                                                                               Where: University of Brighton - Cockcroft Building
            Where: University of Brighton - Cockcroft Building                                                                         Delivered by: Sarah Jennings and Mathew Jennings, Spark Training
            Delivered by: Steve Bustin, Vada Media                                                                                     Cost: £550.00 + VAT*
            Cost: Single Session - £150.00, Both Sessions - £275.00 + VAT*                                 This workshop focuses on positioning your business appropriately for the current climate.
The course is split into two sessions on the same day. The morning is for PR newcomers or                  You will learn how to diversify your services and products by identifying new prospects through
those who want to refresh their PR skills. The afternoon concentrates on maximising PR in the              networking, generate referrals, deliver shoestring marketing and design an effective sales strategy
current economic downturn and is designed for delegates who have undertaken the morning                    and action plan. Delegates will be able to:
session or who have attended earlier ProfitNet PR courses or have good existing PR experience.                          • Make their offering more relevant to the current market
At the end of these courses you will know how to:                                                                       • Find new markets and leads
           • Use PR as a low cost but highly effective form of marketing                                                • Market and sell to new prospects effectively
           • Reach new customers, and reconnect with existing ones                                                      • Implement their new sales strategy
           • Use the skills to maximise the opportunities for media coverage in the credit crunch                       • Win new business
           • Use images, case studies and research to promote your business effectively
                                                                                                              Ideally suitable for established businesses   Appropriate for all companies of any size and experience level
  Managing Innovation                                                                                             Workshop Booking Form
             Duration: 2 Days When: Part 1-Weds 4th November Part 2-Thurs 5th November
             Where: CENTRIM, University of Brighton - Freeman Centre, University of Sussex Campus,
                                                                                                                  How to book:
             Falmer, Brighton Delivered by: Shaun Gannon, CENTRIM, University of Brighton
             Cost: £550.00 + VAT*                                                                                 Please complete the booking form and return it to the Collaborative Training Centre,
This programme is practical and is meant to be used right away. The aim is to help you be a                       Cockcroft Building, Moulsecoomb, Brighton, BN2 4GJ or fax it to 01273 642444 or book
more effective formal and informal manager of innovation. Programme goals are to:                                 on-line at Tel 01273 642305, email
           • Clarify how innovation can become an important part of the way you do                                Course fees exclude VAT and include course materials, refreshments and lunch for full
             your job and live your life                                                                          day courses.
           • Specify how mind sets, skills and behaviours need to change as an idea                               Course name:
             moves from being a ‘gleam in the eye’ to a reality that creates value in your
                                                                                                                  I would like to apply for             delegate place/s
             organisation and/or the larger world
           • Suggest practical ways in which you can create and develop innovation                                ProfitNet group (if applicable)
             capability, both within your area of influence and across your organisation                          Chamber of Commerce membership no. (if applicable)

  Stand and Deliver                                                                                               Title:                Name:
                            Duration: Half Day When: Weds 25th November                                           Position held:
                            Where: University of Brighton - Cockcroft Building
                                                                                                                  Name and address of company/organisation:
                            Delivered by: Ann Henry, Brand Adventure and Patrick Bland, Azimuth
                            Cost: £150.00 + VAT*
This is a fun, interactive half-day session that will help you to fearlessly deliver. The course gives
an introduction to the five steps to effective presentation with interactive discussion and hands-on
practical try-outs. You will be able to:                                                                          Email:
             • Improve your business presentation skills to give yourself the competitive edge                    Phone number:                                           Fax number:
             • Learn the principles of effective presentation
             • Apply these principles to a mini presentation on the day that will be reviewed                     Signature:                                              Print name:
               and guided by the team
             • Use forum theatre techniques to get to the heart of those challenges when                          Methods of payment
               delivering a business presentation
                                                                                                                       1. Payment enclosed: Cheques should be made payable to ‘University of Brighton’

   Ideally suitable for established businesses   Appropriate for all companies of any size and experience level        2. Please invoice me. Invoice address if different from above:

*ProfitNet members
There are limited fully-funded places available for ProfitNet members. ProfitNet members can apply
for a maximum of three funded courses – additional courses will be charged at the full rate.                      Company order no:

The Collaborative Training Centre is able to offer a limited number of bursaries to support people
from small companies (fewer than 50 employees) attending the two-day CPD short courses – see                      Note
our website for details ( Please note bursaries are                  Full day workshops run from 9:30 - 4:30. Half day workshops run from 9:30 - 12:30 or 1:30 - 4:30
not available if another concession is being taken.                                                               Please see our website for booking terms and conditions (

                                                                                                                     Ideally suitable for established businesses    Appropriate for all companies of any size and experience level

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