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Do you enjoy planning events? Do you want to start your own event planning business? If so,
this accelerated certificate program is for you. The Certificate Program in Event Planning is
designed for Small Business Owners and Independent Meeting Professionals. Those most
interested in our program are new and aspiring event professionals, those interested in a career
change, and those seeking credentials to launch and develop their business.

Event Planning is a multi-billion dollar industry. During a recession, companies are outsourcing
Event Planners and expecting a higher return on investment. They recognize the need for highly
skilled professionals who are detailed and result oriented.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for Event Planners will continue to grow
at a faster than average rate through 2014. As the business world becomes even more globally
focused, international meetings, luncheons, dinners, and social events become more

This program is offered nationwide. The certificate program classes meet 2 days in
Saturday/Sunday blocks from 1PM-4PM.

      How to determine the amount of time/budget you need to prepare for an event
      The absolutely most important thing to do first when you're put in charge
      The 6 essential elements of any meeting, and how to prepare for each
      Where you should hold the event and when a hotel is a better choice
      The basic questions every event planner must be able to answer
      The most important consideration for setting up a registration desk
      What type of food you should serve, how much, and when
      Essentials to test at the hotel or meeting facility before booking
      How top planners decide how many staff members to have on hand

  1. The First Steps: Initial Planning & Budgets
  2. Event Planner Income
  3. Event Planner Contracts
  4. Booking Speakers & Entertainment
  5. Location, Location, Location
  6. Catering & Menu Planning
  7. Staffing & Volunteers
  8. The Guest List
  9. Invitations
  10. Themes & Programs
  11. Weather Considerations
  12. Transportation and more
Participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded a Certificate of
Achievement in Event Planning. Participants must attend both class meetings to receive a
certificate. The certification is renewable every 2 years with 32 approved professional hours
each calendar year.

Program Fee

The program fee is $295. This fee includes workbook, supporting materials, and lunch each day
of the program. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Who Should Attend

New and aspiring event planners and those seeking a career change will benefit from this
profitable educational experience. Professional association planners, meeting planners, festival
organizers, fundraisers, administrative assistants, stay at home entrepreneurs, party planners, and
special event coordinators, just to name a few, are the target audience for this comprehensive

What Positions Might This Certificate Lead To?

• Meeting Coordinator
• Event Coordinator
• Small Business Owner
• Wedding Planner
• Training Coordinator
• Marketing Assistant
• Independent Meeting Planner
• Executive Assistant
• Administrative Assistant
• Sales Manager

Eligibility For Certificate Program

No prerequisites are required for the certificate. Some experience in event
planning is helpful, but not necessary. Once you earn your certificate, Event Planners must
maintain 32 hours of professional event planning experience each calendar every 2 years.

Certificate Requirements

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon the completion of the 2 day consecutive
program which includes four core courses; it cannot be separated. Those who do not wish to
pursue a certificate may take individual classes.


A permanent record of attendance is established and students may obtain a letter of reference by
submitting an email to info@correlationsllc.com.

Walk-In Registration
Please register for all Event Planning courses online or via phone. Walk-in registration is not

What Participants Are Saying About Our Event Planning Instruction:

“Helena, Thank you for such a productive afternoon. We are really fired up and have been
working on ideas since we got home this afternoon. With the help of my husband we were able to
come up with a name for our business. I feel as though we are headed in the right direction and
have a strong leg to stand on after our class today.” Thank you, Lori

“Hey Helena! I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I enjoyed the class yesterday.
You have such a great spirit and we could tell that you truly care about our success. We are very
motivated and will be meeting with several vendors this week. We are trying to meet with as many
vendors as possible over the next few weeks. We need a portfolio ASAP!” Thanks again, Kristin

“Helena, It was a pleasure meeting you today, and I really enjoyed the training. You are an
inspiration, and I wish you continued success in your business. Thank you again for all you have
taught today.” Best regards, Ginni

For More Information

Helena Paschal
Correlations Coach & Event Planner
Phone: 404.797.0125
Email: helena.paschal@correlationsllc.com



All students who have successfully completed the Event Planning Certificate Program are
required to complete at least 32 professional planning hours each calendar year for 5 consecutive
years. One planned and completed wedding is equivalent to 32 hours or 3-4 income producing
events equates to 32 hours.


Types of acceptable activities for certified students include:

    1. Planning workshops, seminars, conferences, or tradeshows. Each corporate or
       professional development event equates to 8 planning hours.
    2. Planning special events, parties, fundraisers, and networking events with less than 1,000
       people in attendance equates to 8 planning hours.
    3. Events exceeding 1,000 attendees equates to 16 planning hours.
    4. Providing consultations, wedding planning, and on-site participation for a wedding
       equates to 32 planning hours.
    5. Volunteering for an event to gain adequate experience for a specialized niche equates to 4
       planning hours per event.
    6. Completion of additional courses relating to event planning (independent study,
       video/audio tapes, attending conferences/conventions, and on-line courses) equates to 4
       hours each. We strongly encourage continuing education.

