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                     Purchasing Department
                     Solicitation No. 09-016
                           INVITATION TO BID
                                April 2009

On May 8th, 2009, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will close
a borrowing of $13,000,000 in exchange for a Tax Anticipation Note
(TAN), accompanied by appropriate County resolutions, legal opinions,
and non-arbitrage certificate. The amount of the TAN borrowing has
been calculated in accordance with IRS regulations and complies with
Section 148 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

The County will simultaneously invest that portion of the TAN proceeds,
which are not needed immediately. A schedule of anticipated maturity
dates has been included with the package for those bidders wishing to
quote CD rates. However, bidders are not limited to Certificates of
Deposit and are encouraged to submit alternative investment proposals,
as authorized by State law, which will provide the best rate of return for
the County. The degree of flexibility in maximizing market interest rates
and withdrawal dates of each investment vehicle will also receive
consideration in awarding the bid.

All investments of the County must be collateralized in accordance with
State Law. This means that these invested funds must be insured by
Federal Deposit Insurance with any portion exceeding those insurance
limits secured by a pledge of direct obligations of the State of Georgia or
the United States of America, the par value of which, together with the
amount of the deposit insurance, being equal to not less than 110% of the
amount of funds invested.

Accordingly, you are invited to submit your bid or proposal on any or all
of the following items:

1.    Interest rate to be paid by Douglas County on a $13,000,000 Tax
      Anticipation Note dated May 8, 2009, with a maturity date of
      December 31, 2009.

2.    Interest rate to be paid to Douglas County on Certificates of
      Deposit or REPO’s for the amount and time period appearing on
      the attached bid form.
3.    Specific proposal for an alternative short-term investment vehicle
      and method of interest.

In respect to the Tax Anticipation Note borrowing, Douglas County will
accept the bid with the lowest interest rate. In respect to the secured
investment of funds, Douglas County will award the bid to the proponent
that best matches the above investment goals of highest yield and
maturity flexibility. In the event of equal bids, the bid received earliest by
the County will be the accepted bid. The bid will be awarded on an
independent basis, depending on the best offer for the TAN, and the best
offer for each investment.

This solicitation covers a non-bank qualified borrowing. Douglas County
reserves the right to waive informalities, to reject any and all bids, to
accept portions of a bid, and to accept any bid which, in its opinion, may
be in the best interest of the County.

Bids may be mailed, fax’ed or personally delivered to the Purchasing
Director’s Office in the Douglas County Courthouse, 8700 Hospital Drive,
Douglasville, Georgia, no later than 10:00 a.m. ET, on Friday, May 1,
2009, where they will be publicly read at 10:15 am. ET. All bids must be
marked, “Bid - 2009 TAN, Solicitation No. 09-016 for Douglas County,
5/01/09”. All bids must include any and all fees associated with the
institutions handling of this matter that will be charged to Douglas
County. If additional fees will not be charged to the County, bids shall
include a statement that addresses this issue. All bids shall be submitted
using the attached bid response form.

All bids shall be held firm for 30 days from due date. Douglas County
will provide all TAN Documents in association with this borrowing.
These TAN Documents as provided by Douglas County will be the official
documents for this borrowing. Further Douglas County will not be the
“paying agent” for this activity.

                                      Douglas County Board of
                                      Diane E. Connors, CPPB
Ad: 4/24 & 4/30                       Purchasing Director

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