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					Resource Unit

   2nd Grade
By: D. Casey Hearlihy
    Megan Hearlihy
    Kari McGee
          Table of Contents
 Introduction
 Content
 Objectives
 Activities
 Evaluation
 Instructional Resources
 We think that it is important for students to
  know where they come from. Therefore, we
  will teach a unit on Ohio to the 2nd graders at
  Simon Kenton Elementary in Springfield, Ohio.
 This lesson will span 8 days and will include
  several different learning methods and styles.
 The lesson will begin the first week of March,
  to commemorate Ohio’s statehood.

                  Table of Contents
 Day 1: Symbols of Ohio
 Day 2: Ohio’s History
 Day 3 & 4: Ohio’s Famous People
 Day 5 & 6: Ohio’s Geography
 Day 7 & 8: Ohio’s Careers
 Vocabulary

                 Table of Contents
      Day 1: Symbols of Ohio
• On the first day we will introduce Ohio by
  reviewing the symbols associated with Ohio
  and their meanings. The following symbols will
  be discussed.
  - Ohio flag
  - Buckeye
  - Carnation
  - White-tailed deer
  - Lady bug
  - Cardinal
          Day 2: Ohio’s History
   We will discuss the important events in Ohio’s
    history with the students. These event will
    include events associated with the Wright
    Bros., the first settlements, Ohio’s involvement
    in the Civil War, etc. The students will then
    research the event on their own and make a
    timeline of the events.
      Day 3 & 4: Ohio’s Famous
   We will discuss the achievements of many famous
    Ohioans with the class, and we will then talk about
    how these people’s accomplishments fit into the world
    as a whole. The following are some of the people that
    we will discuss.
        - Annie Oakley
        - Wright Brothers
        - Tecumseh
        - Neil Armstrong
        - John Glenn
    Day 5 & 6: Ohio’s Geography
   We will introduce the geography of Ohio so that the
    students can see what types of landforms there are in
    the state, how big different cities are, what the state
    looks like, etc. Some of the concepts that will be
    discussed are the following.
        - Mounds
        - Hills
        - Ohio River
        - Lake Erie
        - Columbus
        - Cleveland
        - Cincinnati
      Day 7 & 8: Ohio’s Careers
   We will discuss some of the various careers
    that are associated with Ohio. We will try to
    mention those that are most associated with
    the state such as the following.
       - Farmers
       - Factory workers
       - Park ranger
       - etc.
Statehood         Tecumseh           Mound
Aviation          Native Americans   Lake Erie
Wright Brothers   Cleveland          Underground Railroad
Farmer            Cincinnati         National Road
Buckeye           Columbus           Carnation
Pennant           Dayton             Huffman Prairie
Cardinal          Springfield        Astronaut
Neil Armstrong    Marietta           President
John Glenn        Annie Oakley       Capital
North             Johnny Appleseed   Lady Bug
South             Blue Jacket        White-tailed Deer
East              Thomas Edison      Trilobite
West              R.L. Stine         Navistar
   Day 1: Ohio Symbols
        - Identify Ohio symbols
        - Determine each symbols meaning
        - Create symbols that represent each student
   Day 2: Ohio’s History
        - Learn about Ohio’s history through text books
        - Illustrate an event in Ohio’s history
        - Construct a timeline that include the drawings of historical
   Day 3 & 4: Ohio’s Famous People
        - Identify famous Ohioans
        - Use library resources to research famous people from Ohio
        - Dramatically portray famous Ohioans

                              Table of Contents
   Day 5 & 6: Ohio’s Geography
        - Study Ohio’s geography through the use of maps
        - Create 3-D model of Ohio
   Day 7 & 8: Ohio’s Careers
        - Identify careers that are found in Ohio
        - Write invitations to parents/guardians
        - Participate in career day
 Day   1: Symbols of Ohio
 Day   2: Ohio’s History
 Day   3 & 4: Ohio’s Famous People
 Day   5 & 6: Ohio’s Geography
 Day   7 & 8: Ohio’s Careers

