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					2 • Clive’s Corner          3 • In and Out of the Classroom         4-7 • Summer 2008 Catalog	             7 • How Can You Help BIH?

                                                                                    Summer 2008, Volume 33 Issue 4

                                                                                 about the India question, she handed over an envelope
                                                                                 stuffed with more than enough US$ for such a trip.
                                                                              3) But what about the time? I was slated for another visit to a
                                                                                 closed country in March, the only time I could go between
                                                                                 BIH classes. When I arrived home I learned that because of
                                                                                 stepped up persecution of Christians in that closed country,
                                                                                 I was asked to postpone the training trip.

                                                                                We did it! So in March I was back in Chennai. Prema, Selva
                                                                            and I worked day and night on the final editing. They learned fast.
                                                                            They were great to work with. So just in time the Lord, Prema,
                                                                            Selva and I finished editing three sets. We celebrated with more
                                                                            hot curry.
                                                                                Will you do it? Please pray with us that the Lord, who initi-
                                                                            ated and guided this writing project, will “bring it to its intended
                                                                            goal” (Phil 1:6). That goal is to put into the hands of student
                                                                            leaders on the campuses and graduates in their communities
Ada Eating Curry in India                                                   throughout India Bible studies that can help seekers come to
                                                                            trust Jesus and help Christians go deeper in their relationship to
BIH Senior Faculty Ada Lum took a sabbatical during the Winter
                                                                            that same Lord.
Quarter. Although she did not teach regular BIH classes, she was
busier than ever writing new curricula, working on projects and
preparing to return to India. Here is a report of her time there.

