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									Catholic Institute of Sydney:        Committee of Enquiry Call for Written

A Committee has been established by His Eminence, Cardinal Pell to enquire into
various matters concerning the Catholic Institute of Sydney and to report to His
Eminence by 30 September 2005.
In order to assist the enquiry, written submissions are invited from interested
parties as soon as possible, but no later than Monday 22 August 2005 to the
Secretary of the Committee, Mr Michael Moore, either by email or by post to the
above address.
The terms of reference of the enquiry, are as follows:
Terms of Reference
1.      Examine criteria for the future academic and financial viability of Catholic
Institute of Sydney (CIS), in the light of significant increases in operating
deficits/ Archdiocesan subsidies in the period 1998 to 2004 and the limited
financial resources to meet any potential increase in CIS funding requirements.
2.      Investigate the inability of CIS to meet all the needs of Seminarians from
the Seminary of the Good Shepherd.
3.      Examine the desirability of educating lay students and the cost of teaching
lay students at CIS in view of options present and emerging at Australian
Catholic University (ACU), University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA), John Paul
II Institute and Campion College.
4.      Explore the workload of lecturers and the number of students attending
courses offered by CIS, having regard to benchmarks at other similar
5.      Recognising the importance of the Veech Library to the Catholic
Archdiocese of Sydney, investigate:
a. The number and type of books that are being accessioned and usage
b. The benchmarking of Veech Library staff establishment in comparison to
other Catholic tertiary libraries;
c. The frequency of Veech Library usage by Seminarians;
d. The current holdings to determine whether it is adequate/ excessive/
deficient in terms of volumes & journals held at the Veech Library;
e. Possibilities for collaboration and shared usage of library facilities with other
Catholic and non Catholic tertiary institutions;
f. The status of Veech Library cataloguing in comparison to other Catholic
tertiary libraries; and
g. Other Veech Library work practices.
6.      Examine CIS budgeting, financial & management reporting, in particular:
a. The timeline and preparation of appropriate budgets and long term financial
b. Design and content of CIS financial & management reports;
c. Budgetary control over income and expenditure; and
d. Reporting to CIS Senate and Chancery Office.
7.      Explore opportunities to optimise utilisation of facilities & resources
a. Shared use of academic facilities with other institutions;
b. Utilisation of all CIS facilities during vacation time; and
c. Development of long term maintenance plan for all CIS facilities.
8.      Explore opportunities to share use of academic and administrative staff
with other tertiary institutions and concomitant apportionment of staff costs.
9.      Review the Burlington Road units including:
a. Evaluation of the long term need for Burlington Road units given declining
number of clerical staff at CIS;
b. Optimal usage of the Burlington Road facilities;
c. Review of property management procedures including ensuring that market
rent is being charged for units not occupied by clerical staff; and
d. Evaluations of appropriateness of the continued management of the
Burlington Road units by CIS.
10.      Look at alternative sources of revenue including:
a. Appropriate usage of existing CIS bequests & donations; and
b. Developing an appropriate corporate sponsorship and wills & bequests
11.     Examine the sense of focus and understanding of role and purpose of CIS
a. How can CIS better serve the requirements of its major clients; and
b. How can CIS build relationships with Chancery, Parishes & other
Archdiocesan bodies?
12. The sustainability of governance arrangements.

The members of the Committee are:
·     Mr T K Tobin QC
·     Professor Peter Drake
·     Fr John Usher
The Committee is to provide a formal report and recommendations to His
Eminence, Cardinal Pell by 30 September 2005.
Those who wish to make submission may choose to deal with any or all of the
terms of reference.
                                                                 M D Moore
                                             Secretary to the Committee
                                                              22 July 2005

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