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Volume 23 2006 Number 11 Horticulture Newsletter September 7 2006 by zbu58798


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									Volume 23 / 2006 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Number 11
                             Horticulture Newsletter
                             September 7, 2006

          Welcome Back, Students . . .
     and Welcome to ISU those of you who are
             We're glad you're here!
Attention: All Hort students (Hort faculty and staff as well):
You are invited to a welcome back student lunch on Friday,
September 15 f from 11:30 Am to 1:30 PM in the Horticulture
atrium. Please mark your calendars and plan to come!!
Please, consider getting involved in one of our clubs . . . It
              is a good way to make new friends!

   HORT CLUB OFFICERS & EMAILS                Turf Club OFFICERS & EMAILS             2006

       PRESIDENT: Emily Hoffmann              PRESIDENT: Drew Showalter <>
           <>                      VICE PRESIDENT: Matt Brezina
      VICE PRESIDENT: Ashley Heise                        <>
           <>               SECRETARY: Brad Johnson <>
         SECRETARY: Cody Cook                   TREASURER: Matt Leinen <
          <>                  SR. AG COUNCIL REP: Matt Klingenberg
TREASURER: Mike Hurst <>                 <>
 AG COUNCIL: Lacy Schilling and Bryce Frost         JR. AG COUNCIL REP: Adam Hebbel
        PROMOTIONS: Amy Sterenberg                                            <>
               and Jeremiah Weigelt                                  FUNDRAISING CHAIRS: Alex Tucker,
          PROJECT COORDINATORS:                                         Jeremiah Weigelt, Michele Anderson
       Megan Fitzgerald and Shane Mairet                                           IGCSA REPS:
                    ADVISORS:                                         Ryan Leingang, Ray Pigati, Alex Tucker
       Barb Osborn - <>                                       WEBMASTERS:
  Ann Marie VanDerZanden - <>                   Matt Leinen, Jeremiah Weigelt, Bill Meyer
                                                           If you would like more information about the Turf Club
If you would like more information about Hort Club         meetings and/or activities, feel free to contact any of the
meetings and/or activities, feel free to contact any of    officers listed above.
the officers listed above.

                                    HORTICULTURE SEMINARS...
                                       > Fall Semester Schedule <
              Seminars will be in Room 118 Horticulture Hall at 4:10 PM, unless otherwise noted.
                                  Light refreshments will be available at 4:00.
              Direct questions or comments to Dr. Jeff Iles at 4-2751 /
DATE            TOPIC                                              SPEAKER
Monday, September 4 -- Labor Day Holiday -- No Seminar
Monday,         "Expanding the Land Grant Horizon . . .         Paula Teig, Program Coord. & Melissa Nasers,
September 11 The 1994 Institutions"                             Undergrad. Research Asst., Dept. of Agricultural
                                                                Education & Studies, Iowa State University
Monday,            "Development and Commercialization of        Walter Fehr, Professor, Department of Agronomy,
September 18       Novel Soybean Oils"                          Iowa State University
Monday,                                                         Steven Fales, Professor and Assoc. Director, Office
September 25       "A Vision for a Sustainable Bioeconomy"      of Biorenewables Programs, Iowa State University
Monday,            "Organic Apple Production in New Zealand -- Kathleen Delate, Assoc. Professor, Department of
October        2   Pest Mgmt. Strategies for the Export Market" Horticulture, Iowa State University
Monday,                                                         Cathy Brown, Campus Planner, Facilities Planning
October        9   "Our Master Plan and Upcoming Projects"      & Management, Iowa State University
Monday,            "Service Learning in Uganda: A School        Gail Nonnecke, Professor, Department of
October       16   Garden Pilot Program in Namasagali"          Horticulture, Iowa State University
    Seminar        "AVRDC and the Global Horticulture              Dr. Thomas A. Lumpkin, Director General -
 Friday, Oct. 20   Initiative: Bringing Impact to the Millennium   Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center-
   10:00 AM        Development Goals"                              -The World Vegetable Center
Room 118 Hort
Monday,            "Echinacea: From In Vitro to Field              Fredy Romero, Graduate Student, Department of
October       23   Production"                                     Horticulture, Iowa State University
Monday,            "Emerald Ash Borer:                             Mark Shour, Extension Entomologist, Department
October       30   Unwanted Pests in Iowa"                         of Entomology, Iowa State University
Monday,            "The Market for Ph.D.'s: Who Seeks the          Peter Orazem, University Professor of Economics,
November       6   Degree, How Do They Find a Job, and What        Department of Economics, Iowa State University
                   is the Return?"
Monday,            "State of the Art in Plant Genetic              Kan Wang, Director, Plant Transformation Facility
November     13    Transformation"                                 and Professor, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State
Monday, November 20 -- Thanksgiving Recess -- No Seminar
Monday,        "Field Evaluation of Characteristics of             Christopher Blume, Graduate Student, Department
November 27 Roundup Ready Kentucky Bluegrass"                      of Horticulture, Iowa State University
Monday,        "Cheating, Moral Judgment, and Ethical              Charles Bradley Shrader, Prof. of Management,
December   4 Distancing in the College Classroom:                  Susan Ravenscroft, Professor of Accounting,
               A Natural Experiment"                               Jeffrey Kaufmann, Asst. Prof. of Management,
                                                                     College of Business, Iowa State University