To India and Back
by Ada Lum
     They did it! 20 senior staff of the UESI (Union of Evangelical
Students of India) wrote 3 sets of Bible study guides in 8 days
last November. One was for seekers, and the two others for dis-
ciples. Some thought I was a hard teacher, but we all knew they
wouldn’t have finished otherwise. The guides were ready to be
field tested by students and graduates.
     Then they shyly asked if I could return in the spring to do the
final editing for publication in June. Within me, considering time
and cost, I thought, “Are you crazy?” Aloud, I sweetly said no.
     God did it! On the 30-hour flight home my conscience                   Some staff members of the Union of Evangelical Students of India
worked overtime: none of the staff had experience in editing
Bible studies for publication. So, before I dozed off I told the Lord
I’d return if he gave signs. He did.
                                                                                     Walk in the Word 2008
  1) He reminded me that the India embassy had originally is-
      sued an unexpected double entry visa without cost to be
      used by May 8.
  2) In an unplanned layover in Hong Kong I hastily arranged to                             October 18, 2008
      dine with a friend. At the end of the meal, knowing nothing                       Community Church of Honolulu
Clive’s Corner                                                               BIH is not just about learning the Bible. It’s about living out a life
                                                                             of faith. This article, contributed by a BIH Board member, is a
by Clive Cowell, Executive Director                                          great example of how we are responding to God.
     As newly-appointed Executive Director, I have been thrown
into the deep end of a marvelous ministry in the Master’s hand.
Why do I feel this way? I see more clearly each day that through             Aloha for
BIH, we can bring people a message of hope, we can encourage                 by Kimberly Frank
faith in Christ, and we can stir others on to godliness. And all of               In response to Aloha Airlines’ recent closing, members and
this is orchestrated by the Master’s hand!                                   friends of Wellspring Covenant Church in Halawa Valley got
                               One passage that motivates me is              together to provide support and ease the transition for the dis-
                          Hebrews 12:1: “Therefore, since we have            placed employees. It started out with one day of food, fellowship
                          so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding          and free haircuts, including the availability of gift cards, grocer-
                          us, let us also lay aside every encum-             ies, diapers and formula for anyone needing them.
                          brance and the sin which so easily en-                  A single day turned into the offering of a regular place for
                          tangles us, and let us run with endurance          Aloha Airlines employees to get support and feel cared about for
                          the race that is set before us.”                   several months. The food, fellowship and free haircuts continued.
                               Some have thought that this verse is          Resume writing services, day care for the children, business attire
                          about a whole host of heavenly beings              for job interviews and networking about possible job leads were
Clive Cowell              cheering us on as we run our race. I see           added. Friends were reacquainted, relationships fostered and the
                          it differently: I am encouraged that there         presence of the Holy Spirit was, indeed, felt.
are a whole host of heavenly beings in heaven witnessing about                    While it would seem that this experience was all about giving
Christ! It’s not me they are cheering on – they are witnessing               to others, in the giving of ourselves, our time, our resources and
Christ. It makes me want to join in with the work they have al-              the sharing about a good and merciful God with a bigger plan,
ready begun. That stirs me to lay aside every encumbrance. That              we were touched, we were blessed and we were given to. All the
stirs me to run the race!                                                    glory goes to God for this wonderful experience. What a fantastic
     I think these messages are as compelling for the old as they            opportunity for receiving and responding to God’s love!
are for the young, and vice versa. For example, at a recent bar-                  For more information about ways to support Aloha Airlines
beque, a young person asked me, “How is God going to use my                  employees or if you or your family is in need of assistance,
generation?” It’s a good question, isn’t it? Perhaps this individual         please contact Wellspring Covenant Church or visit
hoped for something new and exciting that no other generation      
had been called to. The Spirit convicted me to answer this person
by saying, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” In other
words, God will use this generation as He has every other gen-
eration. While methodologies may change, God has a message
that is never changing. God will continue to use broken people
to bring about faith and godliness.
                                                                                 BIH Attends Honolulu
     Indeed, God used broken people from the past, and these                     2008 Conference
same people are now witnesses of Christ in Heaven! I then en-
                                                                                      In April, Assistant Director Joanne Naai and
couraged this young person with an old adage I had picked up:
                                                                                 Executive Director Clive Cowell co-labored with Directors
“God can draw a straight line even with a crooked stick.” Then
                                                                                 Kimberly Frank and Kaylene Kamada at the annual
I put out the challenge: “Are you ready to be in the Master’s
                                                                                 Hawaiian Islands Ministries Conference, Honolulu 2008:
hand?” That’s what it takes. It takes a willingness to be used
                                                                                 A Future and a Hope. Our booth in the Exhibit Hall was
by God.
                                                                                 busy as scores of people came by – some curious to
     I would like to issue this same challenge to all of us con-
                                                                                 find out what we do, some to pick up the latest newslet-
nected with Bible Institute of Hawai‘i. My hope is that everyone
                                                                                 ter, others to express gratitude for the work of BIH, and
will be encouraged to be used by the Master’s hand. We need
                                                                                 still others to get a piece of candy or BIH pen! We met
volunteers; we sure could use more prayer, and we can always
                                                                                 friends from days gone by (former Executive Director
use helpers in our classrooms. There is a harvest out there. Let’s
                                                                                 Rod Franklin and his wife Donna came from Illinois!)
get to work!
                                                                                 and made new ones. This year marked HIM’s 25th an-
     As part of my role, I also have the privilege of participating in
                                                                                 niversary and over 4,300 people attended, deepening
how others are witnessing here on earth. On the Big Island, for
                                                                                 their faith through inspired speakers and wonderful
example, we started a new class this spring with Ada leading 61
                                                                                 times of worship. These Honolulu Conferences are a
students in the Psalms. I was there for the first class and was so
                                                                                 testimony of bringing many people together. If you have
encouraged to see so many drawing closer to Christ and in this
                                                                                 never attended an HIM conference, we encourage you
way declaring who He is!
                                                                                 to go next year (March 12-14, 2009)!

