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             YOU WILL LEARN:
            • An understanding of the fundamental theory and principles of the
              operation of power transformers
            • An insight into the identification and application of transformers'
            • An understanding of the power transformers components and
              their construction
            • Knowledge of power transformer protection
            • An understanding of power transformers oil and oil tests and
              interpretation of results
            • Knowledge of the most effective power transformer electrical tests
            • Skills in how to manage power transformer breakdowns to ensure
              a minimum disruption

             WHO SHOULD ATTEND:
            • Power System Engineers
            • Electrical Engineers
            • Consulting Engineers
            • Project Engineers
            • Power System Technicians
            • Electrical Contractors
            • Electrical Technicians
            • Tradesman Electricians
            • Electrical Inspectors
            • Utility Engineers

 THE WORKSHOP                                          THE PROGRAM
Installation of high voltage distribution and         DAY ONE                                            DAY TWO
transmission      equipment      has    increased
significantly over the years due to ongoing global    TRANSFORMERS MAIN FUNCTIONS                        POWER TRANSFORMER OIL AND OIL
demand for power. As a result, the need to ensure     AND CLASSIFICATION                                 QUALITY
the reliability of operation of power systems is      • Construction (Shell Type, Core Type)             • Oil contents: Water, Acidity, Dissolved gas
paramount.                                            • Classification and Type in relation to           • Oil tests: Dielectric breakdown, Moisture,
                                                        Insulation, Windings, Core, Cooling                Resistivity, Interfacial tension, Specific
Power transformers are among the most                   Systems, Voltage level, Sizing, Tank,              gravity, Power factor, Furan analysis.
important and most expensive components of              Breathing action                                 • Recovery Voltage Measurement test
power systems, their failure can impose               • Transformer parts
extraordinarily high costs on plants, factories and                                                      POWER TRANSFORMER ELECTRICAL
utilities of all descriptions.                        POWER TRANSFORMERS AND                             TESTS:
                                                      SAFETY                                             • ac Tests:
It is critical that all personnel operating and       • How to install, operate and work with              - Power factor tests (Insulation, Oil, and
working with such equipment have a sound                High Voltage Power Transformers safely               Bushings)
knowledge of their operational requirements and       • Earthing of HV Transformers                        - Single Phase Excitation Current Test
maintenance.                                                                                               - Transformer Turns Ratio Test
                                                      TRANSFORMER THEORY
This practical workshop provides knowledge on                                                            • dc Tests:
                                                      • Electrical values and their definition in a
both the theory and operation of Power                                                                     - Insulation Resistance Test
                                                        power transformer - Voltage, Current,
Transformers. The course will develop and               Number of turns, Impedance and their               - Dielectric Absorption Test
enhance an understanding of what is involved in         interrelation                                      - Polarisation Index Test
the maintenance of these essential components of                                                           - Step Voltage Test
                                                      OPERATION OF POWER                                   - Hi-Pot Test
the power systems, through the tips and tricks        TRANSFORMERS IN A POWER
learnt and developed by some of the World's pre-      SYSTEM                                             PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE ON
eminent electrical engineers.                         • Thermal performance, loading,                    POWER TRANSFORMERS
                                                        paralleling, tap-changing, Connections           • Techniques to improve life expectancy
                                                        and Vector groups
PRE-REQUISITES                                                                                           SUMMARY, OPEN FORUM & CLOSING
Some basic knowledge of electrical engineering        POWER TRANSFORMER PROTECTION
and general knowledge of nature and operation of      • Surge protection
transformers is required. However participants        • Protective relaying (Differential, Over-
do not need specific knowledge on transformers
                                                        Earth fault)
and the course will start from the basic theory of
                                                      • Buchholz relay, Pressure relief relay
                                                      • Thermal devices and instruments (Oil
                                                        temperature Alarm and Trip, Winding
                                                        temperature Alarm and Trip)

                                                      • Design criteria
                                                      • Specifications

                                                      GENERATOR TRANSFORMERS
                                                      • Design criteria
                                                      • Specifications

                                                      UNIT TRANSFORMERS
 ON-SITE TRAINING                                     • Design criteria
                                                      • Specifications
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 delivery service can save your company up to         • Design criteria
 50%, or more, off the total per-head costs           • Specifications
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