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									6517 Finzel Rd. Whitehouse, OH 43571         419-877-0607        Pastor Rich Ferne

              Community of Christ                                  Ladies Night Out
              Book Club Selections
                 2010 & 2011                            July Ladies Night Out- We will meet at Mancy’s

September 21: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and         Italian on July 27th at 7PM, at the corner of Monroe
Sweet by Jamie Ford                                     & Whiteford Rds. Meet at church at 6:30 to
October 19: The Help by Katherine Stockett

November 16: Senator’s Wife by Sue Miller

December-January 18: Pope Joan by Donna
Woolfolk Cross

February 15: The Case of the Missing Servant by
Tarquin Hall

March 15: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Roosnay

April 19: Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrich
                                                        Come join us for lunch, ice cream,
May 17: Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen              desserts and FUN following the last
                                                        service on Rally Day!
June 21: Hardball by Sara Paretsky
                                                        Please see the sign-up on the kiosk if
                                                        you would like to help work the
                       ALTERNATES:                      event or contribute food items.
             The Red Tent by Anita Diament
                                                        See you there!

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

                                                        Dear Members and Friends of Community of Christ,
     As Pastor Rich preached his last sermon with                            Worship & Music
our congregation, I was very touched by his
reference to having spent his life learning at
the feet of Jesus. It struck me that we have also           Summer Choir
been learning at Jesus' feet through the Holy Spirit        We will once again have a multigenerational choir in
working through Pastor Rich. This has always been
evident in his genuine caring, concern, and love of         August. This is a great opportunity for family members
every member and visitor here in our congregation.          to sing together! Rehearsals will be Sunday mornings
Pastor Rich was always so "in his element" as a
                                                            August 1, 8, 15, and 22 at 9:15am; and we will sing on
pastor and our congregation has been so blessed
to have been one of his four congregations which            Sunday, August 22 at 10am. For more information or
he has served. ( He saved the best for last!! ). We         questions please contact Pam Davis at 419-877-0607.
will all miss him and Nancy and we wish them well
as they now spend quality family time together. We
pray that Rich's health stays good for a long time                  Choirs Begin in September
so they can travel, do service projects, and make
wonderful family memories.                                  Adult Choir (vocal choir for high school and
     To honor Pastor Rich's dedication to our church        adults): meets Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
and to his love of Jesus Christ our Savior, I am
asking that all of us work together as a                    Bell Choir (adults): meets Thursdays at 7:30 PM
congregation as we search for our next pastor. This
can be accomplished by filling our church every             High School Bell Choir: meets Tuesdays at 7:30
week-end, working together to maintain our                  PM
growing church status, and continue our mission of
"Making Jesus Known" in our community and our               Catechism Bell Choirs: 7th grade meets
world. If we keep our momentum going forward,               Tuesdays at 5:10 PM, before class
it will ensure a wonderful future for our church.                                        8th grade meets
     As a farewell to Pastor Rich and Nancy, we are         Tuesdays at 5:40 PM, after class
having a prime rib and chicken dinner catered by
the Whitehouse Inn. It will be held here at the             Youth Choir (3rd-6th grade): singing, bells,
church on August 21, 2010, at 6:30 PM. The cost is          percussion; meets Thursdays at 6:45-7:25 PM
$11.00 per person and $6.00 for children age 10                           (new day, same time!)
and under. Our committee needs to have your
reservations and payments in by August 8, 2010.             Kids of the Kingdom (4 years-2nd grade): meets
Please use the envelope provided in your invitation,        Wednesdays at 6:45 PM
to either mail it in or drop it off in the church office.
If you did not receive an invitation, but would like        Special solos and ensembles are always
attend, please contact me. There will also be a card        welcome!
box available the night of the dinner for your
expressions of well wishes for Rich and Nancy.              If you or someone you know are interested in joining
     I hope everyone can join us for this night of          one of our choirs, or if you would simply like more
celebration honoring Pastor Rich's 37 years in the          information about our music program, please contact
ministry. If you did not receive an invitation and          Pam Davis, our Music Director (home: 419-472-1003;
would like to join us, please check with the office.        church: 419-877-060..
The Lord Be With You,
Barb Thober, Church Council President
                                                            Retirement Dinner for Pastor
                                                            Rich & Nancy – Reservations
                                                            needed by August 8th. If you
                                                            did not get an invitation and
                                                            are interested in attending
                                                            please contact Barb Thober-
                                                            seating is limited!
          CONGREGATIONAL LIFE                                                  FINANCE

