Discrimination by LisaB1982


Mrs. Betts

Discrimination means to make distinctions in treatment or to show partiality or prejudice.

Japanese Internment Camps
• After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States forced all Japanese people in the country to relocate to special internment camps. • The relocation began in 1942 and the Japanese were not all completely released until 1946. • All Japanese Americans or Japanese unnaturalized peoples were forced to live at the camps.

Japanese Internment Camps – (continued)
The Japanese were removed from their homes after the attack on Pearl Harbor because President Roosevelt was fearful that the Japanese living in the United States would be involved in terrorist activities. They were locked in the camps like criminals.

Affect on the World
In 1946, when the last of the camps were closed, most of the people found their homes and belongings that they left behind were taken. However more important was the fact that they had lost their selfrespect.

Changes in the World Today
Public apology from President Bush in 1990


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