                   Table of Contents
        Day 1: Symbols of Ohio
   Introduction:
    – The teacher will introduce various symbols of Ohio
      such as the flag, buckeyes, cardinals, etc. using
      visual aids.
   Developmental:
    – The students will each be given an Ohio symbol and
      they will be told to research and report the
   Culminating:
    – The students will create their own symbols of Ohio
      using various art materials.
          Day 2: Ohio’s History
   Introduction:
    – The teacher will read Ohio! By Phil Brown and
      discuss Ohio’s history with the students.
   Developmental:
    – The teacher will assign one event in Ohio’s history
      to each student and each student will have to draw
      and write about their event.
   Culminating:
    – The students will use their drawings to make a
      timeline of important events in Ohio’s history.
      Day 3 & 4: Ohio’s Famous
   Introduction:
    – The teacher will ask the students if they know any famous
      people who were from Ohio. The teacher will then talk about
      a few such as the Wright Bros., John Glenn, Neil Armstrong,
   Developmental:
    – The students will take a field trip to the public library in
      order to research famous people from Ohio.
   Culminating:
    – Each student will give a dramatic presentation on the
      famous person of their choosing.
    Day 5 & 6: Ohio’s Geography
   Introduction:
    – The teacher will introduce Ohio’s geography
      through the use of maps.
   Developmental:
    – Students will create a 3D model of Ohio that
      includes Ohio’s many landforms.
   Culminating:
    – Students will present their models to the class, and
      will tell why they chose to use the materials that
      they used.
       Day 7 & 8: Ohio’s Careers
   Introduction:
    – The students will brainstorm the careers that they think are
      present in Ohio.
   Developmental:
    – The students will write letters to their parents asking about
      their careers and inviting them to participate in career day.
   Culminating:
    – The students will participate in “career day”. During this
      activity the students parents will come in and discuss what
      they do, and why it’s important to the community.
   1. What landforms are found in Ohio?
                 a. Mountains
                 b. Mounds
                 c. Peninsulas
   2.What is the capital of Ohio?
                 a. Columbus
                 b. Cincinnati
                 c. Dayton
   3.What year did Ohio become a state?
                 a. 1789
                 b. 1803
                 c. 1908

                            Table of Contents
 4. Which United States president is not from
           a. James Garfield
           b. Lyndon B. Johnson
           c. Grover Cleveland
 5. Ohio’s land can best be used for:
           a. Dog sledding
           b. Growing corn
           c. Skiing
   6. True or False?
        Tomato juice is Ohio’s state beverage.
   7. True or False?
        Ohio’s first settlers lived in Toledo.
   8. Short Essay
        What factors contributed to the Wright Brothers
    moving from Dayton, Ohio to Kitty Hawk , North
    Carolina to fly their plane?
   9. Short Essay
        Name one famous Ohioan and their contribution to
    Ohio’s history.
     Instructional Resources
 Teacher References
 Student References
 Media References

                 Table of Contents
              Teacher References
   Ohio and It’s People. Paperback. Kent State University Press.
    Knepper, 2003
    – This book examines Ohio towards the end of the 20th century.
      Information includes: Ohio state politics, Ohio’s economy and it’s history.

   Awesome Almanac Ohio. Paperback. B&B Publishing. Benson,
    – An almanac including random facts about Ohio. Also includes historical
      and present day facts.

   Ohio. Paperback. Lerner Publications company. Brown, 1993.
    – Basic information about Ohio. Lots of pictures and easy reading.
      Information includes: living and working in Ohio, historical timeline, facts
      and famous Ohioans.
      Teacher References (cont.)
   Heros of Ohio: 23 True Tales of Courage and Character.
    Gabriels Horn Publishing Company. Sowash,1998.
    – True staories of 23 Ohioans who defied odds. Includes people such as:
      John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed), Tecumseh, Annie Oakley, Jesse,
      Owens etc.

   Portraits of America:Ohio. VHS. Turner Broadcasting System,
    – Video endorsed by the National Education Association. Includes info on
      Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ohio legends, the Wright Brothers and new
      industries in Ohio. Running time appoximately 55 minutes.

   Encyclopedia of Ohio Indians. Paperback. Somerset Publishing.
    – Encyclopedia that looks in depth at Native Americans in the Ohio region.
      Teacher References (cont.)
   Ohio in Historic Postcards: A Self Portrait of the State.
    Hardback. Kent State University Press. Grant,1999.
    – A selection of black and white images of historic Ohio.

   Buckeye Heritage: Ohio’s History in Song. Sheet Music. Enthea
    Press. Salt, 1992.
    – Music, lyrics and background information on songs such as “ Darling
      Nelly Gray”, “Follow the Drinking Gourd” , “Perry’s Victory” and many
      other songs that are a part of Ohio’s heritage.