                                                                   5PM 8AM     10AM   Total SS      Gen    Bldg Fund
   Community of Christ – Mud Hens Night!                                                          Offering

   Sunday, August 15th, game time 6:00pm              May 22/23     40   125    143    308   71

            Ticket cost: $9 per person                May 29/30    55    79     62     196
Come join us at Fifth Third Field as the              June 5/6      54   84     91     229
Toledo Mud Hens take on the Scranton Yankees.
                                                      June 12/13    46   91     128    265
There will be post game fireworks and kids 12 and
under get to run the bases after the game! Please     June 19/20    62   85     66     213

sign up by Monday August 2nd, and leave your          June 26/27    28   105    80     213
money for tickets in the envelope on the kiosk.       July 3 & 4    52   88     44     184
A TARTA bus will leave from the Waterville Plaza
one hour before game time and will leave for the
return trip 20 minutes after the fireworks end.
Questions: Wendy Serafin                                           August Thank You Offering
                                                      The Thank You Offering for August will go to defraying the
                                                      cost of shipping the school kits and to fill in missing items
                                                      needed to complete the Health Bags and also the school kits
             August Ladies Night Out                  for Lutheran World Relief.
Our August LNO, will be held at The Rose &
Thistle on Tuesday, August 31, 2010, at 7PM. It is                         THANK YOU’s
located in downtown Perrysburg at 203 Louisiana
Ave. If car pooling, meet at the church at 6:30 PM.   I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the
                                                      beautiful prayer shawl that was made for me. It has
Guests and visitors are always welcome !!
                                                      comforted me, given me strength and I have never felt
                                                      alone. I would like you all to know the power of prayer.
                                                      The day of my surgery they could not find the lung
                     LADIES FALL                      tumor they had previously seen. I left the hospital with
                                                      both of my lungs! I have made a full recovery but not
                       RETREAT                        without the help and prayer from all of you. I will be

                    OCTOBER 1 & 2
                                                      forever grateful.
                                                      Thank you,
          See Christian Education Page                Pam Grosschedl
           for more information                       To my Church Family,
                                                      I can’t begin to tell you how much all of the meals
                                                      everyone brought to us meant to my family following
                                                      my shoulder replacement surgery! I had been so worried
           PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT                        about how I was going to feed us and you took that
Our Art and Environment Committee is looking for      burden right off of me! Thank you also for all of the
people to be taking their inspirational photos this   cards, they were so uplifting, the visits, phone calls and
summer and early fall for our October exhibit. Each   all the prayers. Mike, Fred and I thank you all. May
person can submit up to 3 separate works of           God Bless, Betty McSurley
inspirational landscape, people, buildings, or even
creative concepts. More information will be           Dear Friends,
coming your way, but for now, be snapping those       Thank you for your gift of “goats”. This will provide
                                                      nourishing milk to families for whom growing food has
photos. If you have questions, please call Chris
                                                      always been challenge. Goats milk also produces income
Rilling.                                              for families to help with shelter. Lutheran World Relief
                                                      works to create opportunities for people to lift
                                                      themselves out of poverty and your gifts will keep that
                                                      work moving forward. In Christ’s Peace, John Nunes,

