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					City of Glasgow College


POST:                                Vice Principal, Learning and Teaching

LOCATION:                             tbc

REPORTING TO:                        The Principal and Chief Executive

RESPONSIBLE FOR:                     tbc - but could include Assistant Principal,
                                     Curriculum and Timetabling,
                                     Assistant Principal, Curriculum Delivery,
                                     Assistant Principal, Access and Articulation
                                     and Heads of (10-12) Schools


1.       To assist the Principal in the successful realisation of the Board’s
         vision, mission and plans for the new City of Glasgow College in
         delivering a new College that meets expectations and aspirations for a
         leading world class learning and teaching environment.

2.       To assist the Principal and Board in the planning and implementation of
         all transitional arrangements for the transfer of the co nstituent college
         operations to the new campus estate.

3.       To assist the Principal in the establishment of a unique culture, ethos
         and brand awareness and reputation for the City of Glasgow College
         whilst maintaining business continuity.


1.       To be accountable to the Principal for the delivery and development of
         their particular executive leadership responsibility.

2.       To develop high performing teams providing them with inspirational and
         exemplary leadership and strategic direction.

3.       To be responsible for the proactive development and service delivery to
         world class standards for the following areas:

             Curriculum Development
             Access and Articulation
             Timetabling
             Academic management of learning and teaching
             Innovation in teaching and learning

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City of Glasgow College

4.       To act as a collegiate member of the Executive Leadership Team
         contributing positively to the strategic development and monitoring of
         the college’s vision, mission, values, Corporate Plan, Balanced
         Scorecard (especially at level 2), implementation and improvement

5.       To be a champion of change, communication, continuous improvement
         and empowerment, securing motivation, loyalty and the support of
         direct reports in particular and staff in general.

6.       To act as a trusted Senior Adviser to the Principal, Board and College
         Management Team on all matters relating to their respective Executive
         Leadership role.

7.       To be responsible for the management of end to end processes in their
         areas of responsibility, within and beyond the organisation, to achieve
         the desired performance and outcomes.

8.       To develop effective mechanisms, within their area of responsibility, to
         understand future scenarios and manage strategic risks.

9.       To involve staff in continually reviewing, improving and optimising the
         effectiveness and efficiency of their processes.

10.      To deputise for the Principal as and when required.


1.       To ensure that the delivery of learning and teaching is of a world class
         standard and responsive to the needs of our diverse range of learners,
         including, in particular:

                 Establishing and maintaining high levels of professional
                  academic conduct
                 Being accountable for improvements in the learning and
                  teaching across the College
                 Ensuring that effective target setting, curriculum development,
                  effective blended learning, timely assessment and feedback of
                  learning and attainment are achieved.
                 Faster innovation in teaching delivery, assessment, verification,
                  greater use of learning technologies, team teaching and
                 Prioritising consistent improvement for learners’ retention,
                  achievement, progression and employability.

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City of Glasgow College

2.       To give strategic leadership on all curriculum initiatives across the
         College, ensuring that the College is at the forefront of curriculum
         innovation, at the cutting edge of curriculum delivery in the interests of
         all students.

3.       To develop, implement and monitor the College’s Curriculum Strategy,
         policies, procedures and systems to ensure that all students receive a
         world class learning experience.

4.       To assist the Principal to develop and keep under review an effective,
         efficient and economical academic structure for the College.

5.       To be proactive in conjunction with Executive colleagues in the
         development, implementation and monitoring of a comprehensive
         continuum of Access and Articulation routes, whilst safeguarding and
         championing the currency of College courses with all key stakeholders.

6.       To work closely with the Principal, Executive and Academic Managers
         to ensure that the student voice is heard and that support to students is
         relevant, timely and of the highest quality.

7.       To ensure that staff set high expectations for our students and meet
         their individual learning goals.

8.       To participate and lead appropriate aspects of the College strategic
         and annual business planning and budgeting processes.

9.       To represent the College with external agencies as required in the
         performance of duties or as directed by the Principal.

10.      To achieve agreed targets and performance indicators across all areas
         of responsibility.

11.      To plan, manage and ensure the efficient, effective and economical
         deployment of staff and resources for their respective Executive role.


12.      To implement College policies, particularly those relating to equality
         and diversity.

13.      To deputise for the Principal and/or the College with external agencies
         and organisations as required in the performance of duties or as
         directed by the Principal

14.      To implement Health and Safety and security measures in accordance
         with statutory and College requirements.

15.      To be a role model supporting College values and corporate

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City of Glasgow College

16.      To actively develop yourself through staff development and training
         activities and to review your own performance and the performance of
         those who are responsible to you.

17.      To undertake any other duties consistent with the key responsibilities
         and duties of the post, as directed by the Principal.

   Every Job Description will be subject to review;

   1.    Within six months of appointment

   2.    Thereafter, on an annual basis

   3.    As a result of agreed staff development / personal development needs

   4.    As a result of team / operational requirements or strategy changes.

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City of Glasgow College


1.       Qualifications

1.1      A relevant first degree and/or professional qualification in a relevant
         subject area.

1.2      A Full teaching qualification.

1.3      Evidence of continuous professional development.

2.       Previous Experience and Job Knowledge

2.1      Significant relevant experience of strategic management of curriculum
         delivery, including the effective development, deployment and
         leadership of staff.

2.2      Significant leadership / management experience at senior level in the
         education sector with knowledge of the complex FE environment within
         which the college works.

