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									Professional Experience . Education . References . Technology Proficiencies

                                                                      George Worrell (G.P.)

                                                                           4030 Verner Street
                                                             Columbia . South Carolina . 29204
                                                                          803.622.7572 Phone

 professional experience
lab.320 .   October 2008 – Present

User Experience and Interface Development . Founding Member
      Primary roles include conceptual development of applications for the iPhone mobile platform, defining
      the user experience and interface design for the applications. Additional roles include development of
      the business model and pitch process for possible seed capital, team building and partnership
      opportunities while lab.320 is currently in start-up mode.

porkchop     . June 2008 – Present . Location : Portland . Oregon

Graphic Design and Website Development . Founding Member
      As one of the acting Creative Directors, roles include information architecture development as well as
      interface design and implementation, collecting client requirements and crafting proposals for services.
      In addition, traditional design services are also performed including but not limited to complete brand
      development and traditional graphic design needs.

Independent Designer          . April 2006 – Present

Graphic Design and Website Development
      Develop, design and produce identity suites, product collateral, website design, user-interface
      development, information architecture and trade-show related materials for select clients.

Carolina Living      . August 2007 – November 2008

Creative Director
      Acted as the Creative Director to oversee all facets of print and digital mediums including but not
      limited to design and production of the Carolina Living guide twice per year, all elements of branding
      ranging from identity suites, marketing tool kits and presentations to the overhaul of the existing
      website of which that project is still in process with the development team and is slated for roll-out
      early 2009. In particular, the website was being converted from a cryptic tables based structure to a
      complete CSS driven, W3C Standards based architecture with the additions of Content Management,
      Ad Management and User Concierge Systems. In addition to these responsibilities, duties also include
      identification and process development related to new channels of revenue. Some examples of those
      include business-to-business and business-to-consumer electronic newsletters, mobile applications and
      converting the existing site to an IAB standard practice to solicit national advertisers.
i4 design   . October 1998 - March 2006

Founder and Chief Operations Officer
      Built an integral team at i4 design that served a diverse customer base of manufacturing, financial
      services, retail, technology start-ups and non-profit organizations. Roles and responsibilities consisted
      of all facets of the business organization including A/R and A/P, sales and marketing development,
      vendor management and negotiation, graphic design, web design and development, information
      architecture and usability development, process definition, documentation and diagramming, staff
      management and general day-to-day operations. Additional roles included consulting for several
      financial services and start-up companies as well as developing their corporate identity, branding,
      product collateral, corporate web site, application interface design, client extranet and trade show

i4 Marketing Partners        . January 2005 - April 2006

Founding Member and Managing Partner
      Played an integral part in establishing a partner company to i4 design in order to offer strategic
      planning and implementation services to small and medium manufacturing and tech-start-up
      businesses. Participated in strategic positioning and planning sessions, SWOT analysis production, and
      development of implementation paths, resource allocations and project management. Also served as
      the liaison between i4 MP and the i4 design project management and design team for all brand
      development and support needs.

Experity . January 2001 - May 2006
Contract Graphic Design, Website and Interface Developer
      Develop, design and produce all product collateral, website, extranet and trade-show related materials
      for the Experity corporate branding. In addition to handling the branding materials, roles also include
      design and development of application user-interfaces, content management and client website
      templates, and application process diagramming.

Renaissance Interactive         . September 1997 - October 1998

Marketing Department Art Director
      Develop, design, produce and manage all branding, product collateral, website, extranet and trade-
      show related materials for Renaissance Interactive and its sister company Impressa.
Savannah College of Art and Design . 1994
Degrees Earned:
   ●   Bachelors of Arts . Graphic Design
   ●   Bachelors of Arts . Photography
   ●   Minor in Art History

 personal references
Wesley Graybill . Relationship : Current Client
2324 Devine Street . Columbia . South Carolina . 29205

Robert Porter . Relation : Past development team member
1301 Sanford Drive . Columbia . South Carolina . 29206

Robert Telford    . Relation : Former client

1233 Washington Street, Suite 900, Columbia, South Carolina, 29201
software and technology proficiencies
Operating Systems
  ●   Mac OS X .4
  ●   Windows 95 & NT – 2000/XP

Design Applications
  ●   Adobe Illustrator
  ●   Adobe InDesign
  ●   Adobe Acrobat / Distiller
  ●   Adobe Photoshop
  ●   Adobe ImageReady
  ●   QuarkXpress

Multimedia / Code
  ●   Macromedia Flash
  ●   BBEdit and Coda
  ●   XHTML / HTML
  ●   CSS and Web Standardization
  ●   W3C Compliance
  ●   PHP / ASP / XML / Javascript / JQuery Code Integration
  ●   MySQL / SQL Code Integration
  ●   Wire-framing and Story-Boarding
  ●   Omnigraffle Diagramming Software
  ●   eMessaging Development
  ●   Search Engine Optimization

Business Applications
  ●   Microsoft Word
  ●   Microsoft Excel
  ●   Microsoft PowerPoint
  ●   Apple iWork and Keynote
  ●   NeoOffice
  ●   Peachtree Accounting Software

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