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									Entry to Mid Level Service Success Profile

                     Wells Fargo Service Success Profile: Entry to Mid Level
               Critical Competencies plus Outstanding and Marginal/Poor Behaviors

Individuals in this role are accountable for adding value to partner relationships and/or external
customers; strengthening longer term relationships that contribute to Wells Fargo's success.

 Critical Thinking-- Assessing, analyzing and problem solving.

 Outstanding Behaviors                             Marginal Behaviors
  •    Identifies potential problems and takes     •    Does not anticipate foreseeable problems.
       action to prevent or minimize them.         •    Acts without thinking of the consequences.
  •    Thinks through the short term and long      •    Does not look for and spot inconsistencies
       term consequences of actions.                    in information.
  •    Anticipates how decisions will affect       •    Does not set or readjust priorities, when
       others.                                          necessary.
  •    Notices discrepancies and
       inconsistencies in available information.
  •    Appropriately sets and re-adjusts

 Knows the Process-- Applying knowledge of processes and systems to get things done..
 Outstanding Behaviors                       Marginal Behaviors
  •    Demonstrates knowledge of Wells             •    Demonstrates inadequate knowledge of
       Fargo's products, services and                   Wells Fargo's products, services and
       processes inside of own area of                  computer systems to perform the job.
       expertise.                                  •    Is reluctant to learn new and changed
  •    Demonstrates an in-depth                         processes.
       understanding of the computer systems       •    Is reluctant to ask for help, when
       and processes needed to perform work             appropriate.
       in own area.
  •    Easily learns new and changed
  •    Knows when to seek help and from
 Leverages Resources-- Orchestrating and integrating resources (technology, time, tools, task
 and people).
 Outstanding Behaviors                       Marginal Behaviors
  •    Manages time effectively.                   •    Has difficulty managing time.
  •    Uses technology and tools to streamline     •    Avoids using technology for streamlining
       tasks.                                           tasks or communicating.
  •    Uses appropriate technology for             •    Is reluctant to learn to use new technology.
       communicating effectively.
  •    Is enthusiastic about adapting to new
  •    Learns how to use new technology to
       service the customer.

2002 Wells Fargo & Co.
Entry to Mid Level Service Success Profile

 Relationship Savvy-- Listening, understanding, responding and building relationships inside
 and outside the organization.
 Outstanding Behaviors                         Marginal Behaviors
  •    Notices and responds effectively to           •   Does not notice behaviors that indicate
       interpersonal cues while interacting with         how others are feeling.
       others.                                       •   Makes little effort to maintain good working
  •    Consistently creates a positive customer          relationships with others across the
       experience through own interactions.              organization.
       [Use Consistently only in profile -- not in   •   Does not attempt to create a positive
       survey]                                           customer experience.
  •    Takes a personal interest in team             •   Is unaware of the impact of own behaviors
       members and customers by asking about             and attitude on others.
       their concerns and interests.
  •    Develops and maintains good working
       relationships across the organization, to
       create a network for the customer.
  •    Makes others feel comfortable by
       responding in ways that convey interest
       in what they have to say.

 Adaptability-- Demonstrating flexibility in approach and situation, working with all types of
 people and changes across the organization.
 Outstanding Behaviors                            Marginal Behaviors
  •    Moves comfortably from one project or         •   Allows negative feelings to carry over from
       process to the next.                              one situation to the next.
  •    Starts fresh with each interaction,           •   Makes little effort to adjust own personal
       without carrying forward emotional                style when working with others.
       reactions from one situation to the next.     •   Loses professional demeanor in difficult or
  •    Adjusts own personal style of working             stressful situations.
       and communicating to accommodate              •   Is resistant to critical feedback.
       the preferences of others.
  •    Maintains a positive, professional
       demeanor when dealing with stressful
       situations and difficult people.
  •    Modifies own behavior in response to

 Capitalizes on Opportunities-- Recognizing sales and service possibilities that increase depth
 of customer relationships.
 Outstanding Behaviors                        Marginal Behaviors
  •    Asks questions to surface additional          •   Does not ask questions to surface
       customer needs.                                   additional customer needs.
  •    Recognizes opportunities for additional       •   Accepts at face value the customer's
       sales and service.                                description of the need.
  •    Asks questions to clarify the customer's      •   Does not notice and pursue opportunities
       preferred ways of doing business.                 for additional business.
  •    Describes additional services that might
       meet a customer's need.