Milo Downs
                                                       08/03 Hetherwick, Elaine
Margaret Bobb                                          08/03 Petrell, Sarah
Brenda & Keith Carpenter                               08/03 Schiavone, Michael
Huck & Julie Hayes                                     08/04 Peters, Melinda
John & Joyce Lusch                                     08/04 Stevens, Gerrie
Tom & Cheryl McNutt                                    08/05 Winkelman, Mark
Mike & Betty McSurley                                  08/05 Phillips, Stephanie
Jim & Barb Page                                        08/06 Burdo, Craig
John & Carol Rosebrook                                 08/09 Cochran, Carson
Bill & Carol Schumaker                                 08/10 Willey, Pat
Don & Caterine Scott                                   08/10 Moreland, Ruth
Barbara Thober                                         08/10 Nofzinger, Aubrey
Bernard & Vonnie Utz                                   08/10 Dansack, Sophia
Molly Wachtmann                                        08/11 Schubert, Wilfried
Richard & Elfriede Wilson                              08/11 Karamol, Devin
                                                       08/12 Greenhagen, Dave
Rich & Kara Yokum
                                                       08/13 Waters, Ethel
                                                       08/13 Ludwig, Saundi
Joanne Lytle (mother of Tom Lytle)                     08/13 Rison, Pat
Mike & Sherrie Carroll                                 08/13 Boltz, Delaney
Susan & Dale Dentel                                    08/13 Miller, Blake
                                                       08/14 Schreiber, Evan
Richard Seel, Lauren & Jacob Saunders                  08/15 Kuetemeyer, Gregory
Greg, Sue & Greg II Wobser                             08/15 Schuchmann, Joel
                                                       08/17 Chamberlain, Kathy
Shirley Carroll (mother of Mike Carroll)               08/17 Wagner, John
Mike & Kathleen Rodriguez                              08/17 Merritt, James
Mike & Cindy Sielder                                   08/17 Ray, Katherine
Mike & Susan Noble                                     08/19 Wise, Jasin
Mike & Sherrie Carroll                                 08/20 Reisner, Ann
Gary & Cindy Hadsell                                   08/21 Dick, Steven
Matt & Pam Walczak                                     08/22 Sheetz, Ken
Barb Thober                                            08/22 Rockwell, Sarah
                                                       08/23 Reisner, Bill
                                                       08/23 Hannan, Keegan
                        Official Acts
                                                       08/24 Holliker, Tim
Baptisms                                               08/24 Stout, Alyssya
Abigail Grace Suleski July 18, 2010
                                                       08/25 Burkard, Thomas
Emmajean Hazel July 18, 2010
                                                       08/25 Reid, Kelly
                                                       08/25 Mehl, Jessica
Wedding                                                08/25 Ditzig, Jenna
Angie Bucher & Kevin Robinson (nm) June 19, 2010       08/25 Reid, Madison
                                                       08/25 Schifko, Alexander
                           Church Staff                08/26 Kuetemeyer, Mark
Pastor Rich Ferne, Pastor                  878-3191
Rev. Ron Heinz, Part-time Pastor            376-0425
                                                       08/26 Keil, Lora
Pam Davis, Music Director                   472-1003   08/26 Peer, Isaac
Sherrie Carroll, Office Manager             877-9670   08/27 Lozovoy, Norma
Joan Schwartz – Office                      868-4835   08/29 Keene, Edith
Heidi Gillenwater/Christian Ed/Youth        346-8698
                                                       08/29 Detwiler, Karrianne
Kathy Phillips/Custodian                    877-0514
Karole Sigg/Children’s Choir                704-8661   08/30 Bogdan, Jacob
Jill Kohntopp/Outreach/Assimilation         867-9255   08/30 Baker, Kaitlyn
Linda Wittenmyer/Pianist                    878-8495   08/31 Jennings, Karen
Joe Perkins/ Treasurer                      509-6038   08/31 Boehly, Sandy
                     SOCIAL ACTION
                                                                            Stay Healthy Bags
         Community of Christ Blood Drive                                    Help support children in central Toledo
               September 24th
Community of Christ will once again be the host location for a       SPECIAL NEEDS FOR THE STAY
Red Cross Blood Drive. Please mark your calendars for
Friday September 24, 2010 from 12:00 noon to 6:00pm, for             HEALTH BAGS – WE NEED DENTAL
this very important event.                                           FLOSS AND THERMOMETERS, HAND
                                                                     SANTIZER, TISSUES, ANTIBACTERAIL
The Social Action Committee is coordinating this event and           SOAP!
we are looking for folks who would like to volunteer to help
make it the success it has been in the past. We will need
volunteers to greet people at the door, to man the canteen, and      The Social Action Committee is inviting the members of
to provide treats for the donors. We think our drive will be        Community of Christ to help us help children who live in the
even more successful than our last drive in March because           central Toledo area. Did you know that many children who
there are no other blood drive events that will take place in our   live in the Toledo area do not have some of the most basic
area during the weeks before ours. So there will be lots of         items to stay healthy during the school year? In an effort to
donors who won’t be already committed.                              help educate families with children and help provide some of
                                                                    these basic items, Mercy Children’s Hospital will be giving out
We had lots of fun working together at our last blood drive in      “Stay Healthy Bags” at their upcoming Family Health
March! Watch for sign up sheets on the kiosk and join the fun       Fair on August 21, 2010. From past health fairs they
in September while also helping our community! Please feel          anticipate that they will need approximately 450 bags. Our
free to call me with any questions or if you would like to          committee has set a goal to fill 75 bags for this important
volunteer.                                                          event. Please help us help them! You can help in two ways:

Thank you for you support –                                                  Take a red Mercy Children’s Hospital bag from the
Shelly Ray                                                                    table in the Gathering Area and fill it with the items
                                                                              on the list inside and then return it to church and
                     SCHOOL KITS                                              place back on the table.
It is back-to-school time and the Outreach and Growth                        Bring in a few of the items needed and leave in the
Committee is again collecting school kits for Lutheran                        basket next to the table. We’ll fill the bags for you!
World Relief. These kits allow children and adults in                         The items needed are: Antibacterial soap, facial
third world countries to attend school. Without them,                         tissues, hand sanitizer, thermometers (digital or
                                                                              heat dot), toothpaste, toothbrushes and dental
many students would not have the ability to go to school.
Please consider them when you are purchasing school
supplies for your children and pick up some extras. Each
kit contains the following items. Either assemble the                          COMMUNTIY OPPORTUNITIES
parts for one (or several) school kit(s) or bring some of
the following items and place in the box in the narthex;            LUTHERAN VILLAGE AT WOLF CREEK RETIREMENT
                                                                    HOME TO HOLD CARRY-OUT CHICKEN BBQ
        Notebook or pad of ruled paper, approx 8 1/2 x             FUNDRAISER
         11", containing 150-200 sheets                               Tired of cooking? Don’t know what to fix? Too
        School scissors, blunt tip                                 hot to cook? Please support our curbside carry-out
        30 cm ruler, or ruler containing cm and inches             Chicken BBQ Dinner fundraiser on Friday, July 30,
         (must have cm)                                             from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Meal includes ½
        Pencil sharpener
                                                                    chicken (prepared by Harlan’s BBQ & Caterer),
        6 new pencils with erasers
                                                                    baked beans, potato salad, roll/butter, pop or
        Eraser, approx 2 1/2" long
        12 sheets of construction paper, various colors            water. $8.00 each. Cash only. All proceeds will
        Box of crayons containing 8, 16, or 24                     benefit our residents at LVWC. Call Sue at 861-
         crayons                                                    5619 for more information. Thank you.
                                                                      Lutheran Village at Wolf Creek offers
                                                                    independent living, assisted living, short term
                                                                    rehab, long term care, and respite care. LVWC is a
                                                                    joint venture of Lutheran Homes Society and St.
                                                                    Luke’s Hospital.
                                                           Rally Day – Sunday, August 29th
Community Vacation Bible School                                    The first day of Sunday School will be
        Hero Head Quarters was a super success!            August 29th starting at 9:00 am. Students will go
An average of 100 children joined us every night to        directly to their classrooms. Classes will be two-
learn more about making a difference in peoples            year age spans: pre K – K, 1 – 2, 3 – 4, 5 – 6, and 7
lives.                                                     – 8. The high school students will meet in the youth
        We would like to thank the many volunteers         room and the adult class will meet in the lounge.
that helped make this amazing quest possible. Great
job everyone!

