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Senior Project: Reflecting on the 1st Meeting with the Expert


									                                    North Lawndale College Prep Charter HS, 2010-2011
                    Senior Project: Reflection after Expert Meeting/Next Steps
                                 Ian Taylor, Laure Gruber, Tim Bouman and Barry McRaith

It’s been a busy few weeks! You have now chosen a topic, written a driving question, and created a topic map
and a Prezi, all while working with your English teacher and your mentor. Today you had a chance to present
your work to an expert. As you prepare to move forward, take a few minutes first to reflect on this experience
and answer all the questions below:


Driving Question:

Expert’s name and title/job:

1.) In general, how did the meeting go?

2.) Did you feel prepared? What aspects of your presentation did you feel good about?

3.) If you could re-do the meeting, what, if anything, would you have done differently?

4.) Was meeting with the “expert” helpful? Why or why not?

5.) As a result of your conversation with your expert, how do you understand your topic/question differently?

6.) What are some questions you still have?

NEXT STEPS: Before we begin the next phase of doing our research, we will first re-work our Prezis to
reflect what we learned today and how our thinking has changed. Please list below all additional information,
leads, and ideas that were generated during your meeting today that you will add to your Prezi:

Dead ends: Finally, as a result of the conversations you had today, and after reflecting on them, what are some
dead ends you believe should be removed from your Prezis? Why?

Good work today! Before you leave, please save this document and post it on Be sure you have
a copy as well—send it to yourself by e-mail, print it, or take it off of later… Your updated Prezi
is due Nov. 30th.

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