                              In and Out of the Classroom
     Adjunct faculty member Pastor Brad and Becky Smith are                 The 200+ who attended BIH’s 35th Anniversary Celebration in
grandparents again. Granddaughter Christina was born March              June 2007 saw that the Rev. Don Baron was indeed back! After
24, 2008, in Chicago to Dan and Nina Smith.                             his “pure Baron” keynote address, many asked when he would
    Brad will chaperone a group of eight young people from              be teaching for BIH again. Trips to New Zealand and Taiwan
Makiki Christian Church to Kochi, Japan June 10-24. Kochi               kept him from the classroom until this spring, when he offered
was the home town of Makiki’s founding pastor, Takie Okumura.           “The Gospel of Isaiah” for 28 eager students. His seminary-level
The church tower is modeled on Kochi Castle. Since the church’s         handouts and challenging assignments have kept them on their
centennial celebration in 2004, there have been a number of             toes. This summer he’ll offer one of his favorite courses, “An
visits back and forth between residents of Kochi and members            Armchair Tour of Israel.”
of Makiki Christian. Several visitors from Kochi have become                                                        This past Winter
Christians.                                                                                                     Quarter BIH students
    Upon his return, Brad returns to the BIH classroom to teach a                                               enjoyed again the
five-week course on Genesis. See page 5 for details!                                                            teaching of Dr. Robert
    Congratulations to Pastor Steve Sturm, who graduates this                                                   Neff. With his cheerful
spring from San Francisco Theological Seminary with his Doctor                                                  and organized wife Eivor
of Ministry degree. Steve is also now accredited as a Board                                                     accompanying him to
Certified pastoral Counselor. This summer he will offer a new                                                   every class, Bob taught
BIH course on discernment designed to help us wade through                                                      four courses on O‘ahu
the many choices life has to offer (see page 5).                                                                and one on Maui over
                                                                                                                two weekends. He also
                                             There’s always a           Dr. Robert Neff
                                                                                                                preached at several
                                          surprise when you ask                                                 different churches.
                                          the Rev. Nelson Kwon          “We’re busier in the two months we’re in Hawai‘i than in the rest
                                          what he’s up to these         of the year in Tennessee,” they laugh. A highlight for the Neffs
                                          days. Besides preparing       was an interisland trip on the Superferry. Their return voyage
                                          to guest preach in            was cancelled due to rough seas, resulting in some last-minute
                                          May, he is writing an         scrambling to book an airline flight back to O‘ahu.
                                          arrangement of “Jesus
                                          Loves Me” with brass              Students in one of Dr. Neff’s courses, “Why Should We Pray,”
                                          and traps to be sung          at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Kailua, enjoyed hearing
The Kwons                                 by the Sunday school
                                          children, men’s group
                                          and Women’s Chorus at
Manoa Valley Church on May 25th. (Nelson is founder and
director of the Women’s Chorus.) He and his wife Grace are also
readying their home to care for Grace’s mother, so any free time
is spent washing screens, louvers, learning to use Safeway’s Rug
Doctor, and painting. “Funny how when painting starts,” he says,
“it goes on. Now Grace has me painting the hallway.” Watch for
Nelson to teach again in the fall at BIH.
   Vicki Wiley Lepick, BIH’s Children’s Ministry specialist, was
glad to teach 16 Sunday school teachers on Maui “10 Ways                These BIH students know where heaven is. They took Dr. Neff’s Winter course,
to Make Sunday the Best Day of the Week.” Participants in the           “The Other Side of Eternity: What Can We Expect?” (photo courtesy of Scott
seminar held April 26th at Kahului Union Church included                Craven)
some from the Maui Marshallese churches. Many thanks to our
Maui board for arranging this special offering, especially Amy          guest speakers on various topics related to prayer: Fr. Joe Carr
Hanlon, Kahu Lowaena Hau, David Murata, Edie Tyau, and Fumi             from Calvary Episcopal Church on fasting; BIH faculty member
Uehara.                                                                 Ada Lum on how to dialogue with God and journal prayers; Chris
                                                                        Baron from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on intercessory
    Don’t miss Vicki’s next seminar for Sunday school teachers          prayer; Yuka Okamura and Brian Nakatsuka from Imago Dei
on O‘ahu: “Children’s Ministry Fall Jump Start” on Saturday, July       Christian Community and Eivor Neff on spiritual warfare.
26th. It’s just in time for fall church school planning. See page
6 for more details.
                                                                                                                           ContInued on next page

In and out of the ClaSSroom
                                                                           As a ministry that serves the Church, BIH also partners
                                                                           at times with other ministries. We’d like to highlight in
Mary, Martha,...                                                           this issue the Waterhouse Lecture Series. Enjoy!

