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					  IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                       Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

Location:    Hosted by SaskTel, Head Office, Regina
             (1:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Session Attendees:

      Edward Dusseaulte, Community Access Program, Humboldt. (in person)

      Barb Frazer, FSIN ( in person)

      Susan Goddard, Industry Canada

      Sandra Greenough, Greenough & Associates Inc.

      Sam Iron, First Nations Employment Centre, Regina. (in person)

      Irma Ledoux, FNUC, Prince Albert via web conference

      Craig Nelson, SIAST Palliser Campus

      Tina Neudorf, Saskatchewan Health

      Myles Sartor, Sask Indian & Northern Affairs, La Ronge.

      Susan Stromich, Aboriginal Employment Consultant

      Dawn Thomas, PSC of Sask, Regina (in person)

Potential Service Providers Presentations

1 p.m. Clayton Mullen, Objectified Software

4 p.m. Rodger Ross, CREERUNNER Communications

   1) Introductions (Round table)
      Several ITSP Committee members (italics) attended as a result of being invited
      to attend the sessions via email from Donna.
      Aboriginal representatives were invited as a result of responding to the call of
      interest for Aboriginal IT professionals and/or business owners July 2003.

   2) Purpose of this session (Sandra Greenough)
      Sandra volunteered to assist ITSP in contacting the respondents requesting their
      participation at a half day session to give the Aboriginal IT Business owners
      /operators an opportunity to present their business lines to the group. This
      session was recommended in the Aboriginal Initiative Strategy Sept. 2003.

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IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                     Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

    As a result Donna, offered the services and facilities of SaskTel to host this
    session. Aboriginal IT B usiness owners/operators were located as part of the
    strategic approach of increasing Aboriginal participation in the IT sector. A total
    of 2 out of 4 providers presented at this session. One provider cancelled, with
    regret due to a business emergency and the other potential provided indicated a
    full schedule for this day. One provider presented via web conference and one
    provider in person.

    The participants were observers and participated in an open Q and A session
    following the presentations. The participants were requested to fill in a dialog
    form relating to the presentations, requesting their ideas/feedback, target
    audience, types of media, content, request for other contacts for a networking
    effect and next steps to increasing Aboriginal participation in the IT sector.
    Summary can be found in the last section of this document.

    Highlights of service providers:

    1. Clayton Mullen, Objectified Software, via web conference
    Aboriginal owned business situated in Richmond B.C and office in
    Saskatoon, partner Dean Friesen.

    Specialties include:
    Web casting, video conferencing, portal development, leading edge web based
    development and business development using technology. Cutting edge
    technology that represents the future, communication tools that are interactive,
    stimulating and demonstrating the infinite possibilities of technology.

    Committed to increasing Aboriginal communities in technology usage, access
    and a create understanding of a successful way to conduct business.

    Clayton Mullen CEO, M.Sc. Software Engineering and a B.A. University of
    Saskatchewan. Clayton is also featured as an Aboriginal role model for the
    Concordia University. Clayton is committed to the Aboriginal youth/communities
    to consider IT as a career and as a part of doing business.

    Objectified has extensive experience in the IT field along with a strong emphasis
    to conduct Aboriginal focused business. Objectified has an extensive partnership
    portfolio to deliver all communication tools to capture the imagination and image
    required for organizations to succeed. Clients in Saskatchewan include: SIGA,
    GDI, REDA, SIFC (FNUC) and has attended numerous career and business
    expos. Objectified has an independent infrastructure to host their business and
    clients. Objectified is not an Aboriginal content consulting firm, but has access to
    partners to assist with Aboriginal content in materials and languages. Proven
    success of technology demonstrated through trio web casting, content on
    demand. See the Objectified home page information.

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IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                     Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

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  IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                       Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

   2. Roger Ross, CEO CREERUNNER Communications. In person presentation.
      Roger is also an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program (ACAP) facilitator,
      Aboriginal youth mentor and a member of Gordons First Nation.

CREERUNNER communications is a full service communications company with access
to other experts, as each project requires. Roger, chooses to focus his business in their
area of Aboriginal content, style and delivery. Roger is committed to developing the
Aboriginal content with accurate knowledge, style and inclusive approaches.

Roger indicated in order to produce an IT Sector communications campaign the sector
requires to produce a comprehensive career/occupation list along with requirements
and potential salaries.

Suggestion that IT Sector not concentrate on “just” Role Model Poster Campaigns, non-
interactive PowerPoint materials. Suggests IT Sector use the “Keynote” program that is
compatible with all PC’s. Keynote can enable, nesting videos, Internet feeds, text, and
graphics and looping presentations. The IT Sector may want to consider creating an IT
Chat Line for the Aboriginal youth. Promote Aboriginal successful IT Professionals
encouraging mentorship through passion and successes.

