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OBJECTIVE To gain experience in writing and editing for publication, broadcast, public relations and marketing. EDUCATION  NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY-FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA Bachelor of Science in Journalism, minor in English  Expecting to Graduate-December 2009  Current GPA 3.4  Dean’s List Fall 2007, Fall 2008 and Spring 2009


 RIO SALADO COMMUNITY COLLEGE-PHOENIX, AZ  Assorted Elective Courses  SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR HIGH SCHOOL-PHOENIX, AZ  Diploma Received May 2006 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS  My editing experience stems from years of writing, reading and editing a variety of written works. Throughout my academic and professional life I have been proactive in assisting others to improve their work as well as having to edit my own work, create and present packages and create layouts. I have worked on a student newspaper where I have been required to write and edit for media. Please view my online portfolio at EXPERIENCE  THE LUMBERJACK STUDENT NEWSPAPER-FLAGSTAFF, AZ  Writer for Arts and Entertainment Section  March 2008-December 2008  NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY DISTANCE LEARNING-FLAGSTAFF, AZ  Student Worker  August 2007-May 2009  Responsibilities included telephone, email and face to face communication with current and prospective students which involved customer service skills and detailed knowledge of many university matters. SKILLS  Experience in writing and editing for a variety of media outlets, literate in computer software and programs for PC and Macintosh including Adobe InDesign, years of experience in customer service and professionalism in the workplace. AWARDS  Scripps News Editorial Scholarship for 2008-2009 Academic Year







 WRITING FOR COMMUNICATION CHANNELS -Fundamentals of style, grammar, and structure in writing for specific communication channels.  MEDIA WRITING AND REPORTING -Focuses on information gathering, story organization, and basic news writing.  ADVANCED REPORTING-Development of news beats and news judgment; techniques of information gathering, including an introduction to computer-assisted reporting.  BASIC EDITING-Developing news judgment, copy editing, headline writing, stylebook usage, photo editing, and newspaper design. Letter grade only. Course fee required.  FEATURE WRITING-Writing and marketing of nonfiction feature articles for newspapers, magazines, and other print media.  PUBLIC AFFAIRS REPORTING -Reporting that focuses on municipal, county, and state governments; judicial systems; education; and institutions.  ADVANCED EDITING: VOICE, STORY STRUCTURE, AND PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT-Applying publication design principles, structure, and styles for the print media. Type, illustrations, color, and new technology; writing publication specifications.  CRITICAL AND ANALYTICAL REPORTING Researching, reporting, and writing interpretative articles, editorials, columns, and reviews.


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