                                                                               The Alec and Belle Waterhouse Lecture Series, a
                                                                           ministry of Waialae Baptist Church, is funded through
                                                                           a charitable trust created by the late Alexander C.
                                                        ...and Henry       Waterhouse. Mr. Waterhouse, a kama‘aina business-
                                                                           man and member of Waialae Baptist Church, provided
                                                                           for the funding of an annual lecture series covering
                                                                           subjects furthering the tenets of Christianity. The Lecture
                                                                           Series is designed to provide high-quality, life- changing
                                                                           events that are both biblical and relevant in meeting
                                                                           the spiritual needs of the people of Hawai‘i. In meeting
   In April we said goodbye to registrar Lucille Caldwell, who             this objective as well as the mandate of the trust, the
leaves BIH due to increased family responsibilities. At a farewell         Lecture Series seeks to find topics, speakers, forums
lunch for her, Executive Director Clive Cowell presented Lucille           and formats that will be cross-denominational and
with a framed collage of her BIH friends, two hens she had                 reach out to those who have never heard the Word of
named Martha and Mary, and Henry, a white rooster. Martha,                 God or who desire to be stronger witnesses of God’s
Mary, Henry and their extended                                             love and saving grace.
family roam the grounds outside the
BIH office on Nu‘uanu Avenue.
    Although we were sorry to see                                           Waterhouse Lecture Series
Lucille go, God has provided. New
registrar, Sayaka Nakano, former                                              Events for July 2008
Preschool Director at Honolulu
Christian Church, brings skills of                                                 His Touch Seminar with Jerry Larson
organization, enthusiasm and a
                                                                                            Sunday, July 3,
deep love of God and of His Word Sayaka Nakano
                                                                                North Shore Christian Fellowship, Haleiwa
to BIH. Sayaka is a graduate of the
University of Hawai‘i and International College and Graduate                                 Sunday, July 20,
School, besides having studied at Tokyo Biblical Seminary. She                        Waialae Baptist Church, Kahala
also assists her parents, Rev. Yuichiro and Meiko Nakano, in
their work as the founders of Mount Olive Ministries. Welcome,                 Jerry will preach at both churches during the morn-
Sayaka!                                                                    ing worship. The seminar will be held from 4:00 – 8:30
    BIH sends condolences to the family of BIH Board President             p.m. each evening. Cost: free.
John Enomoto, whose father, John George Enomoto, passed
                                                                               The seminar teaches how to share one’s faith with
away in April. Please keep John’s mother Elaine and the family
                                                                           gentle persuasion. Participants are taught how to get
in your prayers.
                                                                           involved in others’ lives, to live out their faith and be
    We end with glad news of another birth, this time to the family        able to express their faith in a way that is appealing
of Board member Kimberly Frank, who with husband Trey and                  and encouraging to others. The seminar is geared for
daughter Griffin welcomed Marin Elizabeth Frank into their arms            the average person in the pew rather than the highly
March 27, 2008. Congratulations and restful nights to all!                 motivated person. Registration required for notebook
                                                                           purposes only.
                                                                              Please call Program Director Suzanne Maurer for
                                                                           more information (Phone: 808-732-5561, Ext 204;
         Griffin and Marin                                                 Cell: 808-286-0264); E-Mail: waterhouselecture@
          Elizabeth Frank                                        , or go to

