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					Title                                 Author
Eat this, not that, supermarket
survival guide : the no-diet weight
loss solution
                                      Zinczenko, David.

Family meals                          Sinskey, Maria Helm

The complete book of road cycling &
racing                              Peveler, Will

The Biggest loser family cookbook :
budget-friendly meals your whole
family will love                      Alexander, Devin

The daily fix : your guide to healthy
habits for good nutrition             Fishback, Alexa L.
Food                                  Grover, Jan.
  Peak performance : sports nutrition

                                      Shryer, Donna

Premier soccer                        Parker, Michael
Food in colonial and federal America Oliver, Sandra L.
Diets and dieting : a cultural
encyclopedia                         Gilman, Sander L
Fat families, thin families : how to
save your family from the obesity
trap                                 Hendel, Amy

Weighing in : nutrition and weight
management                           Favor, Lesli J.

Too young to feel old : the arthritis
doctor's 28-day formula for pain-free
living                                Blau, Richard

Just take a bite : easy, effective
answers to food aversions and
eating challenges                    Ernsperger, Lori
The end of food                      Roberts, Paul
Atlas of the human body : anatomy,
physiology, health                   Cassan, A.
The Gale encyclopedia of diets : a
guide to health and nutrition        Longe, Jacqueline L.
Body fuel : a guide to good nutrition     Shryer, Donna

Food as foe : nutrition and eating
disorders                                 Favor, Lesli J.
                                          Culinary Institute of
Techniques of healthy cooking             America
The food you crave : luscious recipes
for a healthy life                    Krieger, Ellie

The toddler cafe : fast, healthy, and
fun ways to feed even the pickiest
eater                                     Carden, Jennifer

Eating for pregnancy : an essential
guide to nutrition with recipes for the   Jones, Catherine
whole family                              Cheremeteff
Careers for homebodies other…
American Medical Association guide
to living with diabetes : preventing
and treating type 2 diabetes--
essential information you and your
family need to know                       Metzger, Boyd E.
Brain food : recipes for success in
school, sports, and life                  Caruana, Vicki
Fitness made simple : the power to
change your body, the power to
change your life                          Basedow, John

Vitamins and minerals demystified         Blake, Steve
Vitamins, herbs, minerals &
supplements : the complete guide          Griffith, H. Winter

The fat fallacy : applying the French
diet to the American lifestyle            Clower, William

Battleground : schools                    Mathison, Sandra
In defense of food : an eater's
manifesto                                 Pollan, Michael.
Can diets be harmful?                     Lankford, Ronald D

Prescription for natural cures : a self-
care guide for treating health
problems with natural remedies,
including diet and nutrition, nutritional
supplements, bodywork, and more           Balch, James F
Healthy food for babies and toddlers Wescott, Patsy

The encyclopedia of what to eat for
what ails you : a complete guide to
special diets and nutritional cures for
everything from arthritis to warts        Scherer, Winnie
Frequently asked questions about
MyPyramid : eating right                  Williams, Kara
The NutriBase nutrition facts desk
reference                                 Ulene, Art
365 foods kids love to eat : fun,
nutritious & kid-tested                   Ellison, Sheila

Walking & jogging for health &
wellness                                  Rosato, Frank D

Stuffed                                   Walters, Eric

                                          Shannon, Joyce
Adolescent health sourcebook              Brennfleck.
The family guide to fighting fat : a
parent's guide to battling obesity,       Texas Children's
diabetes, and eating issues               Hospital
What to eat                               Nestle, Marion.

The edible pyramid : good eating
every day                                 Leedy, Loreen
Appetite for profit : how the food
industry undermines our health and
how to fight back                         Simon, Michele
Sports medicine                       Minigh, Jennifer L

Food in the ancient world            Alcock, Joan P.
Feed your family right : how to make
smart food and fitness choices for a
healthy lifestyle                    Zied, Elisa

Food in the United States, 1820s-
1890                                  Williams, Susan
101 ways to work out with weights :
effective exercises to sculpt your
body and burn fat!                    Whitmarsh, Cindy
Summary                                                  School
Based on the most popular column in both "Men's
Health" and "Women's Health" magazines, this work is a
comprehensive guide for smart food shopping in the
Contains recipes designed for families to cook together, C,W
grouped by ingredient in the categories of breads and
pastries, dairy, eggs, fruit, vegetables and herbs,
seafood, chicken, meat, pasta, grains and legumes, and
sugar, spice, and chocolate; and includes tips on
choosing the freshest foods, information on nutrition, W
A guide to road cycling and racing, offering advice on
buying and maintaining a bike, and covering riding and
racing skills and strategies, training and fitness, off-
season training, nutrition, and safety                      W
Provides over 125 recipes that are budget-friendly and
appealing to families, including breakfast, lunch, snack,
dinner, and dessert dishes; and offers an overview of
nutrition, references, and resources.                         W
Basics -- No more excuses -- Information is power --
Tools of the nutrition trade -- Grocery shopping and
stocking -- Morning -- Caffeine routine -- I am what I A.M.
-- The midmorning snack attack -- Noontime -- Think
outside the lunch box -- The afternoon slump -- Evening -
- Happy hour-cocktails, anyone? -- Restaurant "weak" --
Home body -- Lifestyle -- Get wellness soon -- Exercise:
the best fix -- Things we don't like to discuss -- Travel
traps.                                                        C
        Addresses various controversies surrounding nutrition C
Provides a basic, comprehensive introduction to sports
nutrition, including information on how nutrients help the
athlete reach peak performance, with a review of the food
pyramid and how to read labels to make healthy food
choices                                                       C
Includes training information about soccer such as
conditioning and nutrition                                    C
The success of the new settlements in what is now the
United States depended on food. This book tells about
the bounty that was here and how Europeans forged a
society and culture, beginning with help from the
Indians and eventually incorporating influences from
African slaves. They developed regional food habits
with the food they brought with them, what they found
here, and what they traded for all around the globe.
Their daily life is illuminated through descriptions of the
typical meals, holidays, and special occasions, as well
as their kitchens, cooking utensils, and cooking
methods over an open hearth. Readers will also learn
how they kept healthy and how their food choices
reflected their spiritual beliefs. Annotation. This
narrative explores the critical aspect that food played in
the settlement and adaptation of the early American
settlers and illuminates the whole of their experience.     C


