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									                                                                 BMPrint Ltd
                                                                 P.O.Box 21 979, Henderson,
                                                                 Auckland, 0650
                                                                 Mob: 021 706 454
                                                                 Ph: 09 837 3236

                        BusinessNoteCard Price List
       The most unique and innovative ‘Promotional Product’ of the decade
       NoteCards will draw attention to your business
       We use your existing business cards to transform them into cute notebooks
       Your clients will not only use your business cards, they will use them over and over
       Turn your cards into portable billboards

Send us your ordinary Business Cards and we will transform them into cute, portable
billboards used over and over again by your clients.

Your Business Cards spiral coil bound to 40 blank note pages and a year-at-a-glance
calendar on the back.

Optional backs and printed page inserts are available; email us for ideas and quotes.

                                   Standard Item Pricing
   BusinessCard NoteCard Prices $ (add GST)                     Qty    Cost Each        Total
                                                             50 Min          0.90       45.00
                                                                100          0.85       85.00
                                                                200          0.80      160.00
                                                                300          0.75      225.00
                                                                500          0.70      350.00
                                                              1000           0.65      650.00

                            Customised Item Pricing
                               Custom Back (each)             Black           Add         0.05
                                                             Colour           Add         0.12
                                 Insert Pages (each)          Black           Add         0.02
                                                             Colour           Add         0.05

                       Logo or graphic scanning                                          10.00
          Custom Design and non-standard format                          Per Hour        80.00
                                Courier Delivery                                          6.50
  Customisation prices assumes all text and graphics are provided by the customer in digital form
                    For more complex design requirements ask us for a quote

       Special Introductory Offer: 30 BusinessCard NoteCards for 0.60 each

 And if you’re still not sure of the terrific Benefits of handing out NoteCards and the impact
                          they create… Try-Before-You-Buy OFFER.

  Place 3 business cards into an envelope and send them to us for their Unique and Free

   Keep one sample for yourself and simply hand out the other samples, saying nothing
               Then simply wait for the response. You will be amazed.

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