                               Summer 2008 Schedule of Courses
                                                    June 17-August 6, 2008
Tuesdays                                            Wednesdays                                          Where did the founding fathers of the 12
                                                                                                        tribes of the original Israel come from? It’s
                                                                                                        all in Genesis. Come enjoy this foundational
An Armchair Tour of Israel                          Christ in the Workplace:                            book together.
The Rev. Don Baron                                  Lessons from Colossians                           Course OT201
  As you follow Jesus through the Gospels,          Mr. Clive Cowell
                                                                                                      Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  can you picture the lay of the land where           Can Christ be found in the corporate offices    July 3 – 31 (5 weeks)
  He traveled – Cana, where He turned water           and cubicles of downtown Honolulu? If so,       Makiki Christian Church
  into wine? Capernaum, which served as His           where? Or are we so caught up in our jobs       Older Adults Ministry Room
  ministry headquarters? Caesarea Philippi,           that we forget about Him? Who is Christ         829 Pensacola St.
  that distant spot where He took His disciples       anyway? This study of Paul’s letter to the
  on retreat to contemplate who they thought          Colossians is specially tailored for those in
  He was? This course will equip you to bet-          the business world. Come learn how we can       Going Deeper with God
  ter visualize the Bible as you read it, and         break free … in Christ!                         in the Psalms
  prepare you for a future on-site tour of the                                                        Miss Ada Lum
  land we call holy because God walked there        Course NT407
  in the flesh and left His footprints.             Wednesdays, Noon – 1:00 p.m.                        The Psalms are mirrors of all human experi-
                                                    June 18 – August 6 (8 weeks)                        ences and emotions. When you respond
Course BSTU110                                      First Hawaiian Bank Building,                       to the honest thoughts and feelings of the
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.                          10th Floor Conference Room                          writers with, “Hey, that’s me, too!” you un-
June 17 – August 5 (8 weeks)                        999 Bishop St.                                      derstand yourself better as a human being.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Chapel                                                                   When you see God as they did, you will go
638 N. Kuakini St., Honolulu                                                                            deeper with God. In this course you will
                                                    Colossians: It’s All                                learn different ways of breaking down the
Discernment: Experiencing the                       About Christ                                        psalms so they become more practical. You
                                                    Mr. Clive Cowell and Dr. Randy Furushima            will learn to hear God more directly and talk
Presence and Leading of God                                                                             back to him more frankly.
                                                      Is Christ really out there? How do we know?
in Everyday Life and Decision                         Has anyone truly seen Christ? If so, where      Course OT402
Making                                                is He? Who is Christ, anyway? In this inter-    Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Rev. Dr. Steven Sturm                                 active class, we’ll learn about … Christ! A     June 19 – July 24 (6 weeks)
  Do you ever feel as though life offers too          significant portion of this class will be de-   Chinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu
  many choices? How do we decide what to              voted to learning how to break free from the    Conference Room
  choose? And how do we discern what God              ties that bind us, so we can break free … in    1640 Liliha St.
  would want us to choose? In this course we          Christ! Bring a Bible and notepaper.
  will approach discernment as a way of living      Course NT407b                                     Get Right or Get Left: Letters
  in friendship with God, who offers us guid-       Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.                 to the Church at Thessalonica
  ance in this life. We will gain insights from     June 18 – July 9 (4 weeks)                        Mr. Michael Dredla
  Scripture and classic Christian spirituality      Wellspring Covenant Church
  to develop skills in the art of discernment,      99-860 Iwaena St., Aiea                             Did you ever wonder why the Apostle Paul
  hearing and following the call of God in a life                                                       was upset with the church he had planted
  full of choices. Required text: Listening to                                                          at Thessalonica? It seems they were so fo-
  God in Times of Choice by Gordon T. Smith.        Thursdays                                           cused on the “last days” and the triumphant
                                                                                                        return of Jesus that they were forgetting
Course CLIV124
Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
                                                    Genesis: Foundation of the                          some of the elementary things in life, like
                                                    Solid Foundation                                    making a living, spreading the Gospel, rais-
June 17 – August 5 (8 weeks)                                                                            ing up disciples. Does this sound familiar
Community Church of Honolulu, Makai Rm. 1           Pastor Brad Smith
                                                                                                        today? Are some Christians more interested
2345 Nu‘uanu Ave.                                     A solid foundation makes for a good build-        in the Left Behind series than in our Lord’s
                                                      ing. The Good Book (the Bible) has a solid        teaching? Join us as we move back in time
                                                      foundation – the Book of Genesis. In it we        to the Thessalonian church and see how

                                                      find the accounts of Creation, the Fall, Noah     the Lord, through his servant Paul, provides
                                                      and the Flood, the histories of Abraham,
                                                                                                        corrective guidance, with great love, to urge
                                                      Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. But it also raises       His church to get its head out of the clouds