Blessing of the Backpacks – August 14/15                   Call to Discipleship
        We are inviting students of all ages to bring      Encouraging Faith Practices
their backpacks the weekend of August 14/15 for                    We will be highlighting the Faith Practices
the blessing of their school year. This is done the        again this year starting in September. The Education
weekend before school to start the school year             committee encourages everyone to participate in the
started off with prayer.                                   monthly theme. Be watching for updates in
                                                           upcoming announcements and newsletters.
School Kit project kicks off with Blessing of
Backpacks                                                  Beth Moore Study starts Tuesday,
         As you are doing your back to school              September 14th
shopping, we invite you to check out the list for                  The Tuesday morning Bible study group has
filling the school kits. Please note, the list requests    decided to call themselves “The Seekers”. They are
specific items due to specific needs. We encourage         planning to do the Beth Moore study, Daniel, which
those with sewing skills to make a tote.                   is a 12-week study. Mark your calendars – all are
         Collection dates are August 14 through            welcome to attend!
September 12. We will have a packing party in
Sunday School on September 12th.
                                                           Bible Presentation to Third Graders
Call for Sunday School Teacher Help                        Sunday, September 19th at the 10 AM Service
        We are in need of additions to our teaching                Every year, our congregation presents Bibles
teams for Sunday School. Ideally, we would like to         to the third graders. This is a wonderful opportunity
have 2 –3 people for each level. This way, each            for the children and their families to continue to
teacher would teach 2 to 3 times a month and also          support their baptismal promises.
be able to attend adult Sunday School the other
Sundays.                                                   Ladies Retreat October 1-2nd
        We are currently in need of one more person                Ladies - save the date for Friday and
for 5-6th, 7-8th, and the high school levels. If you are   Saturday, October 1-2 this fall. We will be offering
interested in helping out a couple Sundays a month         a women’s overnight retreat at Lial Retreat Center
or being on our substitute list, we would love to talk     here in Whitehouse. Pam Czarnota, a spiritual
to you! Please contact Heidi.                              director, will be our guest leader for the retreat. The
                                                           theme will center on harvest ideas and a time for
                                                           personal reflection and renewal. Be watching for
                                                           more announcements and a sign up sheet soon to
                                                               Youth Committee Meeting
      Rummage Sale Success                                     Wednesday, August 11th at 7:30 pm
        The Youth would like to thank all who helped                   The Youth committee works to provide
with the Rummage Sale this year. Many of the past              opportunities for faith, fellowship, and fun for the junior
years’ volunteers came out again to help us make this          high and high school youth. Each month, the Youth
fundraiser a success. This year, we earned $2687.35.           Group meets to discuss and select mission work, service
The proceeds from this effort will go towards the Youth        projects, and other events they want to do. Then, the
Conference fund.                                               Youth committee works to support putting those plans to
                                                               action. Come join the fun in being a part of these
                                                               wonderful kids lives!
Daybreak Gathering at Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio
August 6 – 8th, 2010
        The Youth Group will be attending the Synod
Cross Training event, “Daybreak, Renewing the Hope”,             Youth Meetings and Events
being held at Kalahari on Friday through Sunday, August
6 – 8, 2010. The key point of this Cross Training is “the            start in September
mission of the Christian movement in the twenty-first                  Starting in September, both the junior high and
century to confess hope in action.”                            high school youth groups will have lunch meetings and
        The “Youth Track”, open to students entering 9         attend a planned event.
– 12 grades the fall of 2010, is similar to a youth                The youth will typically meet after the 10 am
gathering. Students attend a rally on Friday night.                service on Sundays in the youth room to have a
Saturday morning there is a service project at a                   planning meeting and enjoy lunch together. We
designated worksite. Later that day, high school youth
can enjoy time at the water park! On Sunday morning,
                                                                   are asking families to provide a simple lunch for
everyone gathers for a combined worship event at                   the group. A different family will be invited to
Kalahari. A sign up sheet is on the kiosk.                         serve a meal each time the group meets. After
                                                                   lunch, the youth would attend their event.