2002 Wells Fargo & Co.
Entry to Mid Level Service Success Profile

 Tenacity -- The drive to figure things out.
 Outstanding Behaviors                               Marginal Behaviors
  •    Has a strong sense of urgency about           •   Demonstrates a lackadaisical attitude
       solving problems and completing work.             about solving problems and completing
  •    Suggests ways to solve recurring                  work.
       problems.                                     •   Allows problems to recur, without seeking
  •    Willingly tackles challenging customer            a solution.
       service issues.                               •   Avoids dealing with challenging customer
  •    Demonstrates sustained effort over                service issues.
       time, to solve problems and accomplish        •   Gives up easily when faced with an
       objectives.                                       obstacle.
  •    Persists in seeking ways to strengthen
       partnerships, despite obstacles.
 Leads With Integrity-- demonstrating ethics and integrity, adhering to a core set of values
 during good and challenging times.
 Outstanding Behaviors                         Marginal Behaviors
  •    Consistently models behaviors that            •   Fails to follow through on commitments to
       exemplify Wells Fargo values and serve            others.
       the best interests of Wells Fargo.            •   Makes excuses or blames others for own
  •    Follows through on commitments to                 mistakes.
       others.                                       •   Behaves in ways that are or may be
  •    Is honest and forthright with people.             perceived to be unethical.
  •    Demonstrates respect to others at all         •   Demonstrates disrespect to others.
       levels in the organization.                   •   Demonstrates behaviors that contradict
  •    Avoids any conflict of interest or the            Wells Fargo's values.
       appearance of a conflict of interest.
  •    Accepts responsibility for mistakes.

 Customer Focus-- knowing and caring about our customers--working as a team to exceed their
 Outstanding Behaviors                      Marginal Behaviors
  •    Conveys to customers that meeting their       •   Conveys, through nonverbal behavior or
       needs is a high priority.                         tone of voice, that helping the customer is
  •    Looks for new ways to increase                    inconvenient or unimportant.
       customer satisfaction.                        •   Makes little effort to increase customer
  •    Goes out of his/her way to deal with a            satisfaction.
       customer’s issue.                             •   Is unable or unwilling to view the situation
  •    Tries to view a situation from the                from the customer's perspective.
       customer’s perspective.                       •   Fails to meet customer expectations.
  •    Consistently exceeds customer
       expectations in terms of the quality of
       services delivered.

2002 Wells Fargo & Co.
Entry to Mid Level Service Success Profile

 Takes Accountability-- can be counted on to drive for outstanding results

 Outstanding Behaviors                               Marginal Behaviors
  •    Sets challenging but achievable goals         •   Fails to set appropriate goals.
  •    Achieves results that exceed agreed-          •   Makes excuses for lack of follow-through.
       upon objectives.                              •   Falls short of agreed upon objectives.
  •    Accepts ultimate responsibility for the
       quality of the customer experience.
  •    Takes ownership of issues and sees
       them through to resolution.

 Diversity-- recognizing the value of not just one, but many ways

 Outstanding Behaviors                               Marginal Behaviors
  •    Values the diversity of talents, skills and   •   Does not see the value of different
       backgrounds that others bring to team             perspectives and styles.
       efforts; sees differences as an asset.        •   Devalues others' contributions.
  •    Recognizes the value of all team              •   Demonstrates lack of respect for
       members’ contributions.                           differences.
  •    Models respect for differences through
       own words and actions.
  •    Seeks different perspectives when
       developing solutions.
  •    Listens and gives serious consideration
       to perspectives that are different from
       own perspective.

2002 Wells Fargo & Co.

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