                                                      questions. We hear Jesus referred to as “the      and into the reality of everyday living… for
                                                      second Adam.” Who was the first Adam, and         the glory of God.
                                                      why did we need a second one? If the Chris-
                                                      tian church is the fulfillment of a promise     Course NT408
       Share the Word!                                that goes all the way back to Genesis, what     Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
                                                      is that promise? Jesus chose 12 apostles        July 10 – 31 (4 weeks)
                                                      to be the foundation of the “New Israel.”       Kailua Christian Church
                                                                                                      317 Manono St.
  Saturday Seminar                                                 Spring 2008 Faculty
  Children’s Ministry                                   The Rev. Donald W. Baron
  Fall Jump Start                                       B.A. Gordon College; M.Div. Luther Theological Seminary; M.A. East Asian
  A Special Morning Seminar for                         studies, Univ. of Hawai‘i; missionary to Taiwan; founding Director, Bible Institute
  Teachers Through Grade                               of Hawai‘i (1972-1989); founding pastor, Chinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu;
                                                        pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Honolulu; pastor, Tauranga Lutheran
  Mrs. Vicki Wiley Lepick                               Fellowship, Tauranga, New Zealand; church growth and cell church consultant.
     Join us as we take a look at our fall pro-         BIH adjunct faculty since 1989.
     grams to make this the best year ever!
     Learn what works and what doesn’t work             Mr. Clive M. Cowell
     well. Take a look at curriculum and se-            B.Sc. Nottingham Univ., England; M.A. Biblical Studies; Multnomah Biblical
     lect the best one for your church. Dis-            Seminary; short-term missionary to the Philippines, Thailand and Japan; Teaching
     cover how to recruit all the people you            Fellow at Multnomah Seminary; former church administrator; BIH adjunct faculty.
     need. Get great ideas for the holidays             BIH Executive Director.
     and special events coming up in the
     fall and winter. Enjoy networking with
     other children’s ministry-loving people!
                                                        Mr. Michael J. Dredla
     Materials fee: $10
                                                        B.A. Mathematics, San Diego State U.; M.S. Systems Management, Univ. of So.
  Course CMIN103                                        California; M.A. Theological Studies in progress, Covenant Theological Seminary;
  Saturday, July 26, 8:30 – 12:00 noon                  Colonel, USAF (Ret.); professor of Aerospace Studies, Univ. of Portland;
  First Chinese Church. Ed. Bldg., Rm. 207              Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton; Sunday school, Bible study and small group
  1054 S. King St., Honolulu                            leader. BIH adjunct faculty since 2007.

                                                        Dr. Randy Furushima
                                                        B.A. University of Hawai‘i; M.Ed. Boston College; Ed.D. Columbia University;
                                                        Founding Dean, Pacific Rim Bible College; President, Hawai‘i Theological
Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)   Seminary and Professor of Christian Education and Formation; Pastor, Wellspring
has approved Bible Institute of Hawai‘i to offer        Covenant Church. BIH Adjunct Faculty.
course work leading to Continuing Education Units
(CEUs) for ACSI Certification in the area of biblical
                                                        Mrs. Vicki Wiley Lepick
                                                        M.A. Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary; former director of Children’s Ministry,
                                                        First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu; author of and the Children’s
                                                        Ministry Sourcebook 2005, 2006, 2007; Group Publishers Real Learning
                                                        Specialist; the K-8th grade counselor at St. Andrew’s Priory School; adjunct
                                                        faculty, Pac Rim Bible College. BIH adjunct faculty since 2003.

              a                                         Miss Ada Lum

            Friend      coupon
                                                        B.A. History, Wheaton College; M.A. Biblical Literature, Wheaton Graduate
                                                        School; missionary to university students in 115 countries; author of books and
                                                        Bible studies. BIH faculty since 1984.

                                                        Pastor Bradstreet Smith
   Register for a course with a friend,
                                                        B.A., M.A., U of Hawai‘i; M.Div., Regent College; D.Min., Columbia International
   and you each take half off your course               Univ.; InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff; missionary and professor, Seminario
   fee! Submit both registration forms                  Evangelico de Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela; BIH faculty 1996-2004; English
   together with this coupon.                           ministry pastor, Makiki Christian Church. BIH adjunct faculty since 2004.

   Name ________________________                        Pastor Steven Sturm
                                                        B.S.L., Ozark Christian College; M.A., California Graduate School of Theology;
   Course _______________________                       MSCP, Chaminade Univ.; Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction, San Francisco
   I am registering for this course with                Theological Sem.; D.Min., San Francisco Theological Sem.; Board Certified
                                                        Pastoral Counselor; adjunct faculty, Dept. of Counseling Psychology, Chaminade
   _____________________________                        University; pastor, Waialua Christian Church. BIH adjunct faculty since 2007.
                 [friend’s name]

                                                     Course Registration
q Mr.        q Ms. q Mrs. q Dr. q Rev.
                                                             Course No.     Course Name                                                    Fee
First Name
Last Name                                                    Tuesdays
                                                             q BSTU110      An Armchair Tour of Israel                                  40.00
Address                                                      q CLIV124 Decision Making                            50.00