   Legacy of the Mound Builders. VHS. Camera One. 1994
    – Glimpse into early history through the story of the Hopewells and the
      mounds they bulit across Noth America.
     Teacher References (cont.)
   The Ohio Buckeye: The Tree, The State, The
    Story. VHS. Ohio Buckeye Tree Service.2001.
    – Educational flim featuring the bukeye tree and
      important role it played in Ohio and American
      history. Includes other Ohio symbols such as: the
      state flag, wildflower, song, animal and more.
      Runing time: 30 min.
            Student References
   B is for Buckeye: An Ohio Alphabet. Hardback
    children’s book. Sleeping Bear Press. Schonberg,
    – An alphabet book for older students that explores the
      heritage and history of Ohio using each letter. Shares stories
      of modern day attractions, inventions and heros from our

   Ohio Indians: A Kid's Look at Our State's Chiefs,
    Tribes, Reservations, Powwows, Lore & More.
    Paperback. Gallopade Publishing Group. Marsh, 1995.
    – Information on the Native American’s that first lived in Ohio.
      Easy to read and lots of factual information. Includes
      activities, glossary and index.
      Student References (cont.)
   Ohio History!: Surprising Secrets About Our State's
    Founding Mothers, Fathers & Kids!. Paperback.
    Gallopade Publishing Group. Marsh, 1995.
    – Explores the contributions that our ancestors have made to
      Ohio. Talks about why kids should care about history.
      Includes activities, glossary and index.

   Ohio, the Buckeye State. Paperback.World Almanac
    Library. Martin, 2002.
    – A trip through Ohio’s past and present, learning about the
      states economy, geography, government and people.
      Includes maps and charts.
                 Media References
   Maps:
    – AAA Ohio Map
          This map can be used to help the students understand the
           geography of Ohio
   Paintings:
    – “Fair at New Boston” by :Mike Copeland
          This painting shows what life was like in a early Ohio Town
   Websites:
          This site lists several things about Ohio, including history, famous
           people, and symbols.
       Media References (cont.)
   Websites (cont.):
          This site has several games dealing with Ohio history, Ohio cities,
           famous Ohioans, etc.
          This is an online encyclopedia of Ohio history.
          This site has links to a lot of maps from the Ohio Department of
          A site from the Ohio Public Library Information Network that defines
           many of Ohio’s symbols.
       Media References (cont.)
   Websites (cont.)
          An interactive site on Ohio’s famous people. This site has many
           games to play.
   CD-ROM
    – Discover Ohio
          This CD-ROM uses the premise of aliens coming to Earth and
           exploring Ohio to teach about history, geography, places, facts, etc.
   Puzzles
    – Ohio Counties Puzzle
          This puzzle can help children to see where the 88 counties of Ohio
           are located and how they fit together.
    – Ohio Facts Puzzle
          This puzzle has many facts about people from Ohio and places in
       Media References (cont.)
   Videos:
    – This is America Charlie Brown: The Wright Bros. at Kitty
          This video has Charlie Brown interacting with the Wright Bros. it
           gives some good information on the first flight, and it mentions the
           Wright bros. connection with Ohio.
    – Ohio Sentimental Journey
          This video tells of little-known Ohioans, and they contributions they
           have made to society.
   Music:
    – “Ohio” by: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
          This song mentions the killing of some 4 students at Kent State
           University, and can be used to illustrate an important event in Ohio’s
       Media References (cont.)
   Music (cont.):
    – “Burn On” by: Randy Newman
          This song can be used to illustrate Ohio’s presence in the
           mass media.
    – “Beautiful Ohio” by: Ballard MacDonald
          This is Ohio’s state song, and it can be used to help the
           student’s more fully understand some of Ohio’s symbols.
    – “Hang on Sloopy” by: The McCoys
          This is Ohio’s state rock song, and it can be used to help
           the student’s more fully understand some of Ohio’s
       Media References (cont.)
   Bulletin Boards:
    – Ohio History Bulletin Board
          This bulletin board will be made with the timeline that the students
           will make on Day2. It will help the children to feel more connected to
           the history.
   Posters:
    – Ohio Poster (found at:,890.html)
          This poster is filled with facts about Ohio’s people and places
    – Ohio From Space
          This poster shows a picture of Ohio from space, and it can help
           students to see the different landforms in Ohio.

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