NOTES to Grad Students:

~ The Intensive English and Orientation Program (IEOP) is pleased to announce that we will again offer the English
Enrichment short courses during the fall 2006 semester. These courses are for international graduate students, faculty,
staff and visiting scholars at Iowa State University.
The course will be offered in two sessions: Registration deadline for Session 1 is August 28, 2006.
> Session 1 (September 5 - October 17) - will focus on professional academic skills (e.g., oral presentation techniques
and practice, professional discussion strategies, individual pronunciation work)
> Session 2 (October 19 - December 7) - will work on conversational skills, including idiomatic expressions and slang,
cross-cultural comparisons, and discussions about current events.
The cost of each session is $175.00. More information about the course can be found at the IEOP website
<> and click on "English Enrichment" under the "News" header.

For more information, you can go to or contact Sue
Jarnagin, Graduate College / 294-2666 or

                                  *****HORTICULTURE TRAVEL*****

Travels (then, now, and upcoming) . . .

Angela Beaman -- (9/01/06 to 09/02/06) to Mission, SD -- to replace deceased A. ludoviciana plants on the farm at
Sinte Gleska University. Deliver replacement sage plants to representative at South Dakota State University.
Christopher Blume -- (11/12/06 to 11/16/06) to Indianapolis, IN -- to attend American Society to Agronomy
Nickolee Zollinger Boyer -- (09/03/06 to 09/05/06) to Poplar, MO -- 9/3 Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge,
Ullin, IL; 9/4 Mingo National Wildlife Refuge @ Poplar Bluff, MO for research/seed collection
Kathleen Delate -- (08/25/06 to 08/27/06) to St. Paul, MN -- Participate in the International Federation of Organic Ag
Movements (IFOAM) International Conference at St. Paul
-- (08/28/06 to 08/29/06) to Kansas City, MO -- Present research at the USDA Agricultural Resource Management
Survey Workshop.
William Graves -- (09/14/06 to 09/19/06) to Tallahassee, FL -- to collect plant material at northern Florida.
-- (11/11/06 to 11/17/06) to Stanford, CA -- to conduct research at Stanford University.
Bruce Quint -- (09/08/06 to 09/10/06) to Northern Illinois -- to obtain plant material for research purposes.
Hank Taber -- (09/17/06 to 09/20/06) to Asheville, NC -- Attend the Cucurbitaceae 2007 Conference at Grove Park
Inn, Asheville, NC
Federico Valverde -- (11/12/06 to 11/16/06) to Indianapolis, IN -- Attending ASA meeting to present 3 papers.

                                  Opportunity for College Students
                     Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Leaders Conference
                              November 2-5, 2006 in Kansas City, MO
AFA is hosting its annual event to provide college students personal and professional training. The four-day event
models corporate employee development training programs that are common in today's' business climate. Nationally
prominent leaders in agriculture production, business, associations and government participate as program leaders and
presenters. A career fair is also a part of the conference program. It is a great opportunity for college students to meet
peers from other schools and leaders in agribusiness, explore career possibilities and gain important professional skills
For more information, contact: Nancy Yates / Agriculture Future of America / 888-472-4232 / OR
Susanne McCarty / Cargill / 952-742-6246 /

There is a variety of job possibilities listed here --
Permanent, temporary, part-time, full-time,
student jobs, local, non-local, etc. . . . Check it out!