CPR Training for Youth Nursery Workers
                                                                       Please know that the Youth committee works
August 3rd and 14th                                            hard to be aware of the school-home-church schedules.
         We are offering a great opportunity for the           The calendar will reflect some of those accommodations.
youth nursery worker. Classes have been arranged for           Be sure to check out the church web page and upcoming
the attendants to be trained in the American Heart             announcements for updates.
Association’s Heartsaver CPR. Melanie Moser, a
congregational member, will be teaching the classes.           Youth Service Events for Gatherings
Topics will include medical and injury emergencies, and                 The classes of 2012 – 2015 have the chance to
CPR for adult, child & infant.                                 go to the next National Youth Gathering in New Orleans
         All youth planning to work in the nursery should      in 2012. With that in mind, we are working to build up
attend one of the two class times offered. The dates           the funds necessary in a time frame that’s doable. Junior
are: Tuesday, August 3 from 12:00 – 5:00 pm and                high and high school youth work service events to build
Saturday, August 14 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm. The cost to           the savings account for mission/gathering events. They
the youth for the class will be $5 (cash only at the time      will get to enjoy smaller annual gatherings as well as
of the class). At the end of the class, each nursery           national gatherings.
worker will receive a certificate of completion that will be            We are counting on all youth interested in
good for two years.                                            attending these gatherings to participate in youth
                                                               service events so that, together, we may work for the
   Confirmation begins Tuesday, September 14:                  greater good. We are grateful to the congregation for
              8th graders – 4:45 pm                            your continued support and encouragement!
              7th graders – 5:10 pm
 Parents & Students Meeting-September 7 at 7PM
Haiti, Six Months Later: An Update                       ―We are in a transition period now, moving from
from Lutheran World Relief                               immediate relief efforts into the rehabilitation
                                                         phase so that rural families can re-establish their
                                                         livelihoods,‖ Wilson said. LWR, taking a long-term
Baltimore, July 12, 2010 — Six months after
                                                         approach to rehabilitation and recovery, plans to
Haiti’s devastating 7.0 earthquake, Lutheran
                                                         work with earthquake-affected communities for
World Relief (LWR) remains hard at work
                                                         five years.
assisting those who are still dealing with its
aftermath and will be for years to come.
                                                         ―This was a devastating crisis,‖ Wilson added.
                                                         ―Recovery will take a long time.‖
LWR, with a 14-year history in Haiti, is focusing
the majority of its efforts on underserved rural
                                                         On the domestic side, LWR has mobilized its
populations. Many rural communities found
                                                         supporters to advocate to the U.S. government
themselves hosting an influx of people who fled
                                                         for cancellation of Haiti’s debt, and for
the capital city of Port-au-Prince after the quake,
                                                         emergency funding to support reconstruction
putting a severe strain on already limited
                                                         programs. As a result of advocacy efforts by
                                                         many organizations and individuals, in February
                                                         the Obama Administration announced support for
―It’s a tenuous situation,‖ said Alex Wilson, LWR’s
                                                         canceling Haiti’s nearly $1 billion debt and in
deputy regional director for Latin America, who
                                                         April, President Obama signed the Debt Relief for
visited Haiti in June. ―Lots of families left the city
                                                         Earthquake Recovery Act into law. Earlier this
initially, but then went back in search of shelter,
                                                         month, the U.S. House of Representatives passed
work and educational opportunities. However, the
                                                         a supplemental funding bill that includes crucial
situation in Port-au-Prince remains critical, and
                                                         funds for reconstruction and agriculture efforts in
many have now returned to their communities of
                                                         the country. LWR continues working to ensure
origin a second time.‖
                                                         that policy-makers hear the voices and
                                                         understand the needs of Haitian civil society.
LWR is working with local partners to support
rural communities through cash-for-work
                                                         Also in the U.S., LWR has partnered with
programs to build soil and water conservation
                                                         Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (NLOM) in
structures, distribution of additional seeds in
                                                         an unprecedented effort to have summer camp
preparation for the rainy season and training on
                                                         participants work to assemble 32,000 LWR health
agricultural production, to ensure that people
                                                         kits – enough for an entire shipping container –
have some income and that farmers are able to
                                                         to be sent to those in need in Haiti.
grow sufficient food to feed everyone. In
addition, LWR is supporting the construction of
                                                         ―I’m delighted that LWR sought us out with the
latrines and low-cost water filter systems to
                                                         idea,‖ said Dave Coker, executive director of
accommodate the additional populations that
                                                         NLOM. ―And I’m excited for the kids who will
have fled to rural areas.
                                                         come to camp this summer. The health kit
                                                         service project will help them connect to their
―We lost one child during the earthquake in Port-
                                                         faith in powerful ways.‖
au-Prince, and we didn’t even have time for a
funeral,‖ said Monique Orestil, a participant in
LWR’s program in Maissade, a rural community
located about a four hour drive north of Port-au-
Prince. ―I brought my remaining five children
here, and LWR helped me participate in a cash-
for-work program. It was like God landing in
Maissade. I left Port-au-Prince without anything,
but now I can work for my family.‖