    You must renew your certificate every 2 years for a minimum of 5 years.

        1. Go to the Correlations website www.correlationsllc.com
        2. Find out when the next Event Planning Certificate Program is being offered in a city
           near you. Register at the renewal rate of $99. You can renew up to 6 months prior to
           your expiration date or no later than 6 months after your expiration date.
        3. Submit your 64 total event planning hours every 2 years to info@correlationsllc.com
           to be added to your transcript. Each event should include written documentation and
           verification of the completed activities. A 1 page summary (including event name,
           time, date, location, budget, profit, event details, etc) and 1 reference from each event
           is sufficient.
        4. You must submit 64 planning hours and attend an Event Planning Certificate
           Program in your city in order to maintain your certificate. Your planning hours may
           be submitted to the instructor of your class.
        5. You must completely reactivate your Event Planning Certificate if the expiration date
           exceeds 6 months and register at the full certification fee.
        6. Any questions regarding renewal should be directed in email to

Correlations, LLC offers a great first start in your career. Take your certificate to the next
level by becoming Nationally Board recognized with the highest honor. (CMM & CMP)

Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)
The CMM is the Strategic Advantage in Meeting and Event Management.

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
MPI is a proud supporter of the Convention Industry Council’s Certified Meeting Professional
(CMP) Program.

MPI CMP Online Study Guide
A focused and flexible program designed to support preparation for the CMP exam.

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Criteria

       A minimum of 3 years employment experience in meeting management
       Current, full time employment in meeting management
       Responsibility and accountability of all meeting management

Eligibility is based upon a point system. You must have 90 points in the following areas to be

       Experience in Meeting Management-35 points
       Management Responsibility-50 points
       Education and Continuing Education-25 points
       Membership and Professional Organizations-10 points
       Professional Contribution to the Field-30 points

Your application is reviewed by the CMP board to determine your eligibility to take the exam.
The exam contains 150 questions about strategic event planning, financial event management,
logistics and facility preparation. Visit CMP for an online study guide.

Correlations Event Planning Courses

Classes below are only offered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Introduction and Fundamentals of Event Planning
(Included with Certificate)
Hours: 2
Fee: $125
Course No.: FEP 101
Reg. No.: 32840

This course will answer the following questions: How can I become a successful event planner?
What salary can I expect to make? This course will also provide an overview of the industry, and
information regarding resources, budgets, and establishing a timeline. Learn the step-by-step
plans to assure that your event fits the needs of the audience, creates an extraordinary
environment, stays within budget, and remains on time. This class will not only explain the
process, but will provide tips for success. You will learn how to anticipate Murphy’s Law,
establish registration procedures, and manage and evaluate the event.

Special Event Management
Hours: 2
Fee: $125
Course No.: SEM 401
Reg. No.: 32844

This course will provide you with tools to improve your skills as an Event Manager as you
identify the potential challenges to a successful event and select appropriate solutions.
You will be provided with essential information for developing profitable strategies, identifying
event goals and objectives, working with assistants, and managing volunteers. You will learn to
improve catering quality while maintaining budgets, and how to market your event.

Negotiations and Contracts
(Included with Certificate)
Hours: 2
Fee: $125
Course No.: NC 201
Reg. No.: 32841

To obtain the best contract, it is necessary to learn how to negotiate skillfully. This course will
help you identify what is negotiable, and how to ask for what your client needs. Specifically,
contract clauses and liability issues will be explored and explained.
Site Selection, Inspections & On-Site Management
Location: VARIES (ask for monthly locations info@correlationsllc.com)
Hours: 4
Fee: $125
Course No.: SSI 01
Reg. No.: 32850

Choosing the right site for an event or meeting is an acquired skill. In this course you will learn
how to conduct the site inspection, which will result in the selection of a suitable venue.
Resources that are available for selecting sites will be discussed, as will t he steps required to
complete an RFP.

Marketing and Promotion/Financial Management
(Included with Certificate)
Hours: 2
Fee: $125
Course No.: MPF 01
Reg. No.: 32842

This course will teach you the basics of how to market your event and how to manage your
finances. You will learn to set timelines for meeting promotion, how to establish the budget and
cash flow, and how to set registration fees. Types of promotional materials will be discussed, as
well as important tips for cross promotions.

Food and Beverage Management/Room Set Ups
(Included with Certificate)
Hours: 2
Fee: $125
Course No.: FBM 02
Reg. No.: 32843

Food and beverages are essential to making an event a success, as is an appropriate room set up.
In this course you will learn how to work with the catering department to develop exciting and
diverse menus. In addition, you will learn how to determine the appropriate set up of a room.
Dozens of tips will be revealed for staying within the budget, and the importance of record
keeping will be discussed.

Resume Writing and Self Promotion for Event Planners
Hours: 3
Fee: $125
Course No.: RWS 03
Reg. No.: 32849

This course is for entrepreneur event planners who want to start their own business.
Points covered will include marketing, service, and fees. A wealth of information and interaction
will provide essential ingredients to a successful business.

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