Job announcements are posted in the student reading room and in the
Horticulture Office if you are interested in checking in more detail.
Some jobs that are listed this week are:

The GreenApple Corps program of the City of New York Parks & Recreation is seeking AmeriCorps members. Must be at least 17 years of age and a U.S. Citizen
or permanent resident; able to work at least 38 hours per week including occasional evenings and weekends; High School diploma or equivalent. For information,
contact Brian at Email: or go to Website: OR submit a resume and cover letter to: Brian Aucoil, program Director
/ GreenApple Corps / City of New York Parks & Recreation / 1234 5th Avenue, Room 200C / New York, NY 10029

Diagnostic Lab Analyst in Ames, IA / Lab Support currently has an immediate position for a Lab Analyst in the biotech industry. Candidates should be familiar with
PCR and other general molecular biological techniques. Hands-on experience with PCR is preferred. Apply Today! Anne Nelson / Senior Account Manager /
Phone 515-440-6447 / E-mail: / or apply online:

Are you considering advancing your future? Have you thought about what you can do next in your career? Making a bigger impact in this professional field? We
have a great opportunity for you!! Currently, there is a senior level professional position within Cornell Cooperative Extension waiting for people like you!! Broome
Country -- Agriculture/Horticulture Educator Team Leader / Cornell Cooperative Extension / ( If you are
interested in any of these opportunities, contact Connie Kan at 607-255-0789 or

Horticulture Specialist, Plant Information Service / Chicago Horticultural Society / Contact: Jerry Baker, Chicago Botanic Garden / E-mail: For more information, go to Website:

Golf Course Superintendent / Spring Lake Golf and Country Club / located in Northwest Iowa / Supported by four towns in Sac County - Wall Lake, Lake View,
Odebolt and Early. / Contact: Jamie Schoneboom / SHINNY44@HOTMAIL.COM

Part-time Employment during the School Year / Boone Golf and Country Club / Boone, IA / to work weekdays as soon as possible while weekends would be a
"plus". We will work around each student's schedule and wages will depend upon experience. The drive from campus is about 20 minutes. If interested, call Mike
at 515-291-8536.

Purchasing Assistant / Leading golf and turf equipment distributor is seeking to hire a purchasing assistant. Must have strong organization and communication
skills. Good salary and benefits. Email resume to: / For more information, contact: Jennifer Hirsch, Davis Equipment/Turfwerks / 515-270-

Crop Research Technician (part-time) / Direct inquiries and applications to: Stan Buman at Agren, Inc. / 1238 Heires Ave. / Carroll, IA 51401 / Phone 712-792-
6248 or E-mail:

Extension Agent (Horticulture) / Colorado State University / Jefferson County, Golden, CO (Vacancy #22-06) / Application forms and additional information may be
obtained at our Web site: (click on Employment) or by contacting: Judith A. Barth, Director of Operations at Colorado State University /
Phone: 970-491-1617

Purchasing Assistant / Davis Equipment/Turfwerks / Leading golf and turf equipment distributor is seeking to hire a purchasing assistant. Must
have strong organization and communication skills. Email resume to: or Phone 515-270-8300

Externship Program / Golf Course Management at Turning Stone Resort-Casino / Syracuse, NY / A great opportunity / For more
information, contact: Joe Cavano - Phone 315-829-8864

Director of Arbor Day Tree Adventure / The National Arbor Day Foundation / Nebraska City, NE / Must have an entrepreneurial zeal
for growing a business; a love of nature and connecting people with nature; and a passion for providing exceptional service. /
Contact: The National Arbor Day Foundation, Amy Eddie, 211 N. 12th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508. Email: OR
go to our Website:

Internship / Harbor Links Golf Course / Port Washington, NY / Contact: Brad Chamra, Asst. Supt. / Phone 516-767-4805 / Email:
2nd Assistant Position / Harbor Links Golf Course / Port Washington, NY / Contact: Brad Chamra, Asst. Supt. / Phone 516-767-4805
/ Email:

The Newsletter is published on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month during the school year and monthly during the summer (3rd
Thursday). Please feel free to email information to June that you would like included in the Newsletter.


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