Vapour Electronic Cigarette by Taibar81



The fact that smoking is dangerous is known to virtually everyone in the world. There are however
people who continue to smoke denying the ill effects caused by smoking. This was the
initiative for the launch of electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette was first launched in China
and later marketed internationally to a huge positive response among
smokers and healthcare professionals alike.

The vapour electronic cigarette provides nicotine in the form of
vapour and this is an alternative to the tobacco products. These cigarettes are designed to
resemble cigarettes in physical appearance. The important component in the e-cigarette is the
atomizer which is also known as the heating element.
This heating element is used to vaporize the liquid nicotine when inhaled which
results in a smoking sensation as that of the conventional cigarettes. With the use of latest
micro-electronics technology this electronic cigarette makes use of microprocessors and
sensors to detect the air flow and the cigarette is charged using rechargeable battery. The
nicotine cartridge can be replaced with a new cartridge that is available separately. There
are various combinations of flavours that are available which can be selected based on
smoker's preference.

These solutions comprise of nicotine that resides in the range from
zero to high doses. It is the duty of the manufacturer to print the amount of the nicotine
content in the cartridge which is visible for the user.
Electronic Cigarettes Association was formed in which companies manufacturing
these e-cigarettes are members. This association is a regulator of the practices followed by
these companies. Another association named Food and Drug Administration formed in the United
States to overlook manufacturing standards. The health effects of the electronic cigarette are under
analysis however there are very few effects raised about the use of
electronic cigarettes. Certainly the evidence suggests that they are far healthier to smoke than
regular cigarettes.

The benefits of using electronic cigarette include the prevention of bad breath, smokeless vapour,
no health hazards etc. This electronic cigarette can be used in public places and does
not cause to any harm to the general public through second hand smoke. The electronic cigarette is
the best alternative to the smoking ban in public places according to laws in many countries.
Moreover the electronic cigarette is free from harmful chemicals and thus
the manufacturers assure a safe smoking experience. However the World Health
Organization is yet willing to accept the claim that the electronic cigarette is the replacement for
the cigarette as health studies are needed to be carried on by the manufacturers about the
health risks of e-cigarettes. Under the consultation of a doctor one can opt for inhaling
the electronic cigarettes if any pre-existing conditions exist.

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