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					Mach II and ColdSpring

                   Kurt Wiersma
             CF.Objective() 2006
 Show how Mach II and ColdSpring can be used together to build
  better enterprise grade applications.
 Introducing a quick start application: Appbooster
 Mach II - Model View Controller framework
    Doesn’t help you with your model
 ColdSpring - is that like MN in March?
    container for your model objects to make
     them available to your controllers

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         Typical App Architecture
 Domain/business objects for
  each entity in your system
 Data Access objects (DAO)
  which read and save objects
 Gateway objects which
  return queries
 Service objects which
  manage the DAOs and
  gateways and call other
 Controllers which talk to the
  service layer to get the work
  done in an application.
                ColdSpring Part 1
 ColdSpring's core focus is to make the configuration and
  dependencies of your CFCs easier to manage. Typically this is
  necessary in the service layer of your application.
 ColdSpring consists of a container which can create and
  maintain any object (aka bean). Within that container the
  following features are provided:
    Dependency Injection
    IOC - The “Hollywood Principle” - don’t call me I will call you
    Auto-wiring of dependencies to save you some configuration
    By default all objects are singletons and are cached in the
       application scope. You can override this on a per object

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               ColdSpring Part 2
 Also part of ColdSpring is the first Aspect-Oriented-
  Programming (AOP) framework for CFCs. See Chris Scott’s
  presentation for more information on this powerful feature.
 Flash Remoting utilities which provide support for mapping
  CFCs to ActionScript classes and visa versa.
 Support for integrating with your old factories through the
  factory-method attribute.

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ColdSpring Configuration
  Mach II & ColdSpring A Killer Combo

 ColdSpring provides Mach II and ModelGlue plug-ins for easy
 ColdSpring can auto-wire your Mach II listeners to any objects in
  the ColdSpring container.
 ColdSpring then serves as the factory or service locator for the
    Mach II - Without ColdSpring
 Listeners created services
    DSN hard coded into the services
    DAOs and Gateways hard coded into the services
        Mach II With ColdSpring
 Listeners injected with services
 DSN injected into DAOs and Gateways by ColdSpring
But that is a lot of configuration
             isn’t it?
         Introducing AppBooster
 A sample Mach II and ColdSpring application developed with
  best practices.
 You can use AppBooster to give your application a jump start
  much like Mach II’s App Skeleton
 Provides a simple model for users, addresses, and roles
 User authentication is implemented
 There is both a public and admin interface for managing users
AppBooster Model
 Do a proof of concept
 You don’t have to do it all at once
 Consider developing or using a code generator or framework to
  speed development
 Favor setter injection over constructor injection when setting up
  your services
 Join the Mach II and ColdSpring mailing lists
  Tools For Enterprise Development

 CFEclipse
 CFCDoc
 UML Tools
    Visio (Windows)
    OmniGraffle (OS X)
    Poseidon UML (Java)
 Peter Farrell’s Bean generator Rooibos
 Crudgen
 Mach II
    Mach II Dev Guide
    Peter Farrell’s Mach II FAQs
 ColdSpring
    Chris Scott’s Blog
    Dave Ross’s blog
 Kurt’s Blog
 AppBooster
 Fire away…

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