                                                             q NT407        Christ in the Workplace: Colossians                         35.00
q Check if new address                                       q NT407b       Colossians: It’s All About Christ                           35.00
City                                                         Thusdays
Zip                                                          q OT201        Genesis: Foundation of the Solid Foundation                 40.00
                                                             q OT402        Going Deeper with God in the Psalms                         40.00
Phone (H)                                                    q NT408        Get Right or Get Left: Thessalonians                        40.00
                                                            Saturday Seminar
         (Cell)                                             q CMIN103 Children’s Ministry Fall Jump Start* (non-discountable)           20.00
E-Mail                                                                                                            Total for classes     _____
Church Affiliation (if any)                                                Less any discount* (check one only)
                                                                           q Coupon (take 50% off)
                                                                           q Early registration $5 off (postmarked by 06/03/08)
                                                                           q First-time BIH student $5 off
Make checks payable to BIH. Submit your                                                                                   Subtotal      _____
                                                  Office Use Only                                              Optional gift to BIH     _____
check and completed registration form to:
Bible Institute of Hawai‘i, 234 Nu‘uanu          Cash            __________                                     TOTAL ENCLOSED         _____
Avenue Honolulu, HI 987                         Check              __________
Paying by credit card? We accept credit card      Online             __________          Discounts are not applicable to online registrations.
payments through our online registration form     Gift Certificate   __________          Class fees are non-refundable.
at                                                                  *Discounts not applicable to seminars.

                                                How Can You Help BIH?
Share the name of a good Bible teacher you know:                                                Be available to volunteer:

                                                                                                q At the annual Walk in the Word
                                                                                                  (this year it’s on Saturday, October
Share your BIH story:
                                                                                                q I can make items for the Craft Sale
                                                                                                q I can bake for the Bake Sale
                                                                                                q in the office when needed, especially
                                                                                                  doing computer input
                                                                                                q in class by assisting faculty when
How has a BIH class or faculty member helped you?                                               Name
                                                                                                Daytime Phone

                                                                                                Mail to:   Bible Institute of Hawai‘i
                                                                                                           2345 Nu‘uanu Avenue
                                                                                                           Honolulu, HI 96817
                                                                                                Or fax to: (808) 595-7203
                                                                                                                                        Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                         Honolulu, HI
                                                                                                                                         Permit 952

    2345 Nu‘uanu Avenue
     Honolulu, HI 96817

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         Volume 33
          Issue 4

Bible Institute of Hawai‘i
Founded in 1972
2345 Nu‘uanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817 USA
Phone: (808) 595-4700
Fax: (808) 595-7203

Ka ‘Olelo ‘O Ke Ola is a
quarterly publication of
Bible Institute of Hawai‘i. It
is mailed free of charge to
friends of BIH.

                                                                                    Calling All Crafters!
               Faculty Speaking                                                        Bible Institute of Hawai‘i’s annual walk will be held Saturday,
                                                                                    October 18, 2008 and plans are already underway for this fun
               Engagements                                                          event. This year’s theme is “Christmas in October” and we’d like
                                                                                    your help. Please begin making to donate:
                May  Clive Cowell preaches at The City Church of Honolulu
                May 8 Nelson Kwon preaches at Manoa Valley Church                      •   All varieties of clothing & accessories
                                                                                        •   Jewelry
                June 8       Clive Cowell preaches at Chinese Lutheran Church
                                                                                        •   Christmas ornaments & decorations
                June 22 Clive Cowell preaches at Chinese Lutheran Church                •   Blankets & towels
                June 29 Clive Cowell preaches at Trinity Presbyterian Church            •   Kitchen & household items
                July 3 Clive Cowell preaches at Mililani Christian Church              •   White Elephant
                Aug 24 Clive Cowell preaches at Trinity Presbyterian Church            It’s not too early to get busy for our once-a-year benefit!
                Aug 3 Clive Cowell preaches at Trinity Presbyterian Church         Completed items may be dropped off at the BIH Office from
                                                                                    October 1st. If you need someone to pick up your items, please
                                                                                    contact the BIH Office at 595-4700. Mahalo for your support!


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