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									Identify Equal Groups
Repeated Addition
Multiplication Sentences
Multiplication facts, to 5’s
WP: Multiplication
Grade 2
Match 27. 2008

   Counters
   White boards/markers
   Worksheets
   Up to 5’s times table

    Equal Groups
        o Show the worksheet with groups on it to the group to decide how many
            equal groups are in each problem.
                 Discuss as a group.
                 Students describe why they think the answer is what they say.
        o I will draw some other examples on the white board if necessary to have
            more practice.
    Repeated Addition
        o Using the groups we have already found, we will add up all of the groups
            to show how multiplication works. (*Students are welcome to use
            counters throughout the lesson if so desired)
                 Relation between addition and multiplication.
                        Worksheet Examples
                               o Four groups of three
                               o Three groups of four
                               o Five groups of Five
                               o Five groups of Six

    Multiplication Sentences
        o Relate problems to sentences
                 I will read sentences and ask the students to write the sentence as a
                    problem, like the worksheet and cover as a group.
                         Two groups of three equal six
                         Five groups of three equal fifteen
                         Three groups of three equal nine
                         Four groups of three equal twelve
                 Students write a multiplication sentence based on number two on
                    the worksheet related to the beehives.
                     Students will then do both parts of number three and we will
                      discuss them as a group.

    Now that the process of multiplication is understood, we will practice the
       multiplication problems up to 5’s, as well as word problems.
          o Students will complete the multiplication table using counters or their
               boards if they need to.
    To finish up we will take this one step further to word problems!
          o Read the problems to them off of the worksheet and they will answer them
               on their white boards and each students will have a change to explain their
               thought process.
                    There are 2 oranges in each bag. Jason buys 3bags. How many
                       oranges does he buy?
                    There are 3 oranges in each bag. Jason buys 3 bags. How many
                       oranges does he buy?
                    David collects baseball cards for 4 different tams. He has 4 cards
                       for each team. How many cards does he have altogether?
                    Adrienne collects baseball cards for 9 different teams. She has 2
                       cards for each team. How many cards does she have?

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