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					2008 CSG Southern Region Innovation Award Applications                                                Name ___________________

2008        Program Name

08-S-01AL   Alabama Centralized Email (ACE)

08-S-02AL   Alabama Elevator and Boiler Safety Inspection Program

08-S-03AL   Lease Search

08-S-04AL   SMART Governing

08-S-05AL   Virtual Alabama

08-S-06FL   Absconder Initiative

08-S-07FL   ACCESS Document Imaging

08-S-08FL   Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency (ACCESS) Online Application

08-S-09FL   "CompKit" Competency Recovery System

08-S-10FL   Florida Dept of Health's County Health Department (CHD) Performance Improvement Process

08-S-11FL   Florida Learning System

08-S-12FL   Land Administration Access Database

08-S-13FL   Lowell Correctional Institution Tuberculosis Deployment Team

08-S-14FL   Florida Medicaid Choice Counseling Program

08-S-15FL   Medication-Assisted Treatment

08-S-16FL   MyFloridaMarketPlace
2008 CSG Southern Region Innovation Award Applications                                             Name ___________________

08-S-17FL   Region I Supply Management Order Program

08-S-18FL   Success 4 Kids

08-S-19FL   Title IV-E Foster Care Waiver Demonstration Program

08-S-20GA   Community Continuity Atlanta Partnership (CCAP)

08-S-21GA   Congregational Respite

08-S-22GA   Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL)

08-S-23GA   Human Resources

08-S-24GA   Kinship Care Navigator Program

08-S-25GA   Office of Child Support Services Rapid Process Improvement

08-S-26GA   Procurement Transformation Initiative

08-S-27KY   Green River Entrepreneur Club

08-S-28KY   Social Worker Pilot Project

08-S-29LA   LHFA Insurance Offset Program

08-S-30MD   Adopting a New Strategy for Ecological Targeting, Ranking and Implementation of Land

08-S-31MD   BayStat

08-S-32MD   StateStat

08-S-33MO   Missouri Senior Report
2008 CSG Southern Region Innovation Award Applications                                           Name ___________________

08-S-34NC   Upgrade and Save: Heat Pumps in Manufactured Homes

08-S-35OK   Central District Community Corrections Diversion Program

08-S-36OK   Oklahoma Department of Corrections Quality Assurance Program

08-S-37OK   Oklahoma Highway Safety Office Mobilization Reporting System

08-S-38OK   Oklahoma Municipal Court Reporting System

08-S-39OK   The Bridge Project

08-S-40SC   REWARD South Carolina (Rural Economic Workforce Alliance for Resource Development)

08-S-41TX   Texas Health Care Policy Council

08-S-42VA   Virginia Information Technologies Agency Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership

08-S-43WV FAIR (Family Alzheimer's In-Home Respite) and Lighthouse

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