Preventing obesity by selecting healthy habits and foods.   C
Provides a basic, comprehensive introduction to weight
management, including information on using the body-
mass index formula and the food pyramid to make
healthy food choices                                        C
A comprehensive review of the common arthritides with
practical information, specifically regarding
complimentary treatments. Includes patient vignettes
and useful tips for arthritis sufferers, as well as a
screening Arthritis doctor's questionnaire,
comprehensive exercises, and diets.                         C
A long-awaited, critically-needed book, Just Take a Bite
deals with a subject common to children with
autism/Asperger's, offering a step-by-step
comprehensive plan to address food aversions and
selectivities. This book provides insight as to the
causes of eating challenges and specific techniques for
increasing food selections and assisting children in
eating a balanced diet. This is a "must-have" book for
parents, therapists, and teachers.                          C
Explores the impact of the food industry                    C

Illustrates body systems                                    C

Provides a basic, comprehensive introduction to human
nutrition, including information on how nutrients fuel
the body, with a review of the food pyramid and how to
read labels to make healthy food choices               C

Provides a basic, comprehensive introduction to eating
disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating,
with a review of where to find help and how to make
wise food choices to become healthy                       C


Includes healthy recipies from the food network               C

Provides fifty recipes which are easy to prepare and
appealing to toddlers, including vegetables, beans, rice,
pasta, fruit, sandwiches, snacks, and more.               W

Discusses the nutritional needs of pregnant women, and
offers over 150 recipes designed to meet those
requirements, each with notes on the nutrients being
provided by the dish. Includes menu suggestions.       W

Offers advice on living with type 2 diabetes, discussing
what it is, risks, maintaining a healthy weight, nutrition,
exercise, diagnosis, treatments, complications, and
children and pregnant women with the disease.                 W


Includes information about the importance of nutrition in
fitness                                                       C

A practical guide to vitamins and minerals that covers
how they were discovered and their role in physiology,
recommended daily allowances, which foods are
important sources, and smart food choices.                    E

Discusses the myths related to fat in the diet and how it
relates to our understanding of the French diet and French
cooking.                                                      E
Alphabetically arranged entries, from Leadership to
Youth activism, provide information on controversial
public education issues in the United States, including
nutrition in school, sexuality education, textbooks, and
more.                                                         W

Addresses food habits and nutrition                           C
From series Issues in Health- It answers the question from a
variety of points of view.                                   C





Provides guidelines for beginning a safe and effective
walking and jogging regimen and includes information
on physical fitness, motivational techniques, prevention
of injuries, nutrition, and assessing cardiologist
endurance.                                                 W
Ian, inspired by a documentary on fast food, starts an
online boycott of Frankie's fast food restaurants that
multiplies to the extent that it attracts the attention of
the company's lawyers and eventually forces the chain
to add healthy choices to its menu.                        W
Basic consumer health information about the physical,
mental, and emotional growth and development of
adolescents, including medical care, nutritional and
physical activity requirements, puberty, sexual activity,
acne, tanning, body piercing, common physical
illnesses and disorders, eating disorders, attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, bullying,
hazing, and adolescent injuries related to sports,
driving, and work; along with substance abuse
information about nicotine, alcohol, and drug use, a
glossary, and directory of additional resources             W

Customers at the Edible Pyramid restaurant learn about
food groups, the types of food in each group, and how
much to eat from each group every day.                 C

Addresses the food industry and government's influence on
eating habits and health.                                   C
Includes information about the importance of nutrition in
sports.                                                     C

The ways of life of four great ancient civilizations--
Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Celtic--are illuminated
here through their foodways. As these cultures moved
toward settled agriculture, a time of experimentation
and learning began. Cities emerged, and with them
consumer societies that needed to be supplied. The
book draws on writings of classical authors such as
Petronius, Galen, and Cato as well as archeological
findings to present insight into ancient peoples.           C

This volume is indispensable for understanding this
period in American history and the consumer culture
today, through its survey of inventions and new
technology, the beginnings of classic American food
brands, regional foodways, and diet fads. Annotation.
The period from the 1820s to 1890 was one of invention,
new trends, and growth in the American food culture.
Inventions included the potato chip and Coca-Cola.
Patents were taken out for the tin can, canning jars, and
condensed milk. Vegetarianism was promulgated.
Factories and mills such as Pillsbury came into being,
as did Quaker Oats and other icons of American food.
This volume describes the beginnings of many familiar
mainstays of our daily life and consumer culture. It
chronicles the shift from farming to agribusiness.
Cookbooks proliferated and readers will trace the
modernization of cooking, from the hearth to the stove,
and the availability of refrigeration. Regional foodways
are covered, as are how various classes ate at home or
away. A final chapter covers the diet fads, which were
similar to those being touted today.                      C

Includes information about the relationship between diet and
the body.                                                    C

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