As a member of the global aid consortium ACT
Alliance, LWR has also supported life-saving
measures in and around Port-au-Prince, since the
days immediately after the earthquake. ACT
Alliance members have provided food, water and
sanitation, shelter and other services to more
than 341,000 people.
    Community of Christ Council Meeting Minutes                        Congregational Life: Liaison Jeff Johnson reported that the Mud
                   July 20, 2010                                       Hens Game outing is scheduled for Sunday Aug 15th. Tickets are
                                                                       $9.00/person. Sign up deadline is Aug.2nd. The Tarta shuttle from
                                                                       Waterville Plaza leaves one hour before game time and 20 minutes
                                                                       after post game fireworks for the return trip. Cost $1.00 each way.
Present: Pastor Rich Ferne, Pastor Tom Schutt (Assistant to the
Bishop), Pastor Ron Heinz, Barb Thober, Joe Perkins, Andrea Baker,
                                                                       The Ice Cream Social will be Sunday Aug 29th in connection with
Gary Wise, Elaine Hetherwick, Natalie Karamol, Rick Willey, Paul
                                                                       Rally Day,
Rasmusson, Jeff Johnson, Tom Jennings
                                                                       Worship/Music: Liaison Elaine Hetherwick, no meeting.
Exit Interview: Prior to the meeting Tom Schutt Assistant to the
Bishop conducted the exit interview. Pastor Rich and Council
                                                                       Outreach & Assimilation: Liaison Rob Kohntopp absent. The
Members separately were asked to respond to the following
                                                                       picture directory is being printed.
                                                                        Jill Kohntopp has asked for an additional hour that will bring her to
         Describe Pastor Rich’s Ministry in one word. What would
                                                                       four hours per week. Nancy Ferne is no longer working her two
          you consider to be highlights of his ministry?
                                                                       hours and at this point will not be replaced. Jill may request another
         Pastor Rich, what is one word or phrase that describes the
                                                                       hour once she sees how things are working out with only one person
          congregation? What highlights your ministry to the           in the position. Natalie Karamol moved, seconded by Jeff Johnson
          congregation?                                                that the request be approved. Motion carried.
         Describe low points.
         What are the greatest learning experiences?                  Social Action: Liaison Mike Ernst absent. No report.
         What are the greatest challenges facing the congregation
          and the surrounding community?                               Concert: Liaison Tom Jennings. No meeting has been scheduled.
General discussion followed the interview. The notes taken by Pastor   All concerts have been scheduled for the coming year.
Tom Schutt of the interview will be forwarded to Pastor Rich and the
Council President Barb Thober.                                         Property: Liaison Rick Willey. Air filters in furnaces and a/c units
Upon conclusion of the exit interview Pastors Rich and Tom Schutt      have been replaced. 220 power will be installed in fellowship hall
left the meeting.                                                      before the Ice Cream Social. Sealing of the parking lot even though
                                                                       highly recommended due to deterioration is tabled until the spring
Call to Order: Barb Thober called the meeting to order. Gary Wise      meeting.
read the Devotions. Paul Rasmusson volunteered to do the devotions
for the next meeting.                                                  Education: Liaison Andrea Baker. Vacation Bible School was a
                                                                       success with 100 kids in attendance. The Education Committee is
Agenda: Paul Rasmusson moved, seconded by Elaine Hetherwick to         busy planning for the fall start of 2010 school year. The Women’s
accept the agenda.                                                     Retreat is scheduled for Oct. 1st. & 2nd.
Motion carried.
                                                                       Unfinished Business: none
Secretary’s Report: Jeff Johnson moved, seconded by Andrea Baker
to approve the Secretary’s report. Motion carried.                     New Business: Kathy Phillips has submitted her resignation. Ten
                                                                       applicants have been reviewed. Four applicants will be interviewed
Treasurer’s Report: Joe Perkins reviewed the Treasurer’s Report        this week.
and expressed his concerns that our expenses are running ahead of
income. While spending is below budget discretionary giving is          Barb has received several phone calls and emails in regard to
down compared to previous years. Both Building and General fund        concerns of some members of the Visioning Committee. Concern
year to date revenue is lower compared to last year. We are able to    has been expressed as to the responsibilities of the Visioning
transfer funds and meet our obligations at this time. All bills and    Committee and that of a future Call Committee as well as the
taxes are paid and accounts reconciled.                                direction Mark Miller was taking. Tom Schutt has been advised of
Elaine Hetherwick moved, seconded by Rick Willey to accept the         the situation and will talk to Mark Miller.
Treasurer’s Report. Motion Carried
                                                                       Adjournment: Natalie Karamol moved, seconded by Rick Willey
Finance: Committee Liaison Gary Wise presented steps that the          adjournment. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned with the Lord’s
Finance Committee has been discussing to deal with the financial       Prayer.
concerns. A letter will be sent to members outline the financial
concerns including Building and General Fund year to date figures      Respectfully Submitted:
along with the individual members current statement of giving.         Tom Jennings for
                                                                       Jim Stiles Church Council Secretary
Youth: Committee Liaison Natalie Karamol reported that the Youth
Policy Task Force has sent the final draft to Council. Tom Jennings
moved, seconded by Elaine Hetherwick approval of the Youth Policy
and the following forms:
          Volunteer Application
          Youth Family Contact Information & Medical
          Liability Release
          Parent Youth Covenant
Motion carried.

The Rummage sale was successful and raised $2687.35

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