2.3      Direct relevant experience of strategic and curriculum planning
         processes particularly in relation to the areas covered by this post.

2.4      An excellent understanding of the inspection methodology relevant to
         further education and experience of playing a key role in external
         inspection processes.

3.       Skills (Competencies and Aptitudes)

3.1      An ability to develop positive working relationships with individuals at all
         levels (internal and external) to promote the college.

3.2      Highly developed communication, external liaison and networking

3.3      The ability to lead others through inspirational leadership which
         commands respect and provides an environment where others feel

3.4      The ability to delegate effectively and manage the performance of
         others in accordance with good management practice.

3.5      The ability to analyse, solve problems and implement change with a
         successful track record of managing and delivering change.

3.6      The ability to manage budgets and meet financial targets

3.7      The ability to respond creatively to the specific teaching and learning
         needs of a diverse community.

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City of Glasgow College

3.8      The ability to articulate a vision, show how it can be achieved and
         inspire others to success.

3.9      Excellent written skills.

3.10     The ability to work effectively through teams and a critical and sensitive
         understanding of the roles of teaching and other staff.

3.11     A strong sense of purpose and the drive to achieve agreed goals.


4.1      Knowledge of the Further Education sector, in particular policy
         developments and funding arrangements in relation to issues which will
         impact upon education, training and learning in the Scottish FE

4.2      A sound understanding of issues relating to safeguarding young people
         and vulnerable adults.

4.3      A strong commitment to student success.

4.4      The ability and determination to promote equality and diversity
         throughout all aspects of College life, including employment and
         service delivery.

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City of Glasgow College



        Trusted confidante and adviser to College Principal / Management
        Establish creditability by displaying gravitas, presence, integrity,
         knowledge, and self-confidence.
        Maintain resilience despite complex and challenging obstacles and
        Positive commitment to organisational goals by seeking advice from
        Take personal responsibility for actions and delegate appropriately.
        Effective oversight and supervisory ability.
        Able to build, lead, and develop high performance teams.
        Positively promote co-operation / contribution to ensure delivery of
        Adopt an enabling leadership style and inclusive management style to
         maximise team performance.
        Recognise, acknowledge and celebrate achievement.
        Motivate, persuade, empower, enable and negotiate with others.

Effective Interpersonal Skills / Communication Skills

        Produce coherent well-structured and researched documents to meet a
         range of Principalship and Stakeholder needs and by the required
        Active listening and empathetic skills and demonstrate understanding,
         encourage constructive two-way dialogue.
        Effective interviewing skills for diverse range of purposes (staff / student
         decision-making etc).
        Effective coaching and mentoring skills to support all staff and students.
        Establishing and maintaining an appropriate, effective, communication
        An ability to communicate with a range of internal/external audiences
         effectively incorporating where appropriate suitable visual aids /
         presentation and ILT software techniques to multifarious groups.

Teamworking / Team Building

        Build high performance teamwork through clear and dynamic
         leadership, proactive participation, knowledge sharing and regular
        Assist the Principalship in building team morale, trust and an esprit de
        Act as exemplary role model for College values, inspiring, and providing
         direction as required.
        Tailor management style to gain commitment to support attainment of
        Positively promote co-operation from team members irrespective of
         personal interest or opinions.
        Encourage others to contribute maximising team performance through

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City of Glasgow College

         individual strengths.
        Work with / understand needs of other teams.

Technical Competencies

        Up to date knowledge in the areas covered by the post.
        Ideally, specialist knowledge and experience within one or more of the
         functional areas of responsibility, or alternatively the ability to
         contextualise knowledge as appropriate.
        Demonstrate an overall understanding of the requirements of the range
         of functions covered by the post.

Adaptability / Flexibility

        Accept need for continuous change in job requirements, respond
         timeously and co-operatively.
        Respond positively to feedback from the Principal, colleagues and the
         Board of Management by adapting approach / behaviour / skills.
        Suggest and encourage new ideas, ways of doing things better, more
         efficient deployment of staff and resources.
        Respond positively and flexibly in challenging situations.

Client Focused

        Understand / meet needs of different internal and external stakeholders.
        Use market knowledge; seek out opportunities to meet/exceed internal
         and external stakeholder needs.
        Build upon / develop existing partnerships.
        Lead in the development of the College Development Plan
        Ability to balance long/short term aims for sake of long term
        Lead in evaluation / development of current/future needs.
        Understand market forces and apply concepts of excellence in service
        Instil team ethos of customer care as priority.

Planning / Organising

        Ability to manage/meet multiple deadlines, changing priorities.
        Ability to manage, support, encourage positive change and
         development utilising scorecards, development plans / continuous
        Ability to manage and keep up to date administrative / record keeping
        Ability to prioritise, delegate as appropriate and evaluate outcomes.
        Lead strategic planning/operational processes.
        Ability to balance people, team, functional management priorities.

Problem Solving

        Ability to analyse situations / generate solutions in real time.
        Research solutions / justify appropriate course of action and corporate

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City of Glasgow College

        Evaluate outcome / adjust action as required.
        Recognise interrelationships and impact of consequences including
         non-intended consequences.
        Ability to systematically analyse / think proactively to plan future action.

Creativity / Innovation

        Initiate and contribute to new developments in the area of quality and
         performance improvement / assurance within the College.
        Demonstrate an open-minded and lateral thinking approach to problem
        Actively seek relevant information to produce viable solutions.
        Foster creative environment across College.
        Creatively challenge / contribute positively to make change happen.

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