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									1999        The human population of the world surpassed six billion…Pluto, a planet with an irregular orbit, changes from the
            eighth to ninth planet furthest from the Sun…Dr. Jack Kevorkian is convicted of second degree murder for assisting
            in a suicide…Wayne Gretzky plays his final game in the NHL…Roman Catholic Church and Lutheran Church
            leaders sign the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification…Two Littleton, Colorado teenagers open fire on
            their teachers and fellow students of Columbine High School, killing 12 students, 1 teacher and then themselves…
            Steven King is hit by a Dodge van while taking a walk…Louis Sachar wins the Newbery Medal for his book
            Holes… The world prepares for Y2K…on New Year’s Eve everyone parties like it’s 1999…
            Pax Christi begins its Sixth Year
July        *We have 418 family units or 773 baptized, confirmed adults.
            *Vacation Bible School is held at Providence Christian Church. The theme is The Great Bible Land Dig.
            *A “Golf in the Kingdom” retreat is held at Cliffview and is led by Fr. Hehman.
            *We hold our Annual Parish Picnic on July 10 th – our anniversary. The Youth Group provides children’s activities.
            *The Adult Education Subcommittee is formed.
            *Baptisms: Noah Mitchell Joseph Galvin and Nyann Moser (who also receives Confirmation and First Communion)
            *Monthly Dinner and Talk features Fr. McDonald on the Ecumenical Councils.
            *The Building Fund has received $806, 784.59 in paid contributions.

August      *We are a parish of 417 family units or 780 “adult ministers witnessing to the Good News.”
            *We hold a Single/Divorced/Widowed bonfire and cookout.
            *Mission Talks at all Masses are given by Sister Loretta Hennekas from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.
            *The Monthly Dinner and Talk features Sr. Mary Catherine Vukmanic O.S.U. from St. Luke Chapel in Salyersville.
            *The Capital Campaign – “Building Christ’s Peace Brick by Brick” officially begins
            *The Tuesday Morning Book Club reads Reflections: A Guide to End of Life Issues for You and Your Family.

September   *We are a parish of 427 family units or 796 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
            *We hold a Capital Campaign “Kick Off Reception.”
            *The 4th annual Hehman-Schuler Open Golf Outing is held at the Players Club.
            *Baptisms: Matthew Anthony Hayes, Margaret Theresa Smith, Madeline Grace Roution..
            *The Single/Divorced/Widowed Group goes bowling and has lunch at Labrot and Graham.
            *The Monthly Dinner/Talk features Dr. Michael Kinnamon who speaks on Current Efforts Toward Christian Unity.
            *Several Sunday School parents begin the Family Fun Group to provide fellowship & fun for families with children.
            *A Special Needs Sunday School class is started.

October     *We are a parish of 428 family units or 785 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
            *The Capital Campaign has brought in $1,853,198.92.
            *We hold another “Bring A Friend Sunday” on October 30.
            *The Family Fun Group holds a Halloween Party and Bonfire at Fr. Hehman’s farm.
            *Baptism: Brandon Thomas Hicks.
            *The Monthly Dinner & Talk features Mukdanand Sarszati, a Hindu swami from Gujarat, India,
            *The Tuesday Morning Book Club views and discusses a PBS video John Paul II: The Millennial Pope.

November    *We are a parish of 424 family units or 783 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
            *The Senior Youth Baked Goods Sale brings in $639.50 for the Building Fund.
            *Monthly Dinner and Talk features Deacon Arden Wolterman who speaks on Ecumenism.
            *For the first time the bulletin cover features a drawing of our new church building.
            *The Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service is held at Providence Christian Church.
            *Baptisms: Atianna (Tia) Alyssa Berryman and Trajan Joseph DaPrille.
            *The Fall Women’s Retreat generates an Enneagram Discussion Group.
            *The Capital Campaign has $1902,419.92 in total funds from all sources.
            *The Kroger/Winn Dixie/Sloans gift certificate program has raised $32,906.80 to date.

