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									BUS 360 Instructor: Shari Weiss                                     Web site:
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Summer 2009 – BUS 113 sect 5, Tues-Thur 1:15-5:15                    Office Hours BUS 208D Tues-Thur 5:15-6:15

                                   Syllabus and General Information about this course
Textbooks:         Fundamentals of Contemporary Business Communication. by Scott Ober, 2nd edition
                     On Writing Well 30th anniversary edition by William Zinsser
                          Graphics and Visual Communication for Managers

Why you need this course: Trends in the dramatically changing world of work demand highly developed communication skills;
your success within the business environment: with managers, colleagues, subordinates, clients, government representatives,
competitors, foreign business people, and others will depend on your ability to write and speak clearly, concisely, accurately, and
Course objectives: The primary object of BUS 360 is to tailor your written and oral communication skills for specific business
     To develop critical thinking strategies;
     To integrate communication techniques to make your written and oral communications goal-oriented, unambiguous, easy-
         to-read and understand, and ethical;
     To use business communication principles and graphic tools to organize and present written and oral reports;
     To become an active listener and observer and improve nonverbal communication skills;
     To develop an understanding of small group dynamics and strategies for managing inevitable team communication
     To understand how culture and diversity affect communication and identify specific ways to build bridges among varied
         workplace audiences.

Written Work:
         Sixty percent of BUS 360 involves writing a variety of business texts (reports, proposals, letters, memos, emails) that
adapt to diverse audiences and integrate business communication principles.
         As this course introduces you to the exacting standards of writing in a professional environment, your grades will reflect
how precisely you understand assigned goals, adapt to the audience, write in business prose, and use a critical thinking process.
               Student may rewrite many homework assignments ONE TIME if completed assignment submitted on due date.
               All written work is DUE at the beginning of the class period on the due date.
               No work can be submitted to the instructor’s mailbox except by prior agreement.
               Written work must be word-processed and spell-checked [unless otherwise instructed].
Oral Work
         Forty percent of BUS 360 involves oral presentations and discussions. Be careful to understand each assignment and
adhere strictly to the requirements outlined.
               Carefully listen to and read assignment instructions;
               Deliver oral presentations during the scheduled class period;
               Prepare fully for oral presentations by writing a condensed outline or notecards; however, speakers may NOT
                    read from any text or notes. OUTLINES are due ONE CLASS PERIOD before presentation.
               Prepare to receive and provide constructive feedback that can be applied to future presentations.
               After soliciting feedback from team members, prepare a one-page three-paragraph self-evaluation memo to your
                    instructor that (1) summarizes your presentation, (2) reports on the feedback you received, and (3) what specific
                    speech principle you plan to work on in future presentations. Due the next week for full credit.

Grading                    300 Total Points Available:
30        Test 1
40        Test 2
50        Test 3
40        Business report
30        Group presentation [and memo]
50        HW & classwork [includes Final Project]
30        Participation & Attendance [lose 3 pts. Every hour of class missed]
30        OP [ 10 delivery, 7 ppt, 3 handout, 10 memo] AUTOMATICALLY lose 3 points if you read from slides.
                                    TOTAL                     300 PTS.

          EXTRA CREDIT – Students may earn up to TEN extra credit points for various assignments
NOTE: A 3-ring binder is required for this course. Students will keep all handouts and assignments organized in this notebook, which should be
brought to EVERY class. Students will lose two points for class participation on any day they do not bring notebook to class.

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