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        October 6, 2005
     What is Charity Auction Ball?
An annual charity fundraiser with a 17-year history,
      organized entirely by Kellogg students
 All proceeds are donated to charities that we select, in
  Evanston, Chicago and throughout the World
 Live and silent auctions
 Items donated by students, faculty, local businesses
  and corporate sponsors
 Kellogg’s winter-term formal, held in February
 Dining, drinking, dancing and entertainment

In 2005, We Donated over $30,000 to
            Six Charities

     2005 Live Auction Items Included
    7-night Stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Miami

    Bar Golf Pub Crawl with the ‘06 Lady MMMs

    Framed, Autographed Shaquille O’Neal Jersey

     Not to Forget the Silent Auction
 Hot items included:
    3 pairs of domestic round-trip tickets on United Airlines
    Dinner with Dean Jain
    Callaway golf clubs
    Luncheon w/ CEO of Madison Dearborn
    NBA road trip w/ Professor Israel
    Blind wine tasting party
    Numerous gift certificates for restaurants, health &
     beauty, and services

       2005 CAB was a Huge Success…

                       Saturday, February 26, 2005
                       Harold Washington Library
                       550+ Kellogg students, JVs
                        and friends

            …And a Lot of fun!

  Sorry,   pictures are too big! 
    2006 Charity Auction Ball Agenda

   Target Date: Saturday, February 25, 2006
   Venue is in process
   Fundraising Goal: $40,000

   Charities, Theme, Event Details, and
    Auction Items are all to be determined by
    the 2006 CAB Team!
  Leadership Team Overview
       Overall Chair                             Committee
      Katrina Borisjuk                             Chairs

                Finance                     Marketing
            Andrew Bouthilet               Melissa Lynn

Charity Selection                                         Event Planning
  Becca Zoller                                               Alice Wu
                          Rachel Brecher

   Corporate             Faculty & Local
                                                          Logistics Chair
   Donations               Donations
                                                           Mileva Zunjic
   Alex Egan             Dennis DeBassio
       What to Expect as Part of the
                CAB Team
It’s really fun to plan one of Kellogg’s most highly
                 anticipated events!

   Ownership over an integral       Feeling really good about
    part(s) of planning Charity       donating $40K to charity
    Auction Ball

   Small responsibility the         Ensuring that all your hard
    day of the event                  work results in a great

   Committee meetings, all-         Getting to know ~35 2nd
    hands meetings and socials        years, 1st years, 1Ys, JVs,
                                      plus charities and faculty
                   Charity Selection
   4-5 committee members needed
   Create study body awareness to promote student supported
    charities to apply
   Contact local charities, review applications, interview candidates
    and select final beneficiaries
   Time frame
     •   Charities selected by late October/early November
     •   Work to support the other committees until the event
   Time commitment
     •   2 hours/week in October and early November
     •   1 hour/week in February for ticket sales
     •   Opportunity to help with various projects leading up to the event
         Corporate Sponsorships and
   3-4 committee members needed
    •   1-2 for corporate sponsorships
    •   1-2 for corporate donations
   Key Team Responsibilities
    •   Develop and contact potential corporate sponsors and donors
    •   Organize and track all sponsorships and donations
    •   Ensure appropriate use of sponsor names/logos and facilitate
        distribution of donations
   Approximate Time Frame
    •   Approximately 2 hours per week in October and November
    •   All corporate sponsorships and donations must be finalized by
        early January
                    Student Donations
   3-4 committee members needed
   Key Responsibilities/Deliverables:
     •   Develop strategy and set goals for soliciting donations from Kellogg
     •   Manage, own, and maintain the entire database of donations (with
         Corporate and Faculty/Local Business Donations Committees)
     •   Formulate a marketing strategy for promoting auction items (with
         Marketing Committee)
     •   Coordinates the collection and distribution of all auction items (with
         the Corporate and Faculty/Local Business Donations Committees)
     •   Assist with editing the auction booklet
   Time Commitment:
     •   2-3 hours per week until Nov. 14
     •   Week of Nov 14 – 18 will be VERY busy during the donation drive
     •   Nov – Feb: time commitment as needed
   If you are outgoing, creative, and organized, this position is for
        Faculty & Local Donations
   Faculty Donations (2 people)
    •   Develop target list of faculty donors
    •   Contact and convince faculty targets
   Local Business donations (2-3 people)
    •   Formulate tactical strategy
    •   Develop effective method for soliciting donations and manage
        end-to-end logistics
   Organize and track all donations (using Excel/online
    donation form)
   Time frame
    •   Expect to meet twice a month for 30-45 minutes
    •   All corporate, local and faculty donations must be finalized by
        Event Planning & Logistics
   Event Planning (2 people)
    •   Menu planning
    •   Beverage selection
    •   Décor
    •   Manage caterer
    •   DJ selection
   Event Logistics (2 people)
    •   Party staffing
    •   After party
    •   Transportation
    •   Hire auctioneer
    •   Design and produce auction displays
   Time frame
    •   EP  Fall and Winter Quarter
    •   Logistics  mostly Winter Quarter, closer to event date
    •   Must be prepared for February 26th event
   4 committee members needed, incl. 1 technology chair
   Manage all marketing communications for event
   Develop potential themes and associated marketing
   Promote and publicize
   Plan and execute CAB TG
   Create Auction Book
   Manage the Charity Auction & Ball website
   Time frame
    •   Planning in October and execution up and until the event
   Treasurer (1 person)
    •   Manage budget, coordinate disbursements,
        and review contracts
   Payment Logistics (1 person)
    •   collect funds from participants and sponsors
   Time frame
    •   Slightly heavier workload around time of
                     Next Steps
   Monday, October 10 at 5:00 pm - Application
    /preference form due
    •   Email to:
   New team members will be notified by Friday,
    October 14th
   Kick-off meeting/social the following week
   Contact Katrina or the specific committee
    chairs if you have additional questions
                     Chair Contacts

   Overall Chair - Katrina Borisjuk –
   Charity Selection Chair - Becca Zoller – rzoller2006@
   Corporate Donations Chair - Alex Egan – aegan2006@
   Student Donations Chair - Rachel Brecher – rbrecher2006@
   Faculty and Local Donations Chair - Dennis DeBassio – ddebassio2006@
   Event Planning Chair - Alice Wu – awu2006@
   Event Logistics Chair - Mileva Zunjic – mzunjic2006@
   Marketing Chair - Melissa Lynn – mlynn2006@
   Finance Chair - Andy Bouthilet – abouthilet2006@

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