December    *We are a parish of 429 family units or 792 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
            *The Family Fun Group holds a Christmas Craft and Pizza Party.
            *The Youth Group has a Christmas Party at the Mad Potter.
            *The Women’s Spirituality Group holds a Christmas Party.
            *Our Communal Reconciliation Service is held on December 19.
            *Father Hehman holds a Christmas Party at his farm.
January    *We are a parish of 429 family units or 791 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
           *Baptism: Thomas Wade Hill, Christopher Lane Duncan and Francis Michael Head IV
           *The Tuesday Morning Book Club begins reading and discussing Amazing Grace by Kathleen Norris.
           *For the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity we welcome Baptist Minister Rev. Mr. Chris Benham Skidmore
            and the Rev. Dr. C. K. Henry from the Christian Methodist Episcopal church as guest preachers.
           *Guests from our upstairs neighbors at the shopping center – The Church at Lexington – join us at Mass.
           *The Youth Group goes bowling.
           *The Capital Campaign has 1, 937,472 in total funds received from all sources.

February   *We are a parish of 431 family units and 796 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
           *Dr. Margaret Ralph teaches a seven week course called “Introduction to Scripture.”
           *The Capital Campaign has received 2,053,161.90 in total funds from all sources.
           *The Kroger/Winn Dixie/Sloans gift certificate program has generated 34,063.40 to date.

March      *We are a parish of 434 family units or 803 baptized, confirmed, adult ministers.
           *We hold a Mass of Healing with Anointing of the Sick.
           *The Family Fun Group sponsors a skating party at Southern Hills United Methodist Church.
           *The St. Patrick’s Day Dinner is held at the church.
           *The Tuesday Morning Book Club views and discusses the A&E video The Unknown Jesus.
April      *We are a parish of 433 family units and 806 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
           *Coming into full communion with the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil are Jessica, Koree, Travis and Ariel
            Fugate, Carmen Bellamy, Jaclyn Moser, Ross Flatt, Kim and Josh Wolford.
           *Baptisms: Ben Wolford (at the Easter Vigil) and John Travis Emnet and Jacob Alexander Martin.
           *The women have a Spring Retreat at The Ark.
           *The Single/Divorced/Widowed group attend the Passion Play at Gardenside Baptist Church.
           *We hold a Lenten program for overeaters: The Weigh Down Diet by Gwen Shamblin.
           *There is a “Spring Cleaning Work Fest” at “Father Larry’s Ranch.”
           *We join Christ the King parish for a Mass of Reconciliation.
           *We hold a Chili Cookoff.
           *The SeniorYouth have a Flower Sale.

May        *We are a parish of 432 family units or 805 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
           *We enjoy a Pancake Sausage Breakfast.
           *The Monthly Dinner and Talk takes on a different format: “Wine, Cheese and Conversation.” The topic: Prayer.
           *Parish Council Elections are held and Bert Newton and Linda Ulanday become the new council members.
           *These children receive their First Holy Communion: Arvana Baradaran, William Bordt, Christy Bowkamp, Tyler
            DeLong, Evan Green, Michael Harr, Rachel Head, Jenna Klefot, Megan Nido, Alisa Skluzacek, Melissa Simon,
            Logan Smith, Matthew Smith, Taylor Sterry, Aaron Tenfelde and Rob Wahl.
           *The Youth Group Bonfire and Cookout is held at Fr. Larry’s farm.

June       *We are a parish of 436 family units or 814 baptized, confirmed adult ministers.
           *We approach our anniversary with $2,178,168.59 paid to the building fund.
           *We approach our anniversary with $36,149.20 in Kroger/Winn Dixie sales to date.
           *The amazing SeniorYouth holds another Baked Goods Sale and generates $509.20 for the building fund.
           *Baptisms: Liam Phelan, Paul Dwayne Lewis, Kyle Robert Rode.
           *Bishop Williams presides at the Confirmation of Christopher Baesler, Michael Brislin, Kristen Currie, Ryan
            Hartley, Anne Kadera, John Kadera, Jonathan Klefot, Karen Langer, Timothy Meehan, Laura Peot, Tyler
            Schnieders, Rajan Shukla, Nathan Simon, Kim Struss, Sara Summerville, Stephanie Viens.
           *Officer Debbie Wagner is the speaker at the June SeniorYouth meeting.

July       *We are a parish of 431 family units or 818 baptized, confirmed, adult ministers.
           *The Single/Divorced/Widowed group attends Shakespeare in the park for Romeo and Juliet.
           *We join Providence Christian Church for Vacation Bible School. Theme: “Under Construction.”
           *The Youth provide children’s activities at our parish picnic.
           *An Adult Education Subcommittee is formed.

                                Pax Christi Catholic Church
                                                Peace of Christ

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