Roger is fully competent to produce an all inclusive campaign materials however,
strongly recommends that the IT Sector remain focused on an Aboriginal focused
campaign. The IT Sector requires a focus on the upcoming workforce and that this
group requires a concerted recruitment effort. CREERUNNER Communications
specializes in Aboriginal content that educates the target audience through a interactive
campaign one that highlights Aboriginal people and cultural. The IT Sector needs to
produce an enhanced marketing strategy of IT careers, training/education and how this
appeals to the Aboriginal population especially the youth.

Technology and Aboriginal traditions can work together to preserve oral traditions
through visual and oral history and story telling. Technology can serve the culture and
traditions to encourage youth to participate in the IT workforce. IT Sector needs to stay
fresh through information sharing appealing to Aboriginal target group. Promote the
Sector as one addressing workplace changes, preparing for the entrance of Aboriginal
people. Content needs to at the Aboriginal educational level and appeal. Begin with a
process to build and create today ensuring a promising tomorrow for the IT Sector.

CREERUNNER Communication is a communications company that has an outstanding
reputation within the community along with a substantial client base. Roger is a
dedicated communications expert that is reliable and produces high quality materials
gaining objectives for the clients needs. See the creerunner home page information.

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IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                     Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

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IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                     Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

              Summary of Feedback Questions from Participants

 1. What did you think of what you saw today? What were you most excited

 Majority of participants were interested in the concept of hearing everyone’s ideas
 and backgrounds. Very informative and opportunity to meeting people and sharing
 information about various attending organizations.

 2. Do you have any other ideas / companies that we should consider?

          KCDC LaRonge, now involved in IT initiatives
           Educational institutes such as: SIAST, SIIT, Heinz,
          Crown Corp.
          Cameco
          Cogema
          Internships such as: METSI and CTRC.
          TP Technologies
          Provincial and federal departments who fund internships and paid training

 3. Who do you think should be our target audience (s)?

          Grades 6 –7
          Grades 8 –9
          Grades 10 – 12
          Post-Secondary
          General promotion of IT to Aboriginal People
          Other: ____________________________

    Total of 2 out of 6 respondents indicated targeting all groups identified, but focus
    different medias for different target groups.

    1 out of 6 respondents indicated grades 6 – 12 and for sure by grade 10 ensuring
    prerequisites for university are in place.

    2 out of 6 respondents indicated grades 10 –12 and work with the First Nations
    schools and northern school divisions, such as Northern Lights School Division.

    1 out of 6 respondents indicated grade 6 –7 and also to include grades 4 –7 or

    Note: General promotion of IT to Aboriginal people indicated one response to
    read as: “ must utilize all presentations”.

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IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                     Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

 4. What Media (s) do we need?
       Posters, Handouts / Brochures, Signs
       Video
       PowerPoint
       Software
       Websites
       Other: ____________________

    2 out of 6 respondents indicated we need “all” media tools listed.
    1 out of 6 respondents indicated only posters, handouts /brochures/signs and

    Other suggested media tools:
    Multimedia, video conferencing, TV Commercials, radio, interactive hands on
    displays and internships

 5. What content is appropriate?
       “7 Truths”
       Job Descriptions
       People / their history, goals
       “How to”…get into IT/succeed in IT
       Other: ___________________

    3 out of 6 respondents indicated utilizing “all” of the listing, one with the emphasis
    of the “how to”

    Other suggestion on content:
        Different languages (translate content),
        7 truths but expand into further IT jobs
           Such as graphic artists, adm. Instructors, PC Techs, Programmers (web
           computers etc).
        Places to get jobs, job type match indicators like career
        Use local ambassadors / role models
        7 natural laws: respect, wisdom, honour, trust, love and courage (7 th not
           listed on the sheet however, suggested the 7 th is generosity).

 6. Do you know of any funding opportunities?

    3 out of 6 indicated no response

    Other funding suggestions:
        Casino Regina funds programs concerning Aboriginal youth, several times
           per year

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  IT Sector Partnership Aboriginal IT Business Owners/Operators Presentations
                       Minutes for Tues. November 25, 2003

             SHRC, (recorder is unclear of the definition of this acronym)
             In kind contributions from educational institutions and private sector
             Federal government

   7. Do you know of other people that could be role models / contacts?

             Marty Spreaker, Director Programs Northern Affairs (306) 425 4295
             If needed, I can volunteer Edward Dusseault
             KCDC, LaRonge
             Garry Anaquod
             2 respondents, indicated yes, but need to discuss with potential people

   8. What do you think should be our next steps?
            (Verbatim responses)
         Get feedback/options from the target audiences on how to interest/present
            the information to them.
         Meet again to focus on specific, generally agreed upon ideas and
         Work with PSC Speakers Bureau.
         Pilot small outreach – target audiences.
         Keep consulting and talking.
         ITSP host a focused session to further plan and implement the Aboriginal
            Initiative on behalf of the IT Sector, ensuring all Aboriginal contacts are
            involved in this process.

Presenters were initially asked to provide a “ball park figure” for their services. Both
service providers could not provide this information to the participants, because non-
clarity of the target audience, media tools needed and require more
direction/information on the type of services required by ITSP.

Meeting adjourned: 5:10 p.m.

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